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Respecting Life (God's Creation)


If people actually respected "God" they would be good stewards of all of the Life on Earth the way that God asked of us in the bible. God created Earth and all of the life on Earth for people to enjoy (make use of in a respectful intelligent way that is sustainable). The problem is that most of these people who call themselves Christian are ignorant: they do not understand what their own religion teaches, and they live lives of hypocrisy, hatred, waste, disrespect, bigotry and jugement : exactly the opposite of what their Lord and Savior Jesus Christ was talking about........ (click read more to continue reading)

I am an Environmentalist largely because of my faith in God and my respect for my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. As I learned more about the sublime natural and priceless beauty of "Life" in all of its forms in college, I came to appreciate more deeply what we have been given. God did not give us the world so that we could rape it, poison it with pollution, and trash it! God asks us to use wisdom and reason and not to be foolish; to not squander and waste what we have been blessed with.

Most organized religions, including mainstream Christianity have already come out in support of environmental causes. Its only a noisy minority of people calling them selves Christian that this image is talking about. The people in the (Clue Klux Clan...sp?) think they are Christian too. People can call themselves whatever they want, its is their actions, words, and behaviors that tell the real story!

God is Love

When we love the way that God describes in the Bible, we are called to love, respect, cherish and honor all living things: we are called in love to forgive those who have done wrong against us (no matter how big the wrong was). Negative thoughts are toxic to our health, so forgiveness the choice is a choice you can make to be healthy. Meg, my lovely partner says something like "Holding anger for someone else is like drinking poison and expecting it to make them sick"... so true.

If we see the world through eyes of Love, then we can each make the world a better place with every choice we execute; every thought, choice,  action and behavior we articulate becomes an expression of love.

It is easy to write someone off, to say he or she is wrong, to point the finger and judge. How often do we take the time to understand someone's story? Most of the time when see someone doing something wrong, they are doing it because they are confused, lost, broken or sick: we can recover these people by showing them love. Kind words are healing. A generous action is always appreciated by someone. You can be that person that makes the critical difference in someone else's life. Who inspired you to be great? Can you find it in yourself to inspire others?

If I see someone throwing aluminum or plastic into a trash can rather than recycling, I can do what the world tells me to do, blast the person verbally (condemn and shame them) for being incompetent and lazy, or I can do something motivated by love: explain with kind words why recycling is important and then let the make an informed choice. Most of time people fail to recycle it is because they dont understand. God said "My people die from a lack of knowing". When we give other people the truth, they are then set free to make a reach choice. This is why it is so important to remind other people that God is love.

Sometimes, people are too far out: unwilling to listen to even words of love. They can't accept that they might be doing something wrong and they don't want you to tell them about it. My best friend has a father like this. If I wasted any any more of my words and time trying to compel him to recycle it would like throwing pearls to pigs. He only wants to tell me that I am wrong for caring about recycling aluminum, or conserving energy. I choose in love to dismiss his ignorant words and to spend my energy elsewhere. He will have to answer for his actions to God when he dies as I will have to answer for mine. All sin's are equal according to the Bible: let the cards fall as they may. I choose in love to let this "sand" "trivial  issue" go.

The opposite of heat is not cold : coldness is simply the absence of heat. The opposite of light is not dark: darkness is the absence of light. The Opposite of God is not Evil, evil is simply the absence of God's love.

The core of Christianity is about teaching those faithful to God how to Translate the Love they can share with God through their faith into all facets of their existence.

Too often people loose sight of what faith really means: they get into following other misguided people calling themselves Christian: up on high horse pointing fingers, being divisive and manipulative, spreading rummors and gossip.

If people are motivated by love, the will make ethically respectable choices in all facets of their life. If people see others through eyes of love, they will be generous, patient and kind with others. It is sad that so many people who call themselves Christian are soo far from actually living a life of Love the way their God has asked of them.

Are you seeing the world though eyes of love?

An example of my eyes seeing the world through the lens of love ~

Supporting Solar Thermal Energy

What? you might ask! What does Solar Thermal Energy have to do with seeing the world through eyes of love? Please let me explain.

Solar thermal energy is one of the only renewable energy sources that can feasibly displace toxic coal power from out grid. I oppose the use of coal energy because the burning of coal makes millions of people sick with cancer, asthma, heart disease, neuro-degenerative diseases and COPD. When coal is burned it releases toxic fly ash that clogs the lungs of all that breath it, and where this ash is piled up it produced a hazardous toxic waste dumps: hundreds of which are scattered all across the USA: and they leak when hit by stormy weather, blowing their toxic soot everywhere the wind carries it. Coal burning also releases acid rain forming chemicals that destroy our infrastructure with rust/ corrosion. Coal burning also release a potent neurotoxic mercury vapor that causes a whole range of neurological diseases that affect everyone. We can avoid all of the problems with coal by replacing coal power with solar thermal energy.

Solar thermal energy takes the Suns abundant heat energy and concentrates it into a working fluid like water, air or molten salt. When this is done on a large scale, the heat storage/ working fluid is pumped into giant insulated reservoirs. This hot fluid is used to boil water to produce steam turbines, and because the heat storage produces heat even after the sun goes down, the solar thermal plant can produce power 24 hours a day continuously. Solar thermal energy is far less costly than electric solar panels (solar photovoltaics), because solar thermal technology takes advantage of the suns heat rather than just a narrow spectrum of the suns light. Solar thermal and geothermal are the only two feasible sustainable energy technologies that achieve power cost parity with coal power in an uninterruptible way. Wind also reaches cost parity with coal, but there is no cheap way to store the wind power, so it has to be used as it is produced : this means that solar thermal can feasibly replace coal base capacity in our grid :)

Solar thermal plants only release a tiny amount of pollution when they are under construction (building anything produces emissions). With closed heat loops, a solar thermal plant is effectively carbon neutral in operation, and over time it becomes a carbon displacing or carbon reducing technology after its energy output pays off the energy consumed during its constructing and development.

I support solar thermal energy because every added unit of solar thermal energy is one less unit of toxic coal power: and that is one less unit of suffering, sickness and death associated with coal powers toxic emissions.

Solar thermal is a clean, healthy, abundant and sustainable technology that will give humans power for millions of years. Unfortunately, Solar thermal energy is an underdeveloped energy source. Fortunately, there is a growing interest in this technology from the political, financial and environmental communities world wide. Hundreds of huge grid scale solar thermal energy plants are currently being developed.

I support the gradual phasing out of toxic carbon energy sources like coal and tar sands oil and I support the development of of non-toxic, abundant, sustainable energy technologies like solar thermal energy because I see the world through eyes of love. Does that make sense?

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