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Sugar is Evil

Sugar is an addictive toxin that is behind the obesity epidemic, the childhood disease epidemic, the diabetes epidemic, the heart disease epidemic. Sugar is evil, more addictive than cocaine, it hijacks the brain of the consumer to turn us all into sugar junkies sick with metabolic disease, even thin people can be obese inside near the core, with all of the same health problems as fat people. Sugar is the evil that is making everyone sick!

Watch "Fed Up" on Netflix
The problem is sugar, once a spice more valuable than gold, I kept an issue of National Geographic in the back of my car for more than 9 months, it is still there, and its all about sugar, sugar the addictive toxin that is wreaking havoc on the general public all over the world, greedy evil companies replacing fat with sugar in their low fat low calorie "healthy" foods, when in reality they are peddling trash that is addictive and toxic.

Low Fat and Fat Free = More Sugar

The bastards running the Schwan's food company, especially their chief dildo Dimitrios Smyrnios, can eat sugar morning noon and night. These arrogant jerks make billions of dollars selling toxic food like substance to schools, hospitals, business and people, their foods are full of sugar, the addictive liver toxin causing the obesity and diabetes epidemics. We have children dying of heard disease, pre-teen children that are grossly obese. They are being fed a diet of more sugar, sugar, fat free foods loaded with sugar, high fructose GMO corn syrup trash and other types of creatively named sugars, dozens of names for sugars, the starchy foods like potato and corn and rice and white bread are metabolically identical to sugar 30 seconds after you eat them.

Sugar has 30 different names
The clever jack-offs from the processed food industry have kept a daily allowance % for sugar from appearing on product packages because a single can so soda has more than a person total safe daily allowance of sugar in it.

Sugar is added to almost all processed foods to make it "healthier", the sugar industry quick to remove fat from food, fat that is then used to make cheese. The fat is not the problem, healthy natural fats are good for the brain. When fat is removed from food, it tastes bland, so the industry replaced fat with sugar. The net calories decreased, but the sugar amount more than doubled.

Sugar is an Addictive Liver Toxin 

160 KCal of Almond are not equal to 160kCal of sugar, the sugar is turned into fat by the liver and insulin, the almond with its fiber and fat are converted to liver sustaining food energy that does not spike blood sugar levels and turn into stored fat.

The Obesity Epidemic is because of Sugar

I am primed to go sugar free, to set myself free from the evil doers, to buy more whole real foods, to outright reject processed foods, to become a beacon of light to illuminate this issue of sugar. Share the truth!

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