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Alcohol more harmful than Cannabis

Addiction experts in psychiatry, chemistry, pharmacology, 
forensic science, epidemiology, and the police and 
legal services engaged in delphic analysis
regarding 20 popular recreational drugs. 
Alcohol is more dangerous and causes more harm than cannabis, so why is alcohol legal everywhere and cannabis is only legal in certain states? 

Dose Makes the Difference

The science of drug harm potential does not align with the US Federal Law ? To understand pharmacology is to understand drugs. Many drugs are poisons at higher doses and many poisons are medicinal at lower doses. Too much water all at once is toxic, not enough water during the day causes dehydration, the dose makes the critical difference.

Pharmacology Experts Missing

Sadly policy makers are rarely experts at pharmacology, often differing to advice from scientists at the DEA for drug policy advice, when experts at pharmacology from medicine should be consulted. The DEA has a vested financial interest in maintain the War on Drugs. You would be hard pressed to find any members of the Senate or Congress in America that posses even a small fraction of the knowledge needed to qualify them as educated on the subject of pharmacology. They turn to a biased source of information for advice, and thus we have incoherent drugs laws that do not align with science!

Sane Servings

A small amount of alcoholic beverage is unlikely to cause much harm, but it is possible for a person to easily drink enough alcohol to get blood alcohol poisoning. Once a person is intoxicated, they are likely to make more unhealthy choices, often becoming more intoxicated as they choose to continue ingesting intoxicants. This can happen with any drug, even food can be over consumed, so can water.

Personal Accountability

We are called to used rational logic and reasoning, intelligent thinking and wisdom when we put things into our bodies. The situation with food has become so complicated because the chemistry of life, biochemistry, is not widely understood, no is nutritional science, cell science, life sciences, pharmacology, or many other intellectual subjects that could help people to make more intelligent choices about drugs and diet.

Ketek vs  Sinus Infection

I had a sinus infection because of ongoing stress in college, and my well meaning family doctor prescribed me a bottle of Ketek (Telithromycin). I never filled the prescription. Instead I went home and used the internet to read about Ketek, and made an informed choice to not get any from the pharmacy. I was more stressed out reading about the possible side effects, working my symptoms. I then consulted a new doctor who told me to take a Golden Seal (Hydrastis canadensis) supplement, to sleep more, drink more water, avoid sugar food and alcohol, and to let my body heal itself. He is still the only doctor I see, rarely at that.

To treat my sinus infection I got a bottle of Golden Seal from PCC, I went to bed earlier, avoided bright lights in the evening, took naps when possible, stopped eating sugary foods, stopped drinking beer, started drinking enough water to stay hydrated, and my bodies immune system eventually solved my sinus infection on its own. No side effects from Ketek, I stopped taking the Golden Seal when I was well again.

Germany 1803 Precise Pharmacology

The science of measuring a precise dose of medicine came about when a german pharmacology researcher isolated morphine from opium. Up until this point in history, all previous drugs were crude mixtures of plant extracts with variable potency and unknown functional components. Doctors prescribed mixtures of plant drugs because they studied botany in medical school.

Drug Pushing Doctors Expected

Today doctors are experts at prescribing all sorts of synthetic and semi-snytethic drugs that produce results that people can feel, often side effects the effects that can be felt the strongest. Fully synthetic drugs are manufactured using chemical engineering. Semi-Synthetic drugs are made using chemical modified plant extracts. Consider the development of antibiotics from bacteria as an example of semi-synthetic drugs. Methamphetamine is a fully synthetic drug prepared with industrial chemicals by comparison.  Today doctors do not study botany in medical school, they study lots of pharmacology. The pharmacology industry having a big influence on the medical education that doctors receive, surely to make doctors more likely to prescribe drugs. The drug doctor association so strong that if a patient goes to a doctor and is not prescribe a drug to solve a problem, many patients feel like it was a waste of time, they wanted something that works, a drug that produces immediate relief or results!

Pain vs Opiates

Narcotic prescription opiate drugs behave like morphine, producing obvious sedation and pain reduction. The long term use of opiate drugs linked to all sorts of health problems, strong pain killers should really only be used to reduce pain associate with invasive painful surgeries. They should not be prescribed for long term pain management. Opiates are extremely addictive and harm long term users.

Adderall vs ADD

A small amount of mixed amphetamine salts prescribed to treat ADD for example, produced a notable increase in mental and physical energy, improving focus and attention, speeding up both mind and the metabolism, people that are having a hard time focusing because of a wide range of issues often notice a direct obvious improvement in their life when their Doctor prescribes them some low dose Adderall. If the person continues taking Adderall mixed amphetamine salts, they will likely become addicted to the beneficial or desirable effects, the body will develop a tolerance as the cells adapt to the chemical drugs, then they will need more of the drug to achieve the same effect. This means that mixed amphetamine salts are a bad long term solution to ADD symptoms, because the regular use of amphetamine is unhealthy, and that is beyond dispute at this point. Methaphetamine is related to amphetamine, but more potent because it is harder for the body to metabolize and brake down the mentholated amphetamine, that single methyl group makes a huge difference.

Chemistry can be Confusing

Chemistry is really odd, especially in the body. Consider the components of table salt, namely Sodium Chloride, made of Sodium metal that explodes in water, and Chlorine gas which is toxic, when ionically bonded as a salt, sodium chloride becomes an essentially component of life, a small amount of NaCl salt present in all bodily fluids, used to regulate osmotic cell pressure balance, similar to turgor pressure in plants.

Alcohol vs Cannabis Legality

If alcohol causes more harm than cannabis, then why is alcohol legal and not cannabis? Lets not forget legal tobacco products and what they do to people with long term use. Why are governments all around the world afraid of letting their people use cannabis products when tobacco and alcohol products are taxed, controlled and regulated in almost all countries? Now that cannabis is taxed controlled and regulated in Washington, a huge influx of tax income has been created for local government. Crime rates have decreased since marijuana was legalized. The new system allows cannabis product buyers to know exactly what they are getting, with product labels that indicate what kind of cannabis, the strength of the product, active component percentages and other values that are useful to allow buyers to make more informed choices. The legal situation seems far more intelligent and far more organized then it was when cannabis was illegal.

Before Legal Cannabis

I had better access to cannabis in middle school then I do now that it is legal. Now you have to be 21+ years old to buy it. I was not interested in any kinds of drugs back then except sugar, the food drug that nearly everyone abuses today. At the time in the mid 1990's I believed that beer made people fat, that hard alcohol like Gin was only for adults, and that cannabis was for weird people who I could not understand. I was more interested in setting things on fire, lasers, high voltage, and computers. My parents let my try wine, beer, vodka, gin, etc. I never liked any of them, bitter or strange, I liked water and fruit juice more! Water was the only really refreshing drink that I desired, something uniquely refreshing about fresh clean drinking water!

Healthy Life Choices

There are a lot of things that are unhealthy that are not illegal, including being an uptight jerk face about the use of intoxicants like sugar, alcohol, caffeine or cannabis. A lot of hypocrites will say that cannabis is unhealthy as they stuff their face with fast food garbage that more unhealthy. People who sit constantly, in a car, at a desk, obese, watching tv, reading books, never exercising, eating portion sizes that are way too big to support a sedentary lifestyle. Its a metabolic math problem, obesity and all the diseases that is causes can be solved with smaller portion sized of healthy organic foods, and a healthy amount of movement to keep the metabolism functioning at a higher rate. Look at countries where most of the people are fit, look at what they eat and how much the average person walks, works out, moves, etc.

Unhealthy Hypocrites 

How can people demonize cannabis when they engage the most unhealthy possible lifestyles? They drink, smoke tobacco, ingest caffeine and sugar regularly, sit too much, eat fast food, and then claim the cannabis is evil? Excuse me for wondering about the hypocrisy here, but lets be reasonable and objective. Smoking anything is going to harm the lungs, having a negative impact on health. Ethanol is toxic and so is sugar if you consume too much in a short time frame. We need to be objective when thinking about healthy life choices.

Smoke is Unhealthy to Inhale

You can eat "magic" products that contain cannabinoids, no inhalation of smoke, the tar or carcinogens that smoke contains. Not to mention that smoked cannabis also causes users to inhale bacteria and mold that formed on the drying marijuana flowers during cannabis processing. It seems that if people are going to use cannabis, they should vaporize extracts, eat edible products infused with cannabinoids, or drink drinks that contain cannabinoids. The smoke of anything is unhealthy to breath!

Medical Cannabis

I became associated with cancer patients and AIDS patients who use marijuana products to help them deal with the side effects of the toxic prescription drugs they take to treat their illnesses. So let me get this straight. Cannabis can help sick people with HIV and Cancer, but it is bad for normal healthy people. That does not make sense. I watched a documentary film about a young woman who found that CBD was the only thing that helped her seizures. For years she had tried every prescription pharmaceutical drug to no avail. Her mother, desperate for a solution, consulted a naturopathic doctor who suggested a high CBD extract butter before bed. It worked.

Pharmacology of Cannabis

There must be something in cannabis, perhaps many chemical compounds that give it medicinal power. No doubt that using cannabis can causes intoxication. Just like with alcohol, no one should be driving while intoxicated on cannabis. No one should be driving or using heavy machinery if they are sleep deprived and tired, nor should people be using their cell phones while driving (also illegal). There are a lot of things you should not be doing while driving! The situation with bad drivers so bad that society is developing vehicles that drive themselves. I look forward to this technology because I live in a region with lots of bad drivers! I suspect many of the drivers around central Puget Sound in washington are sleep deprive, high, drunk, or some combination of the above. If you ever have the pleasure of visiting Seattle Washington, you will see what I mean.

Cannabis Modulates the Immune System

There are immune system receptions called CB2 that respond to cannabis. The biochemistry of the immune system still an active area of research. Cannabis definitively affects the immune system. Cannabis actually affects a lot of systems in the body because it contains many pharmacologically active compounds, like essential oils present in the vapors of vaporized cannabis or cannabis extracts. These chemical fumes bind in the sinus system and produce pharmacological action like sedation, calming hypnotic peacefulness.

Hops vs Cannabis

They are a related plants, both producing terpene oils that have similar tastes and smells. Hopes have a known sedative property that gives IPA extra punch as a beer style. Often prescribed as a sleep aid by naturopathic doctors, formulation supplements often contain hops as one of the potent components. The chemistry of terpenes is outside the scope of this discussion, but it gets back to the beginning of the article, about plant extract drugs, and how we got to modern pharmacology.

The Real World

People have been getting high with cannabis products for a long time, seeking relief from the symptoms of many diseases. Similarly people have long enjoy getting a intoxicating buzz from drinking alcohol products like beer and wine. People enjoy the taste and rush they get from eating sugary foods, foods that are addictive like drugs, like ice-cream. People the world over drink coffee and tea for stimulation, and this has a deep and interesting history as well. Lets sober up and look at drugs through an objective scientific lens, considering dose, function, how they affect the body, what they do, how they work, intelligent taxed controlled regulations based on the best available science. Lets use the harm chart and common sense to make sense of it all!

LSD Harm Underestimated 

Noteworthy on the harm chart at the top of this posting, is a very powerful drug that I have never tried called LSD. One of my most popular blog posting ever was about LSD curing alcohol addiction. My father, the late Ken Schwarz told me about his LSD experience in the 1960's, describing it as strange. I went on to learn that the CIA had been giving all kinds of different people LSD as part of a secrete government project called MK Ultra to study the social effects that blind exposures to LSD would have on normal working people. Today I am sure that similar things are being done, but to review the past there was one example I found most interesting. A group of American Soldiers fighting in the Vietnam War were given LSD by the CIA  as part of an experiment. The LSD dosed soldiers then sat around for many hours talking about why they were there in Vietnam; about why they are fighting war against mankind as part of mankind; their ego's were melting, minds changing, they started to question the Vietnam war, its motif, possible outcomes, purpose, their roles in it, in society as a whole, concluding "We are all in it together here on earth" so why should mankind exert inhumanity against mankind, is that not psychotic? The CIA told Richard Nixon about this experiment, and he was alarmed, concluding that psychoactive drugs could unravel the fabric holding society together, he was afraid that the American military industrial complex would collapse of these LSD dropping cannabis smoking hippies became an influential cultural force. This formed the ideological foundation onto which the War on Drugs was eventually built!

LSD's Low Harm Potential Confusing

Look at the harm chart at the top of this post for LSD. LSD is one of the least harmful drugs on the chart, along with Khat, a stimulant bush leaf thing that some African people chew, which I have also never tried. What kind of harm would LSD do to society as a whole if adults were allowed to legally try it?  I have read a lot about LSD to inform myself about why I never want to try it. Alexander Hoffman, the swiss pharmaceutical doctor that invented LSD also warned of its mixed harm potential, ability to evoke psychosis, and profound neurological effects. He was the first person to take LSD, on accident, and went on to give lectures about it up until his death. Profoundly active in the microgram range, LSD is one of the most potent psychoactive drugs ever developed. Its potency, the long duration of action, and profound mind altering effects underscore the dangerous of LSD. I can shed some light on this because of what LSD does to cognition.

The Human Memory Index

Your memories, all of your memories, can be called an index of memories. All of your values, ethics, morals, and other ideas are based on your memory index of experiences, internalized knowledge, exposures, emotions, and the life you have lived, your family, your friends, your job. Your self conceptualization is a composite of your memory index, an index that is being constantly modified as you age, as wisdom sets in as you accumulate life experiences, real world knowledge that cannot always be learned from reading books, blog postings or other intelligent content, like the Bible. The real hazard with LSD is that it can restructure cognition, taking all of the books of knowledge in your memory index and moving them around, rearranging your ideologies and concerns, your ideas and ethics, those things that make you who you are. This makes LSD very dangerous, especially to people who are going through psychologically or emotionally tough times, tumultuous periods in life where the intellectually destabilizing effects of LSD can evoke or provoke the emergence of dysfunctional mental illnesses.

Mind Bending Effects

While LSD may have mind altering effects powerful enough to shake an alcoholic away from abusing ethanol, normal people can be radically harmed by LSD because of the way that it restructures their thinking. LSD may not cause much physical harm, but its effects on reducing ego, changing a persons ethics, and the mind altering effects are the real danger of LSD. This is what concerned Richard Nixon. He knew that is people started taking powerful mind altering drugs for fun, people would change, and he was afraid of the environmental movement, civil rights movement, the radical social changes that appeared to be in part, caused by the widespread use and abuse of mind altering substances like LSD.

Counter Culture 1960's

The counter culture movement in the 1960's embraced this idea of unplugging, tuning in, and zoning out, the idea of expanding consciousness by embracing new philosophies and ideologies about life. It was during this period of cultural change in America that the civil rights movement emerged to give African American people and gay people equal rights. The establishment at the time, under the leadership of Richard Nixon, were afraid that American culture was destabilizing, and that if they did not move swiftly to outlaw mind altering drugs like LSD,  disruptive changes would occur across all facets of modern American society as a whole, destabilizing the economy, and possibly destroying the moral fabric of our culture. I think they were on to something, but I disagree with the heavy handed violent expensive war approach taken with the War on Drugs. I believe LEAP, or Law Enforcement Against Prohibition have the right ideas about rational drugs laws.

Expensive War Efforts

The $30 Trillion "War on Drugs" began to suppress the cultural changes induced by the widespread use of mind altering drugs during the 1960's, specifically LSD. One Timothy Leary was promoting the new ideologies and LSD use, and went on to inspire the MDMA revolution later in history. People continue today to use new research drugs, bath salts, and other mind bending substances. While the war on drugs has been very effective at reducing heroin abuse, meth abuse, MDMA abuse, LSD abuse, and other drug abuse, the problem of prescription narcotics rages on. The real dangerous drugs are potent side effect heavy prescription opiates, benzodiazepines, and other mind altering pharmaceuticals that may cause suicidal thoughts as a side effect. It seems the war on drugs continues for reasons that cannot be explained by science, political and social reasons, the things that cause countries to fight wars against each other, causing mankind to exert inhumanity against mankind, war the most psychotic effect to combat the battlefield of the mind. The key to ending ISIS is to win over the minds of all the ISLAMIC people, so that they can be upgraded with modern western ethics, common ideologies, a shared language, so that we can all become friends, one people working together to build a better future for our children. We have to win over the hearts and minds of our enemies to really win a war. Look at how Japan has become an Ally to the USA with global trade, collaboration, this after we dropped nuclear weapons on Japan in WWII. Sometimes war is just enough of a motivation to stop war. That is the whole idea behind amazing a collection of nuclear weapons in order to create peace, making the enemy afraid of what might happen if they mess with the super powers.

Why Drugs?

The always important question of "Why?" comes up again. Why are people using mind altering drugs in the first place? Why has mankind been using mind altering drugs all along? What drives people to embrace alternative modes of consciousness induced by chemical substances, psychoactive plants, tobacco, caffeine, alcohol, sugar, why do we use or abuse these things as people? I have no idea, perhaps because it feels good to get relief from stress, pain, anxiety, fear, and other toxic emotions. Perhaps because these drugs help people to lighten up if used with prudent moderation and restraint, intelligent wise consumption.

LSD "Destroyed" his life!

Back in the late 1990's I was out to dinner with my parents one evening a man in his mid twenties came over and told me about the train wreck of a life that he was living after trying LSD for the first time. He went crazy, and ruined his business. It was not until years later that I learned why LSD can be extremely dangerous to healthy cognition! It makes perfect rational sense that LSD is illegal. It does not make sense to prevent scientists from studying mind altering drugs, including LSD.

Scientific Studies

Enter the MAPS program, a series of scientific inquiries designed to build greater knowledge about mind bending intoxicants called psychedelic drugs. Thats exactly where that class of drugs belongs, in scientific research, not in dorm rooms, not at the local drug store, powerful mind bending drugs should be restricted to the scientific research community. If the drugs are GRAS (generally accepted as safe) then we can talk about allowing limited public access to a given mind altering substance again. Remember, up until 1966, all of the psychedelic drugs of today were perfectly legal.

Advocating for Intelligent Laws 

I am not advocating for the legalization of LSD, moreover I believe that all the drugs should be reviewed by the scientific community, and that public policy should align with our scientific understandings of these commonly abused drugs. Many prescription drugs are released that have to be withdrawn from the market because they are unsafe. VIOXX (rofecoxib) is a good example, a very effective NSAID non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug, or COX2 enzyme inhibitor, like Ibuprofen, but better, it worked great in many people, but caused many others who took it to die of heart failure. VIOXX was withdrawn from the market, a costly class action lawsuit followed. In the end it was a blockbuster that made billions, much of which was lost back to families of people killed by VIOXX. We need to use the best available science when regulating access to drugs, especially with new drug discovery.

The Sad Reality

Druggies will always exist, people who choose a life of drug abuse. It is impossible to understand because they are not making logical choices. You cannot make sense of crazy. Psychotic choices are hard to understand because they are based on opinions, ideas, and desires that may not make sense to everyone. The more I did to understand how the brain works, the more I understand why it is impossible to define sanity. First of all, the thinking that people are doing is constantly changing to adapt to changes in society. The human mental landscape on earth is therefor constantly in a state of flux. We do not even all speak the same language at this point. All sorts of stupid processes, backwards laws, evil, unfairness, injustice, crime, corruption, bribery, rape, all kinds of negative things are happening in the world, some of which are caused by drug abuse. I agree with the DEA's efforts to curb access to dangerous drugs like LSD, Meth, Cocaine, Opiates, and other destructive drugs of abuse. No one wants their friends of family member to throw their lives away for drug abuse.

Childproofing Society

Our culture seems to be dominated by uptight paranoid types that want to make laws to keep everyone in check, childproofing society to keep people from hurting themselves. Meg and I would pass laws to end bullying in school for example. We like the seat-belt laws, airbag laws, and safety laws to make homes, vehicles, business, schools, and public places safer. I would also move to end all kinds of crime using ubiquitous surveillance technology, and promote this concept online and in first person. I believe the DEA can become more effective by embracing technology.  I want to educate all future people with nutritional, chemical, pharmacological, energy, and physics knowledge so that more people can make informed choices when they are shopping for food and goods, so that more people will vote for positive changes with upgrades, to build a stronger economy, replacing coal power with solar power + battery energy storage, replacing tail pipe pollution with electric vehicles, replacing smoke stacks with fully electric technology! I want the future of society to become super intelligent, developing super human AI intelligence that can help all future people solve all of the problems we have today. I believe that nothing is impossible, and that we must tale on Fusion energy to unshackle society to embrace the universe in a more complete way! I like the idea of using technology to fight crime! Crime like home invasions, rape, theft of all types, violence, and harm producing actions like pollution emission. I know that clean technology is the solution that society needs to build wealthy empire where all people flourish, where all good life flourishes, a future where people can choose to keep living with Totipotent stem cell technology!

War with Ethics

If we are going to have a war on anything, lets have a War on Carcinogens; Lets have a war against obesity and all the preventable diseases that arise from unfit lifestyles. Lets have a war against toxic pollution.

We could be fighting a war to get rid of crime, corruption and evil from the world, and certainly the War against Terrorism is a good example of an intelligent war effort. I am glad that America is pursuing justice against terrorists. I like it when good people stick up for the right things! For choosing the right, for doing the ethical, kind, loving and intelligent things that make the world better for everyone, like helping people randomly with random acts of kindness, sharing kind words, lifting people up with the truth, exerting compassion and understanding when dealing with other people. We all have many choices to make in life, and if we worked together for a better tomorrow how would that make anything worse? 

Safe, Sane, Sober

Even where people do fall into these categories of safe, sane and sober decision making, I know they are still microwaving food in plastic containers (toxic); I know they eat sugary processed foods all the time and fast food junk that is bad for health. I know that most people are constantly dehydrated, sick with preventable diseases from making unhealthy lifestyle choices, like sitting too much and not moving enough and eating serving sizes that are way too large, causing obesity, which causes 30 of the most common preventable diseases that are burdening our health care system, making your friends and family sick, hitting everyone in the wallet with rising health care costs!  I realize that it can be really hard to loose weight, that getting fit is an uphill battle, and that portion sizes for food are a cultural thing that can be hard to relearn, unlearn, moderate, etc. I do not have all the answers, to obesity I say, eat less and move more, and make sure to stay well hydrated and to get enough high quality sleep.

Analytical View

Its time that we take a hard look at our nutritional choices, especially if people are going to be hypochondriacs about consuming cannabis products. Perhaps we should take our powerful analytical minds and apply them to phasing out carcinogens from our lives. Have you ever hear that expression "don't look at the splinter in your neighbors eye, focus on removing the beam from your own eyes?" or the expression "mind your own railroad" / the point is that each person has agency to make positive lifestyle changes, ongoing personal self improvements, and associated healthy choices that are good for health, for our future, for everything and everyone! We can create positive changes by voting for them in every passing moment with intelligent choices, applied wisdom, thoughtfulness, kindness, super intelligent love and kindness. We can take our powerful judgmental perspectives and point them in a mirror, to dig deeper to expose the flaws in everyone of us. No one is perfect and no one has all the answers! 

Square Pants Ethics  : Boy Scouts 

On my honor I will do my best to do my duty to God and my country and to obey the Scout Law; to help other people at all times; to keep myself physically strong, mentally awake and morally straight! 
A Scout is trustworthy, loyal, helpful, friendly, courteous, kind, obedient, cheerful, thrifty, brave, clean and reverent. I grew up in the Boy Scouts of America, my dad encouraging me to become a scout.


Why do we celebrate Christopher Columbus, a rapist murderer, with a holiday? Why are their 24 hours in a day instead of 10? Why are there 365 days in a year instead of 100. Why 5280 feet in a mile instead of 1000ft? What is with all of the arbitrary numbering like 60 seconds in a minute instead of 100? The math for everything would be so much less complicated if we went to metric, the world over, in all countries, and got rid of SAE and all other fractions and non-sense like inches and feet and miles per hour, and miles per gallon, and just switched over to a standard system of measurement and math called metric that is already standardized in science. What about that Scouts honor? Can we work together for the mutual benefit of everyone?

Ask Why! 

Now I care about ethics, philosophy, values, morality, clean technology, ecology, energy efficiency, organic food,  recycling, optimizing government, making the world better, standardizing language to english as everyones second language, making it so everyone can understand, educating the world, lifting everyone up, regulating population with intelligence and wisdom, telling some people no you can not have children until you shape up, wake up, hello! Hello out there. I wonder sometimes how it is that I am able to think the way I do, and so many other people think completely differently about almost everything, when at the end of the day we all have so much in common, all flawed people, everyone one of us perfectly imperfect, fragile and temporary, part of a bigger genetic machine called culture! I guess I have become the square pants ethics enthusiast that the Boy Scouts of America wanted me to become, and why not? Why not become a better version of yourself? Why not reject negativity, lies, toxic emotions and other garbage that harms life? The most important question you can ask in any situation is "Why?" Go ahead and challenge life, what you have bene told, sold, tricked into believing. Think for yourself, become a better version of you!

Brain Damage

Be careful with your mind. Too much TV can rot out your brain with consumption ideologies that can dig you a debt grave quickly if you are not careful, convincing you to buy toxic consumer products like plastic dryer sheets. Now smartphones, tablets and the internet itself are being blamed for causing brain damage, brain damage that is actually caused by sitting around too much. Inactivity is unhealthy because it allows your blood to pool up in your legs, causing all kinds of health problems. Sitting around to much is what actually causes harm to your health when you watch TV. We are meant to lie down or stand, not sit around. All of these glowing screens today cause people to hold their heads at strange neck damaging angles, smartphone neck disorders. Its an epidemic! Little kids that use tablet computers too much because hard to deal with. Ask any young parent what it is like when a toddler has been using a tablet for more than 30 min. In my day, it was game consoles like Nintendo that were blamed for causing childhood aggression. People have been blaming video games for all sorts of problems lately.

Sugar Toxic

This is your brain...... this is your brain on drugs...... These TV commercials would air when I was growing up showing an abstract analogy of what drug abuse does to your mind. Today I think it would be appropriate to run the same ad's warning people about the endocrine system damage that sugar abuse causes, explaining that processed foods are often loaded with toxic levels of sugar, a liver toxin that cannot be safely consumed at more than 50g per day for adults. I think a $0.01 per gram health care tax should be applied to refined sugars of all kinds, present in added form in any product intended to be consumed as a food stuff. I saw a 25lb bag of refined cane sugar at Costco last week for $18.99, there is 11,340 grams in that 25lb bag, so the tax would be $113.40 ^^ I am sure such a tax would encourage the moderation of consumption of cane sugar. We have to do something to limit the harm that sugar is causing on public health in America. I am sure its not just America! I think sugar is being abused all over the world! Talk about mind expanding, imagine what a added sugar tax would do to change the health care situation we find ourselves in today! I bet that type 2 diabetes would decrease by a statistically significant % if an added sugar tax was introduced!

The End

There is not good stopping point for this discussion about life! I wrote about Cannabis and Alcohol because I believe people can relate to those subjects. I wanted to help people understand the situation with drugs and lifestyle choices. I wanted to highlight the irrational inconsistencies and toxic ideologies we are up against if we are going to build a better future. I wanted to explain why LSD is dangerous because the harm chart shows that it has less harm potential then other commonly used drugs. I wanted to provide an overview of why people might be using drugs, and to encourage others to use drugs carefully if at all, including commonly prescribed drugs. I really wanted to explain the difference between a dose and a poison, so that more people can understand at least that one important concept from pharmacology, that the dose makes the critical difference. I realize that I did not make my point in 30 seconds or less as my father suggested I should to reach more people. Thats ok, this is my blog, the above are my thoughts, and I hope that sharing them somehow goes on to make the world a better place by causing other people to think with a more intelligent informed perspective!

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