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HST : Computer Astronomy

Hubble Space Telescope : Amazing Perspective into Gods Creation

Launched in April of 1990, this solar power space telescope has given humans the most breathtaking views of the final frontier like nothing else in history. Ground based telescopes are limited by our "fuzzy" atmosphere... When we collaborate with a common shared goal, look at what we create. Our desire to view deeper into the universe of God's amazing creation is granted by this collaborative work of publicly funded national applied science. The images that are created from Hubble's cameras are stitched together, and have become iconic examples to remind us that we are really, really, really small. I also enjoy how the images from the Hubble, on the internet and through computers have democratized accesses to views of the universe from the coolest telescope every created. I was inspired to post this blog posting and the previous blog posting by a talk called "How Great is Our God" by Louie Giglio.

The Hubble Space Telescope (HST), hovers about 350 miles above earth. It orbits the earth every 97 minutes, and enjoys unobstructed views of the universe that no land based telescope can even come close to matching. The HST has been in continuous operation for over 22 years. Last serviced by the now retired space shuttle program in 2009, the HST is expected to continue operating with its then newly installed cameras well into 2014, possibly longer. It was originally designed to be recovered by the space shuttle and returned to earth, but this is no longer possible because the shuttle program has been retired ;(

"Pillars of Creation" in the Eagle Nebula : One of HST's Most Spectacular Stitched Composite Images

The reality created by the HST is nothing short of a geek fantasy translated into reality. Through the online image gallery, your computer becomes the most powerful window into the universe ever created...... I marvel at the rich deep awe inspiring complexity and sublime beauty of God's radiant illuminated Universe. Our own local star, the Sun, 93 million miles away with  all of the power and energy we need to sustain life on earth..... 

Everything from the miracle of life self assembling from a tiny tiny single cell into huge complex living organisms made of tens of trillions of cells, you and me... walking, talking, self assembling biological super computers that can love, dream, imagine and create ~ with the power to share and collaborate; all living things a resounding testament to the creative splendor in God's unrivaled work of creation. The word tells us that God breathes out the stars in the heavens. The Stars are massive, ferocious, powerful and amazing sources of energy. The God we worship is so big, so incredibly large, so absolutely gigantic, he makes things like planet earth seem smaller than the smallest fleck of dust... and yet God reaches out to each and everyone one of us, offering us his divine, abundant and everlasting love. God is Love 

Will you take a moment with me to stop and thank God for everything?  

"Lord, we look around at all of the beauty in your creation and we want to thank you for everything that you have given us: for your love, revelation and inspiration: for setting us free from the toxic bondage of sin (fear, uncertainty, doubt, hate, bigotry): for giving us the capacity to choose to worship you Lord God, out All Powerful, All Knowing, Every Living God! Thank you heavenly father for all of your blessing, guidance and wisdom."

The HST and other projects like it are example of what we can achieve when we work together for the common good. So many scientists that work in the space sciences come to find in Jesus Christ and our Lord God as they too step back and marvel at the unparalleled mystical beauty of God glorious everlasting extremely massive and seemingly infinite creation. 

All Hubble Space Telescope Images Belong to NASA and were sourced from the HST web page image gallery.

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