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God is Love : A song the reminds me of this ~

NASA Hubble Image : Intergalactic Worship : Amen

Music frequently has a powerful emotionally affective impact on me when I listen to songs motivated by love, especially those songs motivated by the inspiration and illuminating source of love that comes to a person through faith in our compassionate, fair, loyal, generous, loving, understanding, all knowing, all powerful and ever present creator of everything in the incomprehensibly beautiful and massive universe : God.

A band known as "Switchfoot" created a song called "On Fire" that resonates as a powerful reminder of the love enhancing life transforming effect that my faith has on modifying my understanding and perspectives. I would like to take this moment in time to thank God for all of the light, warmth, light, energy, matter and love that he has so generously shared with us.

Amen Lord God ~
Love Aaron

See the music video of the song referenced in this posting on youtube:

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