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Ford CEO Mulally on The Verge

Joshua Topolsky interviews Ford CEO Alan Mulally

Josh and Alan sit and discuss the future of Ford in the context of sustainability, innovation, history, science and technology. One of the more inspiring interviews I have ever had the pleasure of watching. 

Go check it out on The Verge

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That interview was inspiring on many levels. I was inspired in highschool to become a scientist by computers, the internet, and by images from the NASA Hubble space telescope….
The US governments actions to defund NASA angers me almost more than anything else…
In a time when people need inspiration to become the solver of problems, I made a choice to become an environmental scientist and graduated into a failed marketplace where obesity, inactivity, social isolation and celebrity obsession has replaced the technical inspiration that drove the previous generations to innovate….. it is saddening and disturbing that people now care more about meaningless trivial crap then they do about becoming the change they want to see in the world.
I love the case Alan made for tying together “sustainability” with “profitability” : where sustainable companies have to adapt to doing “more” with “less” in order to stay competitive : it is therefore within the business world’s fiscal interest to fully embrace energy efficiency, resource conservation and innovation! Win Win Win :
The 3E’s are important : people do care about the:  
Energy Efficiently
Environmental Sustainability
Woot Woot : Alan Mulally just became one of my Hero’s ~


After reflecting on this interview for a while, the following questions came to mind.

1. When are the European style 50+MPG real world small displacement turbo diesel drive-trains in compact cars going to come to compact Ford cars for America?

2. When is a diesel-hybrid vehicle from Ford going to launch in America? 

3. Can Ford produce a car that competes $ to $ with the Nissan Leaf? I like the new Electric Ford Focus, but the price seems a little steep when a Nissan Leaf does about the same overall for more than $5,000 less : and it is made in Japan, a country with living and labor costs that make the US seem cheap......

4. Will Ford produce an electric motorcycle ? or other ultra-compact personal mobility solution for America ? 

5. Will Ford move away from sheet metal to composite body structures to radically reduce vehicle mass while also boosting performance? When are they going to start using Bio-Waste Fiber reinforced bio-plastics? When will they start replacing steel with aluminum/ magnesium-aluminum alloys? 

6. When will Ford put more effort into dramatically improved aerodynamics (smooth under-body panels, digital side view mirrors, wheel well covers, aerodynamic wheels, standard high performance all season LRR tires, ect) ? 

7. When is Ford going to start offering 7 and 8 and 9 speed automatic transmissions ? DCT transmissions and improved CVT transmissions ? 

It seems there are a lot of low hanging fruits that Ford can develop to steadily improve the fuel economy of their vehicle offerings. I am glad they are focused on quality : pleasing customers with high quality products is what made Apple hit prime time with epic success. Companies that focus on pleasing their customers are going to thrive ! 

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