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LTE a miraculous solution to Mobile Broadband

On facebook I condemned FB for putting up UAV's that create WIFI in poor countries, where the local government squander tax revenue on luxury cars, aircraft, mansions, servants and lux galore for the diplomats while the average person is so poor they don't have running water or electricity, and even if it was available, they would not have the income to pay for the service! 

I worry that hackers and thieves, pirates in these destitute countries will use the internet for criminal reasons to pirate content, hack computers, commit identity theft, banking scams, and all kind of criminal racket. We do not have to look hard or far for examples of countries misusing their internet access. Looking right at you North Korea!

I was reading about microwave ovens and found out that outside of America microwave ovens are not very popular. People are still burning coal bricks and trees to make heat for cooking all over the world. Wow how the gap has formed between the haves and have nots!

I was updating the software on my previous two smartphones earlier, thinking about how its remarkable that LTE allows for mobile broadband. I see people glued to their phone screens in public, and on rare occasions I am guilty of it too, mostly for navigation GPS action via Google Maps. I am not sure this is a good thing, perhaps it is eroding relationships in a subtle way, you tell me ? Meg uses her phone on the go more than I do, but thats not a bad thing, just an observation.

The 5G LTE is right on the horizon! 4G LTE already a mainstay for smartphones in intelligent countries! Its amazing how far we have come with mobile computing and information technology in just the short 33 years that I have been on earth!

We need Reliable Grid Power For 5G LTE and beyond ^^

Actually modern society cannot function without electricity! Refrigerators, without power they cannot keep food cold. Thats bad. Lights, without power, no lights. Many homes are fully electric, so if the power goes off, nothing works, not heat, no light, no fridge function, no laundry machine, no stove, no hot water, no TV, no computer, the potentially super clean all electric home requires reliable grid power to function. In this case the smartphone, if fully charged, becomes at least a way to watch some funny videos..... seems to be a popular thing to do on youtube! Actually you can learn all kinds of cool stuff looking up DIY youtube videos! Try it!!

Elderly Electrical System in Need of Retrofitting

I worry about our electrical infrastructure because it is old, was never designed to last forever, and is frequently damaged by falling tree limbs, could we seriously finally bury the lines. I realize that overhead lines are less expensive and more electrically efficient. Lets bury the lines and put roof top solar power, and create a safe, clean, redundant, reliable, long terms eco friendly energy solution that make coal power economical unattractive. If coal power becomes unpopular, the pressure will be on society to phase out coal burning, save for the natural coal fires that the Chinese set with super intelligent mining operations, well done PRC! Actually the wild coal fires in china release more pollution then all the cars, trucks and aircraft operating in America. Thats right, those brilliant people set enough coal seams on fire, that the emissions from the wild coal fires is greater then all the tail pipes in America! That is seriously outrageous! Now we have people like me calling for the cleaning up of tail pipes by replacing gas cars with clean hybrids, clean plugin hybrids and electric vehicles, so that you and I do not have to breath fumes filled with carcinogens, vapors that cause cancer. Meanwhile the PRC just blissfully ignores the wild coal fires, and the air quality in China is stellar as a result! Well done!

China Pollution

I wonder about the neurocognitive effects of breathing all that wonderful coal pollution, and I am suspicious the resultant brain damage must be effecting policy makers in countries that just mindlessly pollute. I watched a youtube video of a Chinese person holding a wok filled with mercury over a fire to boil off the mercury, he had dipped goal platted RAM contacts into the mercury to create a gold rich amalgam. By boiling off the mercury, he could render some gold to sell for income. Thrift, crafty, and neurotoxic, the neurological effects of breathing mercury vapor are madness, ever hear the term Mad Hatter? That stems from the time when hat makers where using a mercury compound to stiffen up the rims of custom made hats! The hat makers would go crazy, having been exposed to mercury, absorbed into their skin as they worked with the compound that contained mercury. I am not even sure what compound they were using. So those mercury fumes from that guys wok in the video, there were elderly people and children in view of the camera. That means grandpa, grandma, the grandchildren, everyone was being exposed to dangerous neurotoxic levels of mercury vapor. The reminds me of the people who run gasoline generators indoors without leaving a window open to at least vent the fumes, and then die from CO inhalation. CO displaces O2 on the hemoglobin in out blood, so you literally choke out your brain with CO, since it displaces the O2 in your fresh blood in your arteries.

Deep Research About Chinas Coal Energy

I wrote my graduating thesis on the Externalization of Coal Power Emissions from Manufacturing in China! I spent a lot of time studying pollution in china. The main idea there is the PRC is more concerned about economic growth and development then environmental stability, public healthy, or ethics related to protecting life. I watched in horror when the PRC mowed down those college students with Machine Guns in Tiananmen Square in 1986, I was 6 years old, aghast watching the Chinese Army shooting unarmed civilians protesting for democracy. My young fragile mind was blown, and my hatred for the PRC born! Evil I thought, what kind of government does that to its own people. I had a lot to learn about the world, mostly disappointing facts I might add. Society is doing a really shitty job overall today! I could drone on about why, but instead I will focus back on the highlighted subject. Amazing LTE

The Dark Side of RF

Yes, I find wireless technology interesting, but RF has a dark side too. There are health warning signs on the fence around the base of a Cellular Tower, but now I see cell phone antenna on the top of all kinds of building where people are working all day long, blissfully unaware that there is a 5000w RF transceiver for LTE and Voice calls right over their heads. This will no doubt cause cancer rates to increase. A boon for hospitals and cancer treatment centers, the cancer drug manufacturers, and oncologists. Sickness is wildly profitable, take diabetes for example. Test Strips, Syringes, Regular Doctors visits for A1C, Insulin injections all the time, highs and lows, its an expensive taxing mess for people who suffer with it, like my lovely wife Meg.

Your Radio Phone Transceiver

Your cell phone is a 3W radio data transceiver, LTE is the data protocol and radio frequency bands used to send and receive data between your phone and the cell phone towers you are moving between when you are out and about using mobile data, away from your home wifi! Home wifi is very weak, about 0.050W or 50mW by comparison to the 3W LTE modem which often runs at around 1W if you have good signal strength connections with the local tower closest to your phone. Actually the mobile LTE networks required a lot of complex expensive engineering and development over many decades.

Mobile more popular than land lines in China

Today in China, mobile phones are more popular than land lines. The vast customer base makes a cell tower super feasible to deploy and operate, lucrative for the local telecom companies!! Lots and lots of customers. They are building your iPhone, and they have them too, often half baked clone copy cat phones I have refereed to in the past as KIRF (keeping it real fake), the electronics retailers in Shenzhen all too eager to sell you a cheap knockoff iFone.... The only land line I make use of is the comcast coaxial cable ^^ from there netflix, pandora, xbox, online shopping, youtube, Facebook, blog posting, research, communication, photography, video editing, its amazing!

I do not hate China, or Chinese people to be clear. I strongly disagree with the positions of the PRC government. I am a patriotic American who believes in democratic values like the ones held by the ROC in Taiwan, one of my favorite countries. Woot Woot ACER and ASUS ^^

The Lever of Riches

I like technological progress, technology, innovations, and progress. I think the internet is awesome because of the way that it allows people to access information, content, sharing, communicating, learning, enjoying, computers the most versatile tool every developed, they are information machines, and no doubt a reflection of the minds that gave birth to all of this technology. Typing up this blog on a computer is part of what I love about computers, the internet, and the LTE era we live in today!


I even feel bad for poor people, in America, and in other countries. I wish that we would use technology to lift the standard of living up for everyone, including the homeless people in America. I also want crime to end, to bring all the bad people to justice, to clean up the world, put honest intelligent people in charge, and build a better future for me and everyone else, for all future generations.

Make It Better

If you make something better, how does that make it worse? LTE was a huge upgrade over 3G data, I mean an amazing improvement! Modern LTE is super fast! Fast enough to stream HD video on the go, upload or download, you can lifestream from a newer smartphone, actually as computers, the smartphone is often the MVP electronic in most modern households! The one that everyone is always using, even on the go. The camera video camera they always have with them, to FB and blog post, and look things up online, to use navigation that works intelligently, and to do alls kinds of games and fun things like GEO Cache! Its interesting what people have figured out to use their phones for, all the images that people capture and upload, like a bunch of historians!

Ending Cancer Causing RF levels with Innovations

We can come up with a way to use different frequencies that do not cause cancer for LTE and other radio data technologies like wifi, bluetooth, Ant+. etc, especially as the Internet Of Things is unfolding before our eyes, Fridges with large screen computers built into the door already a thing you can buy at BestBuy.

Think of how fast 802.11 AC is compared to B speed, or G speed. Same frequencies, different modulation of 2.4 & 5 GHz analog waveforms of digitally encoded data packets, the speed bandwidth increase is possible because of innovations applied to the software defined radio control methods, intelligent solutions to move more packets, in less time, over the same air space at a lower dB level, with less power, Bluetooth 4.2 LE perhaps one of the most common super ultra low RF data solutions widely utilized today! Using better antenna designs, different frequencies (hopping), and intelligent signal modulation, we can reduce peoples exposure to ionizing radiation that causes cancer! This is important because babies are playing with wifi devices, LTE phones, and other RF sources that expose them to microwave radiation at between 20mw and about 5w with a SAR absorption of between 0.02 to 0.79w/k, enough to cause DNA chemical reaction errors through induced inductive molecular heating by the microwave signal. The truth hurts, but it is true! We can innovate away for microwaving our testicles and ovaries based on where we store the phones on our person when they are connecting to the tower for data, even when they are screen off sleeping in our pockets!

Fiber Optic 60 Ghz mobile data

LiFi or Light Wireless Internet the modulates the LED bulbs we use so they can talk to LiFi enabled consumer electronic devices that can see the light! Eye safe color temperatures are modulated at faster than 240hz, well past the human visual flicker detection frame rate of 30FPS, some people with shorter optical pathways can see up to 90FPS, and even normal people playing computer games can notice the difference between 60 and 240HZ, so LiFI is operating at a much higher frequency.

Currently there are special fiber optic radios that have remarkable security performance that operate in the 60 Ghz spectrum, at the end where photons become electrons, the boogie zone on the electrodynamic sone between light photon particle waves and radio analog wireless electron particle beam waves. The problem with using 60Ghz for a cellular network is range, water absorbs the signal, and believe it or not there is a lot of water in air! Clouds have thousands of tons of water that comprise their vapor suspended in gas forms, which can form remarkable interesting storm systems, some so intense that they cause infrastructure damage, like hurricanes, remarkable atmospheric phenomenon. The whole debate about climate change comes down to admitting that we have a better way to make power and heat than burning carbon! Thats not true for most people today, but in 3000 years, I am sure that some people will not even be living on earth, that we will have long since expanded to develop the universe in a more substantial and interesting way than just flimsily modifying earths surface with diesel machines, we can go much further with fusion power!

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