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Fuel Cost EST 4 Meg

Here we compared the relative fuel cost estimates for vehicles that get 30, 40 or 50 miles per gallon. We ended up going with the 40MPG vehicle, and here is why..... the 2014 Honda CR-Z ex Man was the one.... :)

Prius C
50MPG combined @ 10,000 mile per year & $3.50 per gallon = 200 Gallons $700

40MPG combined @ 10,000 mile per year & $3.50 per gallon = 250 Gallons $875

Compact Non Hybrid
30MPG combined @ 10,000 mile per year & $3.50 per gallon = 333 Gallons $1,165

We got a swinging deal. A 2014 Honda CR-Z ex Manual Hybrid that had been on the lot since the middle of 2014, almost a year. They sold it to us for less than invoice, just to move this unit, and it happened to be the exact one we were looking for, and the only one in our area that had what we wanted, but was actually more loaded with options at a lower price that we were expecting. Woot Woooo

The real word on the 40MPG choice?

After 350mi of driving, the fuel economy average is at exactly 40.0MPG's, and that was mostly highway miles. We are going to have to estimate the exact initial fuel economy because the CR-Z had 156miles on it when we bought it. Given the test drive schedule, and the commercial sales managers confession, most of those miles we logged between the dealership and the sales managers home. He used for about a week after it had been sitting on the lot unused for more than 4 months. Because it had been sitting around for so long with lithium ion batteries, I opted to extend the warranty on the vehicle. Its been throwing some IMA system errors at first, but they seem to clear up and stay away. Time will tell if something is actually wrong. The master honda technician said that the IMA system is out of calibration from non-use, and that driving it will balance everything.

The first tank of Gas was sans fee via the nice Honda Dealer who sold us the CR-Z. If you live in or near Washington State, stop by the clean, nice, friendly Honda dealership in Marysville, Wa, "Smokey Point". Everyone there was friendly and easy to work with, and no one was pushy about selling options or anything else.

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