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LED ^^

85% less energy, 20x longer life, instant on and often dimmable, sometimes color choices, look for ones with metal heat sinks as they will last longer. LED solves all the problems of CFL

Led has come a long way from its humble small output red diode beginnings. Today we have plug and play, screw in and light bulbs alternatives in many sizes to replace our old fashioned bulbs with super efficient long life clean energy technology solutions.

Today, LED with yellow phosphors is the defacto norm, but soon quantum dots will play a better role to convert the light frequencies, giving quantum dot LED's of tomorrow better light quality, lower energy consumption, and better lumen maintenance over time. After quantum dot we will have raman emission laser bulbs that convert electricity directly into light, based on a technology called silicon photonics. Laser phosphor bulbs are already being used in european versions of BMW vehicles as the headlight alternative to HID. There is a lot of cool stuff yet to come in automotive and home lighting with LEDs and Diode Lasers.

I personally like HID, CFL, LED, Tungsten, Incandescent, Microwave Sulfur, Fiber Optic, Windows, any light sources that produce light inside of our heat controlled buildings that keep us warm in the winter, and comfortable in the summer.

My home is almost all LED, with a few CFLs and an incandescent heat lamp. My wife and I share two hybrids cars a super fuel efficient scooter. We also commute to work together, having synchronized our schedules. We try to be energy efficient, we even used waste packaging to insulate some of the windows on the bottom floor of our home, and to block cold air from the gas insert fire place that we have never used.

LED is better because it uses way less power, our 48in 2014 TV draws only 14w max, and thats with a built in ARM processor setup that can emulate a PS3, its a Sony TV with LED backlighting and built in Wifi etc, apps and the such.

We turn our computers off when we are not using them.... to save power

I try to keep my hot showers to warmer temperatures and shorter times to save water and energy

We plan on putting an energy saving film over all of our windows soon, we just moved into a new house and its drafty, with lots of old aluminum framed 1986 windows, many of which have failed gas chambers, the argon having long ago escaped, replaced by water vapor. They are at least 2 pane with a gap, with is somewhat better than classical single pane windows. The blinds are always closed, and we hug curtains in my office to block heat from escaping through the windows.

I used a Kill-a-Watt meter to research different electrical appliances, and the recent widespread power outage has me thinking of generators again. I will go with a propane model to backup our main fridge, the highest priority.

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