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Yes on Prop 37 : Label GMO Foods

The people have a right to know what they are buying and eating. Yes on Prop 37 to Label GMO foods! 

Evil companies like monsanto argue that the GMO crops are different, unique, patented engineered lifeforms: but when people ask for a GMO label on the food, these same companies argue the GMO is exactly the same as conventional crops.

Watch the youtube video in the link where Bill Maher discusses this issue with Gary Hirschberg.

The Lies

The chemical companies that develop GMO crops and the pesticides for those crops are spending over $1,000,000 per day in advertising lies about prop 37.

1. They claim that labeling GMO foods would increase the price of food: that is an outright lie with no basis in reality. Food companies that opposed nutritional labels made the same lies when they tried to prevent nutrition labels from going on foods.

2. The motive of the anti-prop 37 chemical companies is very clear. GMO crops allow them to spray more herbicides and pesticides on the crops: since these chemical companies are the ones who also sell the herbicides and pesticides, the use of GMO crops they own also means they will sell more of their toxic synthetic chemicals. 527 millions tons of them.... sprayed into our lands, that leaks into the ground water and evaporates into the air.

3. They want to lie to you and keep you from knowing the truth. They claim that telling your the truth with a GMO label will harm you. ? This doesn't make sense in any context.

Where is the Honesty

If these companies that produce pesticides and GMO's are so proud of their products and technology, they should label it as such and promote their cause, rather than spending hundreds of millions trying to surpress the truth. When someone or a business attempts to hide the truth from people about what they are doing, what does that tell you?

Lobby Bribing = Corruption
The defacto method for promoting the legalization of their toxic products involves bribing the congress and senate. They know that the people would never vote for more pesticides and GMO's and they can't afford to bribe every American, so they focus their efforts on bribing the congress and senate.

Even China and Russia require GMO food labeling.... that speaks volumes!


  1. If you agree with me and think that GMO food should be labeled as GMO:

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    Thank you for helping me to promote the truth.
    Yes on Prop 37!
    Yes for the Truth!

    1. I +1-ed this article - along with many of your other articles! Thank you for sharing the Truth!

  2. Monsanto: Ranked The #1 Most Unethical Company In The World !

    Bully Legal Tactics

    Chemical Warfare Agents as products sprayed on Food

    Genetic Engineering Food

    Lobbying against GMO labels

    Bribing Congress, the Senate, the USDA and FDA

    From Agent Orange to Round Up Ready Corn : Monsanto has a history of evil corporate activities. If the monsanto corporation was a person, it would be condemned by it's peers as a narcissistic psychotic terrorist sociopath.

    Yes on Prop 37