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Living Healthy is Better

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There are simple choices you can make to improve your health. Being healthy is not about living longer, its about being healthy and fully functional while you are alive so that you can live life to the fullest. Lets examine some simple things you can choose to improve your overall health.... click "read more" if you are interested...
Good Nutrition

This is one where Americans are frequently misguided. The western diet is associated with the vast majority of preventable diseases. If you are interested in this subject try watching one of the food documentary films like "Forks Over Knives" or "Super Size Me" : but you can also keep reading :)

Eat More Green and Less Red Meat/ Dairy 

Eating a whole foods plant based diet where dairy and meat comprise less than 5% of your total daily calories is associated with cancer remission, heart disease reversal and improved fitness and mobility.  Many long terms studies clearly indicate that the over consumption of animal proteins is the leading cause of preventable inflammatory illnesses that plague countries with western diets. Obesity, heart disease, cancer, arthritis and diabetes are all linked to the over consumption of animal based foods.  Try to incorporate a rainbow of fresh plant based whole foods. Nuts and mushrooms are a great replacement for meats. Use more spices and seasonings to add flavors. Oil oil and Coconut oil (solid) are great alternatives to butter. 

The Multi-Vitamin 

Even if you try to eat a balanced healthy diet, there is a strong likelihood that you will still have some kind of nutritional deficiency. A simple daily multi-vitamin will fill in the gaps in your diet. Vitamins A, B, D,E and K are really important for proper metabolic function. Dietary deficiencies in core vitamins and minerals are associated with weak hair and nails, dry skin, poor mood, low energy, blurred vision, nerve pain and other problems. Simple daily multi-vitamins can be obtained for very low daily costs. A bottle of 300 daily multis can be under $15.

Healthy Snacks 

Oatmeal, lowfat yogurt, baby carrots, apples,  edamame, almonds or walnuts, cherry tomatoes, snap peas, celery sticks, cucumber slices, grapes, bananas, blueberries, strawberries, cantaloupe, peanut butter, almond butter, whole-grain bread, whole-wheat noodles, quinoa, lowfat smoothies, raisins, broccoli, cauliflower. 

Staying Hydrated

One of the easiest ways to boost your overall health is to drink enough water every day. Most Americans are chronically dehydrated. Nearly every biological system in your body is based on warm water chemical reactions. 

Our bodies use water to shuttle nutrients and hormones throughout the body and brain. Our bodies use water to carry away waste chemicals to keep everything running smooth and fresh. Our bodies use water to produce saliva and blood. You will know that you are hydrated if your urine is lighter in color and has less smell. 

The average adult is going to need about 2 liters of water per day, or about eight 8oz glasses. If you are doing a lot of exercise you will need more. If you are working outside in a hot climate you will need more. Caffeine and alcohol consumption exacerbates dehydration because these two drugs cause the body to eliminate water. 

Help Your GI

Eating vegan makes pooping introduces more plant based materials into ones diet which increases fiber intake. Fiber intake deficient and constipation issues are almost as common as dehydration. Many people also suffer from gluten and dairy intolerance. Staying hydrated also helps to improve your digestive system. Make sure to chew your food more completely. Close your eyes when you eat and focus and fully embracing each tasty morsel. Conscious eating improves the pleasure one derives from eating while also giving a greater sense of fullness and satisfaction. Eating slowly and consciously also gives your body a chance to sense the "fullness" sooner. I know a lot of people that suffer from weight problems, and all of them can benefit from eating less animal based products and eating what they do eat slowly with a mind focused on fully enjoying eat bite, each chew, each swallow.... You might call it food mediation..... 

Staying Active

My long time mantra for fitness was "move more and eat less". Staying active is good for your brain too. Many people think of the brain as an organ inside the scull. The truth is your brain is like the internet server for your bodies computers. Your brain connects to your body via your spine and via chemical messages. Your bodies also communicates with your brain the same way. Coordinating movement turns out to be one of the most computationally complicated tasks the brain is capable of. Look at a modern human robot like Honda's ASIMO and compare that to a human. The human sensory feedback system (Vision, pressure from feet, balance from inner ear, sound sensing, ect) is also used when we articulate movement. When you move around a lot, your body sends signals to the brain to soften the brain up for reprogramming in order to create improved movement and sensory processing maps/ functions. 

The Science Confirms the Truth !

Countless long terms research studies show that staying active improves memory, cognitive performance, mood, learning, speech, perception, drive, ambition, sleep and sex. Elderly people who lived active lives perform better in every measurable way. Activity is also good for the body. People that are active tend to have fewer issues with obesity. Every extra pound of weight is 5 extra pounds of pressure on the hips, knees and ankles (think of walking at your legs catching a fall). Staying fit and within a healthy body weight range thereby also enhances the function and operation duration of our joints. I met elderly Japanese people outside of Tokyo at a train station close to a nursing home. The youngest was 96 and they were out for a 1.5Km slow walk for the day. 

Is 70 the New 50 ? 

For many active people, 70 has become the new 50 in terms of functional performance. Many active health people in their 70s have fulled athletic and sexual performance. Impotence, a problem that plagues many men in western societies, is one of the first physical symptoms of cardiovascular disease... think of it as the canary in the coal mine. 
There is an absolutely fantastic book on this subject called " Spark: The Revolutionary New Science of Exercise and the Brain" by renowned psychiatrist John J. Ratey, MD. 

Move for your Brain/ Mood/ Mind Too ! 

The link between physical and mental fitness is now well established in the biological and psychological sciences. It works for everyone of every age too. Children, young adults, people of middle age, and elderly people all benefit for regular exercise. The sweet spot seems to be about 3 hours worth of exercise at 85% of your maximum heart rate. Use a calculate to figure out what that number is for your age, fitness level, gender and weight. 

Think Simple ! 

Its easy: just go for a walk. When you get home from work, or when you wake up in the morning, go for a 15 minute walk. When you are parking somewhere, park farther out. Take the stairs instead of the electric elevator or escalator. There are a lot of simple things you can do to incorporate movement into your day. I have watched dozens of people drop 10, 20, 30 or more pounds in 1 year by simply adding in a little bit of walking into their lives. Keep things interesting by changing your walking route: do a little exploring.... urban or otherwise.... 

Can your Protect Yourself ? 

If you are in an unfamiliar area, carry a weapon too. I suggest getting a CPL and rolling with a handgun (after you are thoroughly familiar and comfortable using one). If an animal, pervert or criminal threatens you on your walk, you can stand your ground and defend yourself or other people with a weapon. Imagine if one person at that shopping mall where Gabriella Giffords was shot, was carrying a weapon to defend her and the others that were killed. Armed honest people make every situation with people safer. Take the power back into your hands to enforce the law. Where I live in Washington State, we have a provision that allows you to safely stand your ground and defends yourself with a gun. Make sure to check your local laws about this before carrying a weapon. Also make sure you know how your weapon works, how to use it safely, how to carry it safely, ect. 

10,000 steps ! 

Try to make it to 10,000 steps per day when you are fully fit. Try to keep your activity level at that level. More is better, 10,000 steps per day is similar to a 5 mile walk. Start out slow and don't over do it. If you are out of shape, its going to take your body about 6 weeks to get used to the increased movement. Set some goals and a timeline and try sticking to it. 

You Will Feel Better ! 

You will feel lighter, happier and more energetic if you incorporate physical activity into your daily life. Don't ignore shoes/ socks or gear. If your going to start rock climbing, running, cycling, swimming, snowboarding, walking or any other kind of activity, make sure your are comfortable doing it by having the right gear. If you experience pain from improper equipment, your brain will subconsciously make you avoid the activity that cause the pain. Make sure to stretch before and after your activity. Make sure to stay hydrated when you are active. A good reusable water bottle should help: look for BPA free. 

Make Sure to Floss and Brush

Flossing is one of those overlooked dental hygiene tasks that can make all of the difference. The food goo stuck between your teeth that the brush cannot reach is what causes most dental disease problems. 

You can save tens of thousands of dollars on dental work and enjoy greatly improved overall health by making sure to keep your gums and teeth clean of funk by flossing after breakfast and before bed. I would take floss over a toothbrush any day, if I had to choose between the two. 


Obesity Wastes Foreign Oil Too 

"A 2006 study shows that Americans weigh so much more than they did in 1960 that we're using up almost an additional billion gallons of petrol every year, according to engineer Sheldon Jacobson of the University of Illinois" Obesity has reached epidemic proportions over the past couple decades, and as a result diabetes, heart disease and just about every other health issue are on the rise. 

Story From Autoblog Green :

**update 2**

Obese drivers more likely to die in car crashes

Moderately obese people, who have a body mass index greater than 30, typically shave three years off of their lives, just by being overweight. (Morbidly obese people lose 10 years, according to one study.) And then there's that long list of potential health problems obese people face in America ranging from asthma and diabetes to heart disease and cancer – as well as scorn and ridicule from skinny judgmental people. So it only makes sense that obese people are statistically less likely to survive a severe automobile accident.

A study of fatal accidents by the University of Buffalo suggests that the bigger you are, the more likely you'll die from injuries sustained in an accident. In a severe accident, moderately obese people face a 21 percent greater risk of death and morbidly obese people are 56 percent more likely to die than those of lesser weight.

"The severity and patterns of crash injuries depend on a complex interaction of biomechanical factors, including deceleration velocity at impact, seat belt and air bag use, vehicle type and weight, and type of impact," says Dr. Dietrick Jehle, professor of emergency medicine at University of Buffalo School of Medicine.

With nearly one-third of the American population now considered obese, Jehle suggests carmakers begin testing safety equipment with big boned dummies and devise other means to help obese people better survive accidents.

"The rate of obesity is continuing to rise, so it is imperative that car designs are modified to protect the obese population, and that crash tests are done using a full range of dummy sizes," Jehle states.
Story From Autoblog Green :


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