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Causing Cancer

Everyone has cancer cells in their body: when some has "Cancer" that means their immune system and body health is weakened and no longer able to effectively deal with the cancer cells. The cancer cells become out of control, and then spread and cause what people call "Cancer" : In reality cancer is a process and should as such be called cancering ( a verb ) not a noun, because it is not a thing.... We develop cancer when our cancer cells get out of control. The cure to cancer is to regain control by improving our overall health with healthy lifestyle choices.... 

Chemotherapy is the rational equivelent to waging war against the cancer cells: unfortunately it poisons and kills a lot of non-cancer cells. Look at what happens to a person after western medicine cuts them up, injects them with these engineered toxins, hits them with ionizing radiation beams to ion-knife the cancer clusters..... Hit, Slice, Poison, Irradiate... toxic toxic toxic.....

We need to approach cancers with a holistic lifestyle change.  The cure to cancer comes through helping the persons body to heal itself by increasing their overall health so their immune system can resume functioning at a level capable of regaining control over the cancer cells. A health normal non cancer persons body is able to sequester and deal with cancer cells as they occur. When these health maintaining systems in our body are weakened by toxic emotions or toxic chemicals, they loose the ability to deal with cancer.

The solution to cancer is improving the overall physical, mental, spiritual, social, emotional and psychological health of the cancer patient: A holistic lifestyle approach. 

In the west, we people eat cancer causing foods as part of the normal American diet, the key to addressing a lot of the cancers is to focusing on anti-cancer foods. 

The immune system is directly affected by sleep quality and stress levels. We need to make sure that cancer patients are dealing with their stresses in a healthy and restorative way. We need to make sure they are not consuming stimulants or substances that break down and become stimulants in our body like alcohol. 

Foods coated with pesticides, especially ones that have dozens of different kinds, are known to disrupt and impair our immune system. Vehicle emissions contain noxious cancer causing fumes, and while new vehicles have become much cleaner, they still emit smog forming cancer causing toxic fumes. Our house hold cleaning chemicals, perfumes and personal hygiene products are laden with immune disrupting chemicals. You wonder where all of these auto-immune disorders are coming from and why the bee populations are collapsing.....  Everything is connected...... 

Western Medicine's "Kill the Cancer" is costly and toxic : It reminds me of the western approach to drug abuse problems : "War on Drugs" .... this mindset that we have to kill and fight to solve problems.... not exactly the kind of Loving solutions that Christ/ God were talking about in the bible.

The toxic chemicals in our foods, products, air, water and environments degrade overall health: they modify and impair immune function. Our immune system is normally able to effectively deal with cancer cells, but when our overall health is reduced by toxics (be that chemical or toxic negative thoughts/ ideas), our immune system becomes unable to handle the cancer cells. 

A lot of western cancer oncologists are prideful ignorant fools : they fail to mention how a persons diet can solve cancer: they focus on exotic chemical drugs and radiation / ion beams and surgery : high profit, high technology, costly methods that are toxic and ineffective. Western cancer medicine is focused on fighting the symptoms rather than addressed the causes, the lifestyle causes.

STD's Cause Cancer? Yes they do. There is a growing body of know sexually transmitted viri that cause mouth cancers, testicular, prostate, ovarian, cervical, and brain cancers. These viri- hide in our nervous system... they affect areas that are highly populated with nerves, our genitals, mouth, anus, nose and brain. The evidence is building, there are hidden cancer costs to sexual promiscuity. The solution is monogamy and ethical/ moral integrity, pair boding and marriage... Again, healthy thinking and lifestyles are the solution.

The really sick part about cancer is that Science (the empirical building of knowledge) seems to be biased for the greed pipe... not real solutions, but profitable products and services. There are $ billions of reasons why cancers have not been cured: the sickness, suffering and death is good for the income of the people who have the capacity to solve the problems: they don't want to slaughter the golden goose....... 

Healthy people don't need doctors or a costly complex sickness treating health care system as much... that is bad for business. 

Look at how Americans live (what they eat, how much they move, the chemically saturated things they touch, wear, sleep on and clean with.... that they spray in their yards.... on their faces...... Not only is this a cancer nightmare, its also the cause of "the weight of the nation"... our culture of money, stuff, vanity and greed has failed to focus on fitness, health, education, faith, family and friendship.......We fund green lawns and foreign wars and ignore each-other...... hmmmmm

The overarching corporate motif has transitioned from sustainable balanced fair profit to outrageous short term maximizing greed. This greed is what drove most of the outsourcing of our jobs to Asia. Greed is what greases the wheels of perversion and bribery in our government: The overlap between the USDA/ FDA and Monsanto is an ethics depraved atrocity driven by greed. The Pharma lobby that represents the largest drug companies in America is a well funded grease mechanism to lubricate the lawmakers into turning a blind eye to things like Viox......

We have become a Lawn People : obsessed with wasting arable land for useless, maintenance/ labor gobbling monocrops of green blades for vain reasons............ Some Roundup to keep it uniform..... and foreign oil powered mower and edger to keep it looking sharp...

Toxic negative thinking is also extreme dangerous to human health: stress, anxiety, fear, uncertainty and doubt...... these toxic emotions and thoughts have all been scientifically linked to real medical diseases of the body and mind. 

Rather than Trusting in God and investing in friendship and family, we have a people focused on maximizing short term profits/ working for companies that are being run by ignorant people who think only in terms of maximizing short term profitability. Long term thinking thoughtful people have become the exception: and all of this was based on the free willed choices we have each been making.

Our country, our Nation, America, is made of people. When we have a lot of people holding broken toxic thoughts and ideas swimming in a soup of chemically engineered poisons, focusing on money and stuff..... does that sound like a recipe for a thriving happy future?

Monsanto is evil because they misuse their scientists: instead of focusing on solving problems, they focused on maximizing profit..... God repeatedly warned us of what happens to a people that only focus on money......

The universe is made of two things : matter and energy : money is a synthetic system of exchange created by choices..... loosely representational of energy..... If people cannot eat, they cannot do anything else: but it takes energy to produce the food calories our bodies require as fuel for the human experience.

We have turned over the base of the economy, food production, food which liberates humans to do everything other than agriculture... we have turned over our means of food production to evil greed driven companies like Monsanto....and that is a choice. We choose who we elect to office!  We choose who we allow to roam free!  We collectively decide what behaviors we call criminal!

The greatest trick of all exists where Satan tricked people into thinking they dont matter, that they dont have a choice, that they cant change.... his is the author of deception and confusion, fear, uncertainty and doubt. 

God said, we can do anything through him that our minds can imagine if our hearts are motivated by love. We can think and make choice motivated by an overflowing love that God shares with us. God is the light, heat, power and energy in the universe that Sustains us. God is everywhere, in everything, all around us, all of the time. God is a massive star breathing giant of incomprehensible power, size and intellect. God hears each and every one of us, and he said that he Judges us according to the motifs of our hearts: he can see deep down inside of your, to the core of your heart, to the axiomatic basis of your soul... it is there that he knows the real you.... God is always there for you. God is honest, fair and just. God is the ultimate source of truth and knowledge. When we turn to God for answers, he makes a way that seems impossible. When we turn to God for Justice, he makes right what no human system could ever correct. God has an infinite capacity for Love.. God is Love and identifies himself as such in his word. The bible us that in Christ Jesus all things of the universe were made, then and now and forever forward. Everything that has been seen or that remains unseen is a testament to Gods incredible Glory and Honor. He is the Beginning and the End: God is everything we truly desire. God is the answer to our prayers. God is the redeemers of our Souls. God is our kind, gentle, intelligent creator.

If God exits, how could the world be so broken? you might ask.... the broken things in this world are the product of misguided choices. People turn from God and worship temporary meaningless things: living a shallow existence without a sense of purpose. What is the point of life? Where did we come from? Where are we going? Only God has the answers to these questions. Our telescopes cant even see what is happening in the universe. No amount of toiling on the Hubble, James Web or anything else will give humans knowledge of what is actually happening. The light we see from distant parts of the universe is billions of years old when it gets to our eyes, to our telescopes, sensors and computers. We have no idea and will never have and idea of what is actually happen in Gods incomprehensibly massive, sublimely beautiful, ferocious, awe inspiring universe. 

The preventable sickness, suffering and death in the world: war, inequity and greed : these disturbing phenomenon are the products of the choices we each make...... we therefor all have a moral and ethical reason to become more thoughtful, educated and loving people as God asks of us. If we know that negative thinking is toxic then we have a reason to choose positive thoughts, to focus of Gods renewing love. If we know monsanto is evil, we have a choice to bankrupt that company with every food $ we spend... We have a choice to be thoughtful. We have better access to the information. We can arm ourselves with the word of God to overcome any problem we encounter, including the problem of cancer. 

Multifaceted, the solution to cancer is not one or the other, it is all of the above. We have to change the way we live; we need to live non Toxic lives in the warmth, beauty and sustainable joy of Love. 

Each and everyone of us is casting a vote for something every time we spend money: every word we utter is a vote, every idea our thought we have is a vote, every choice we make is a vote that affects our individual and collective futures. We can choose to overcome cancers and we can solve any other problems if we choose to make lifestyle choices that remove the toxic sources from our lives.... We can choose to focus on staying fit, eating health, worshiping God, focusing on love, making informed choices...

What are you choosing? 

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