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Anti-vaxxers Causing Disease Outbreaks

Families struggle to understand vaccine technology, fearing what they do not know, but they are simple. Vaccines are like a software updates for your immune system. Please at least try understanding the facts: 

Debunked Anti-vaxxer Ideology

Andrew Wakefield was the doctor who got this anti-vaxxer movement started back in 1998, when he published a discredited fraudulent study in the Lancet, a British Medical Journal, suggesting that the MMR vaccine causes autism. His paper was widely discredited as no other scientists were able to reproduce his results, no empirical evidence was produced, and Mr. Wakefield's paper was retracted from the medical journal entirely, his profession medical credentials were revoked, the study debunked, now the falsehoods that the paper promoted are at the core ideological foundation of the anti-vaxxer movement.

Bad Ideology

Certain religious ideologies and confusion about vaccines are causing parents to not immunize their children. A quick review of the history of vaccines from wikipedia online will show you why vaccines are important, and while side effect happen, the harm caused by vaccine side effects is 95% less damaging overall than the virus they address.

Vaccine : from Wikipedia 
vaccine is a biological preparation that provides active acquired immunity to a particular disease
A vaccine typically contains an agent that resembles a disease-causing micro-organism and is often made from weakened or killed forms of the microbe, its toxins or one of its surface proteins. 
The agent stimulates the body's immune system to recognize the agent as a threat, destroy it, and keep a record of it, so that the immune system can more easily recognize and destroy any of these micro-organisms that it later encounters. 
Vaccines can be prophylactic (example: to prevent or ameliorate the effects of a future infection by any natural or "wild" pathogen), or therapeutic (e.g., vaccines against cancer are also being investigated).
The administration of vaccines is called vaccination. The effectiveness of vaccination has been widely studied and verified; for example, the influenza vaccine,[1] the HPV vaccine,[2] and the chicken pox vaccine.[3] 
Vaccination is the most effective method of preventing infectious diseases;[4]widespread immunity due to vaccination is largely responsible for the worldwide eradication of smallpox and the restriction of diseases such as poliomeasles, and tetanus from much of the world. 
The World Health Organization (WHO) reports that licensed vaccines are currently available to prevent or contribute to the prevention and control of twenty-five infections.[5]
Maurice Hilleman's measles vaccine estimated to prevent 1 million deaths every year.
Vaccines have historically been the most effective means to fight and eradicate infectious diseases. Limitations to their effectiveness, nevertheless, exist.[8] Sometimes, protection fails because the host's immune system simply does not respond adequately or at all. Lack of response commonly results from clinical factors such as diabetes, steroid use, HIV infection or age. It also might fail for genetic reasons if the host's immune system includes no strains of B cells that can generate antibodies suited to reacting effectively and binding to the antigens associated with the pathogen.
Even if the host does develop antibodies, protection might not be adequate; immunity might develop too slowly to be effective in time, the antibodies might not disable the pathogen completely, or there might be multiple strains of the pathogen, not all of which are equally susceptible to the immune reaction. However, even a partial, late, or weak immunity, such as a one resulting from cross-immunity to a strain other than the target strain, may mitigate an infection, resulting in a lower mortality rate, lower morbidity and faster recovery.
Adjuvants commonly are used to boost immune response, particularly for older people (50–75 years and up), whose immune response to a simple vaccine may have weakened.[9]

Vaccine Confusion Widespread 
Many people are extremely confused by vaccines an immunology and most people are not experts in these subjects, but a lot of people have strong opinion about vaccines, falsely believing that the vaccines cause autism or other neurological developmental problems . People are frustrated with the rise in autism rates, and they should be.

I assure you its the viruses like measles, mumps and rubella that are causing the brain swelling associated with neurological development problems, and brain damage in adults. CNS swelling in the brain is often a side effect of viral infections. The vaccines are designed to save us from the negative nasty fallout of viral infection. 

Vaccines are designed to protect people from viruses that cause inflammation, swelling and pressure in the central nervous system. Brain swelling does not help children or adults or anyone for that matter! 

Vaccines are designed to reduce viral harm in society! Sure vaccines have problem like adverse reactions in some people. In other news some people have allergies to peanuts, pollen, wheat, etc. Risks are in everything! 

Everyone wants to understand vaccines so that they can make informed decisions. Sadly, very few people understand vaccines, but this situation could be improved if everyone had a deep understanding of vaccine technology. With everyone well informed vaccines, it would be easier for everyone to have an intelligent debate about the pro's and con's, and to work together to work on new vaccines, new methods of administering them, and work is already well under way to make safer vaccine delivery methods like nasal inhalers. Mass produced single dose syringe technology also already solves the problem of toxic preservatives that were used in multi dose bottles. 

The problem is that all the people who are well informed about the risks and benefits of vaccines already agree that vaccines are better than not having vaccines! It is the uninformed people who are blaming vaccines for autism and other health problems that likely have other causes, like pollution, toxins in foods (synthetic chemicals), BFR, BPA, smog, lawn chemicals, synthetic perfume poisons, plastic dryer sheets that off gas plasticizer chemicals into warm clothing (then your skin soaks it up), industrial chemical exposure (toxic lead, mercury, arsenic, cadmium, etc), unhealthy cleaning products with harsh chemicals, soap that kills the immune system, we are swimming in a sea of carcinogens and toxins today, lawn chemicals, pesticides, fungicides, engineered chemicals of death that were invented for chemical warfare, sprayed on foods that people feed their children, their babies. 

Perfection Impossible! But we should Try

There is a viral war in the world killing life, pathogens, parasites, pesticides, diseases of all kinds hurting people, taking lives, and making life less enjoyable for everyone! Viruses are bad! Many viruses cause cancer, we need more vaccines!

We know of viruses that cause inflammation in the central nervous system, like measles, mumps and rubella, all viral agents that cause brain + nerve system swelling, inflammation in the CNS, wreaking havoc on young developing brains, reigning terror on adults, viruses are nasty, horrible bad things, and vaccines are solutions to some viruses, but only if everyone in the herd gets the updated immune software antigens, the Vaccine is a like a security update for software in your immune system!

Viruses are complicated, not quite living, on the edge of life, they must hijack host cells from living beings to live, this makes viruses parasitic, as the virus harms its host in order to get ahead, like a prick who cheats others climbing the corporate latter with lies and false attribution, self aggrandizement, the people that no one likes are just like viruses. They are around for a while, cheat and steel and then leave to infect someone else they come into contact with. Bad people are like viruses because they hurt people they come into contact with. Even negative ideas can be toxic to the mind and body.

No one is saying that vaccines are perfect, news flash, nothing that people do is perfect, the flaw of human is in everything, vaccines, the internet, the flawed imperfections of mankind reflected in everything that people do, no perfect solutions, no perfect people. Lets just be rational enough to look the facts!

Vaccines are the result of intelligent people trying to solve disease problems using cell science, biochemistry, and immunology technology, that can eradicate horrible disease like Polio. Lets examine a little Polio wikipedia information: please excuse the formatting: 


Often called polio or infantile paralysis, is an infectious disease caused by the poliovirus

In about 0.5% of cases there is muscle weakness resulting in an inability to move.[1] This can occur over a few hours to few days.[1][2] 

The weakness most often involves the legs but may less commonly involve the muscles of the head, neck and diaphragm. Many but not all people fully recover. 

In those with muscle weakness about 2% to 5% of children and 15% to 30% of adults die.

[1] Another 25% of people have minor symptoms such as fever and a sore throat and up to 5% have headache, neck stiffness and pains in the arms and legs.[1][2] 

These people are usually back to normal within one or two weeks. In up to 70% of infections there are no symptoms.[1] 

Years after recovery post-polio syndrome may occur, with a slow development of muscle weakness similar to that which the person had during the initial infection.[3]

News Flash, the three things the MMR targets, measles, mumps, and rubella, are nasty diseases. These virus cause brain inflammation that is destructive to a young child's brain, and inflammation in the brain, nerves or lining of the brain or nerves is not going to be pleasant for anyone. The vaccines were an improvement!

Measles : 

A highly contagious infection caused by the measles virus.[1][2] 

Initial signs and symptoms typically include fever, often greater than 40 °C (104.0 °F), cough, runny nose, and inflamed eyes.[1][3] 

Two or three days after the start of symptoms, small white spots may form inside the mouth, known as Koplik's spots

A red, flat rash which usually starts on the face and then spreads to the rest of the body typically begins three to five days after the start of symptoms.[3] 

Symptoms usually develop 10–12 days after exposure to an infected person and last 7–10 days.[4][5] 

Complications occur in about 30% and may include diarrheablindnessinflammation of the brain, and pneumonia among others! 

No One wants to have measles! 

Mumps :

Also known as epidemic parotitis, is a viral disease caused by the mumps virus.[1] 

Initial signs and symptoms often include fevermuscle painheadache, and feeling tired.[2] 

This is then usually followed by painful swelling of one or both parotid glands.[3] 

Symptoms typically occur 16 to 18 days after exposure and resolve after seven to ten days.[1][2] 

Symptoms in adults are often more severe than in children.[2] 

Complications may include infections of the covering of the brain (15 percent), pancreatitis(four percent), permanent deafness, and painful testicular swelling which uncommonly results in infertility.[2] Women may develop ovarian swelling but this does not increase the risk of infertility.

Rubella : 

Also known as German measles or three-day measles,[1] is an infection caused by the rubella virus.[2] 

A rash may start around two weeks after exposure and last for three days. It usually starts on the face and spreads to the rest of the body. 

The rash is not as bright as that of measles and is sometimes itchy

Swollen lymph nodes are common and may last a few weeks.[4] 

A fever, sore throat, and fatigue may also occur.[4][5] 

In adults joint pain is common. 

Complications may include bleeding problems, testicular swelling, and inflammation of nerves.[4] Infection during early pregnancy may result in a child born with congenital rubella syndrome (CRS) or miscarriage. Symptoms of CRS include problems with the eyes such as cataracts, ears such as deafness, heart, and brain. Problems are rare after the 20th week of pregnancy

I dedicate this posting, the defense of vaccine technology, to the one and only Dr. Jonas Salk (inventor of the polio vaccine). He is one of my hero's, God bless him, I hope his soul is resting in peace or exploring the universe more fully without the finite limits of this world. I bless his soul in the name of Jesus, my Lord and Savior! Lord I ask you to bless other people with understanding about vaccines, use me as your instrument to share the truth, I ask this in your Hold Name Father God, blessed be your Holy Name, Praise be unto you Lord God, for all that is honorable to your kingdom.

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