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Lance Armstrong is Guilty : I was wrong

I was wrong: Lance came forward and admitted he doped! With this in mind, that fact should raise serious concerns about professional sports and doping, and the conspiracy and corruption required for it to happen.

1. How could Lance have passed every single drug test given to him before, during and after the races?

This question alone should give rise to critical thought!

2. I was wrong about Lance: he is guilty of doping.

Deep down I wanted to believe that Lance was innocent: he was an inspiration to me and someone I looked up to. I lied to myself and was wrong about him. I know understand that he is a liar and doped with performance enhancing drugs; that he gamed the system with elaborate means. Oh the tangled webs we weave when we set forth to trick and deceive.

I was flat out wrong about Lance Armstrong.

He is not my hero anymore :(

Lance is a cheater like so many other professional athletes that dope for a performance edge over their competition. He made not one but many choices to trick and deceive his sponsors, fans and supporters.

Lance is not the only person guilty of wrong doing here: all of the doctors involved with Lance's doping knew that they were doing something wrong. Plenty blame to go around, but when it is all said and done, Lance has let his fans down.

Better late than never with the truth! 


  1. "I'm very disappointed in his years of lies, but I'm very impressed with the fact that he's owning up to everything now. It can't be easy."

    Niel Campbell

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