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Seattle is Sunny ; The Truth

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I have often bemoaned the gloomy "grey" local weather~ was my groaning out of alignment with reality ? YES !!    After examining the facts, I have to admit that I was wrong...... With these new facts in mind I have been emboldened to take my bicycle where I never thought of taking it before.... I am going to ride with warmer clothes and gloves and snowboarding goggles and so forth and brave more of the year "organic vehicle" style..... The truth sets us free~ Check out the facts by clicking "read more" and jump on your bicycle! 

Sunny Seattle Facts :

The Truth About Seattle Sunshine

The fact of the matter is that Seattle gets significantly more than two seconds of sunlight per year. Seattle actually gets 2,174 (two thousand one hundred seventy four) hours of sun per year. Put into “12 hour daytime” terms, this is 175 days of clear, unobstructed sunshine. Each and every year.

So, how does this compare to the rest of the USA?

New York City gets 2,600 hours of sunshine per year, which is 17% more than Seattle receives;
Portland gets 2,347 hours, which is 8% more than Seattle;
Chicago gets 2,511 hours, 14% more;
Buffalo gets 2,204, 1% more;
Boston gets 2,638 hours, 18% more;
Miami gets 3,154 hours, 31% more;
Los Angeles gets 3,265 hours, 35% more;

So, while Seattle is certainly cloudy IN RELATION to most other U.S. cities, it’s not overwhelmingly so. It’s only about 1/5th more gloomy than our largest city, New York.

But, what about the rest of the world?

This is where things get interesting, and the myth of Seattle’s unique doom and gloom really begins to get shattered.

Check this out:

London gets only 1,461 hours of sunshine each year. This is a full 33% LESS than Seattle;
Paris gets 1,630, 26% less.
Berlin receives 1,625, 26% less.
Amsterdam 1,601, 27% less.

That’s only Europe, though, how about the other side of the world?

Here again, Seattle does “well”.

Tokyo gets only 1,847 hours of sunlight each year, which is a full 15% less than Seattle, and Seoul, Korea gets 2,114, which is about on par with us.

So, what does all of this mean?

It means that, while Seattle is dim by United States standards, it is actually quite bright by international standards.

The people that whine and moan about the gloom in Seattle would never make it in Europe or Japan. If they think it’s bad here, they would be completely overwhelmed in those other locales.

These statistics might also “out” a few people as perhaps being slightly less authentic than they would have you believe. Real walkers, bikers, scooter-riders, cafe sitters, poetry readers, and other dense urban creatures thrive in this weather. Those who don’t tend to pine for the climate of Anaheim.

All of you hipsters out there who think you are worldy and international better stop complaining about the Seattle gloominess, and fast. It’s blowing your cover. You’re announcing to the world that you could never survive in far hipper and more urban environs. Your average American-ness is showing — a fate worse than death among the fixie-riding, MacBook-toting crowd.

Next time your hipper-than-thou friend goes on yet another whiny, “I’m sooooo depressed here” rant, you may want to show them this article.

Maybe, just maybe, you’ll never have to hear them whine again.

At least not about the weather.

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