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Climate & Weather

Understanding gases, liquids & vapor pressure is not for the faint hearted. Serious science exists in Atmospheric Chemistry. Climate, weather, renewable energy, clothing, building codes, the greatest impacts of climate change will be on agriculture affecting the foundation of all human life: food! 

Who wants to go for a long bicycle ride in cold rainy weather? Why not?
The earths atmosphere, its composition, gases, vapors, liquids, precipitation, particles & energy, lighting, tornado, hurricanes * wind power ; the implications of understanding climate & weather are broad on the global scale, impacting energy systems, mineral mining, agriculture, building & infrastructure design, logistics, education, philosophy, recreation, faith & inspiration. Big data analytics is required for precise weather forecasting. Today you can see "future radar" on the Weather Channel website. Your smartphone can answer questions like "hey siri, do I need to wear a coat today?" where Siri will respond with intelligence based on analysis of weather forecasting. 

ABS weather Holiday Travel Forecasting
Earth Simulator Computer Layout
Earth simulators are super computers that run climate & weather models to gain insight into the way that sun interacts with the Earth's atmosphere, how storms form, how powerful tornados and hurricanes spontaneously form & move, ultimately decaying. Powerful storm systems have more energy than exploding nuclear weapons. Simulating all the molecules in the earths atmosphere remains outside the functional scope our our data collection techniques or computational analysis. Billions of systems in a global Earth system, its hard to actually simulate weather & climate on the global scale. Today environmental sensors, weather stations, radar & maps combine to give real time weather prediction, feedback about current conditions and forecasting about emergent conditions, all very specific to the local micro-climate, you have to enter your zip code to get useful weather info online.

The atmosphere becomes complicated in terms of analysis when we start taking into account all of mankind's emissions along with the natural emissions of volcanos. Photochemical smog, stinky tail pipe funk, carcinogenic vapors, fuel vapor, CO2, CO, NOX, SOX, particulates, brake dust metal powders, tire tread disintegration powders, dust, soot, filth, toxic funk, ruinous to all life forms in the biosphere. The debate ranges on about mankind's ability to affect climate change. There is no debate that the climate of Earth is changing, the argument is all about how much humans are affecting the changes. Dumping billions of tons of pollution into the atmosphere is bound to change something!

Climate Model

The geopolitical & economic impacts of clean energy technology, electric vehicles, solar & wind grid power, roof top energy, energy security, sustainability & energy. How energy enhances the lives of people! We need energy to move people & stuff, to make and recycle things, to do anything requires energy! Energy is a complicated subject covering all the conventional carbon sources, sunlight, hydro, geothermal, nuclear, even human energy and food energy. Transportation energy and the economy. Bicycling into a strong headwind, you can feel how it takes more energy to go forward. Wind power turbines capture atmosphered energy, solar panels collect sun filtered through our atmosphere. Understanding climate & weather affects where we build wind turbines, where we install solar panels. Having a good understanding climate will impact the materials chosen in building construction. I live in a rain intense area with frequent rain and watch with dismay when people build homes of stucco, something more appropriate for dryer regions. People move here to wet western Washington from drought prone California are bring stucco housing designs along that are inappropriate for the local weather. Having a greater understanding of climate & weather would help to keep people from making foolish materials choices in building construction in this way. 

Societies growing need for more energy moving forward into the future with more people, each using more energy on average over time because of Jevons Paradox and the other social & cultural effects of modern high technology living. The Earths carrying capacity for human life depends on how people are living, their impacts, choices, lifestyles, energy use, emissions, and footprints. Understanding climate & weather can help people to make more intelligent business decisions, clothing choices, timing of their vacations, matching of their lifestyle and schedule to recreation.

Ski Dubai Indoor Ski Resort in Dubai
Nissan Vehicle Heat Pump Fluid Flow System Layout

Think about how air conditioning and compressor technology impacted the history of air conditioning, or modern HVAC systems in data centers, spas * resorts, office buildings, homes, factories, arenas, and all kinds of indoor air conditioned structures. They have an indoor ski resort in Dubai called Ski Dubai where refrigeration & air conditional technology is taken to the extreme. Vehicle cabin HVAC helps to clear the fog off the window, enabling safer travel with enhance forward visibility. The pinnacle of this technology can be seen in the Heat Pump of the Nissan Leaf which both cools & heats the air, also able to control humidity in an extremely efficient way. The way that windows are designed into cars & buildings reflects the way that vision interacts with weather & sunlight. The thermal mass of a building, its insulation, the local building code, all of these things are influence by climate & weather. With climate change many other changes will also be required. If the climate changes are significant, the way that rain falls & where and when it falls will also be influence. Drought, Flooding, impacts to seasonal changes in agriculture, losses in productivity of food crops. Climate and weather affect food, which affects everything. Without something to eat, mankind can not do anything. Food is the basis of civilization, the foundation of life itself is agriculture! This is why understanding climate & weather is so important! In the mean time we should making all mobile electronics waterproof, dust proof, and real world friendly. No matter where you are at, where you are going, real world conditions are always changing! Keep your eyes & ears on that weather forecast to see whats up, whats coming, you can even look at it backwards to see what was before. Woot woot to the information age!

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