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Innovations = Shared Wealth & Prosperity for Everyone!

Innovations create shared wealth and prosperity. Politics hinder technological progress. Can we move beyond listening to the wisdom in TED videos to actually doing something with the truth! 
Why so many different languages, that makes it hard for people to communicate. English is already winning out as the most popular language in the world. Lets unite everyone by creating a common language, so that all people can understand one another without specialized translation that often do not escape the ambiguity of language, nuanced properties of a language that require deep knowledge for a complete accurate human translation, machine logic is simply not there yet! Artificial intelligence will solve the machine translation error problems, but why have so many different languages. 

If we are fragmented with different languages, we cannot unite as one people on earth, as humans, as mankind. Why do we need so many different languages? What a confusing mess. The tower of babble ring a bell? It is high time that we create a shared language, english, so that everyone can understand everyone else. This will make sharing good ideas easier, setting the truth free for everyone easier. 

We are all in it together here on earth, lets unite and create one world government, one language, one currency system. Lets start engaging intelligent ideas that allow more people to go more places with less pollution that is bad for life, for everyone. 

The Lever of Riches by Joel Mokyr is an excellent book that outlines the history of science and technology with an illustrative depth that is astoundingly interesting! Give it a good read and perhaps you will see the light of Innovation, shared prosperity, lifting each other up with better technology! 

Lets not forget that our body is designed to move. We can sit infant of glowing screens often today, but this is not good for our heart, circulatory system, brain or body as a whole. Look at what people who are stuck in wheelchairs have to deal with in terms of sitting diseases that form from constantly sitting! 

I remember growing up in the 1980's and being outside with my best friends a lot, riding bicycles and going for hikes and long walks after school, and during the summer I would mow lawns to make some income spending cash, my parents we not doing so well financially when I was growing up. Everything ended up working out ok, but today I see a distinctive lack of children outside playing, I fear they are inside starring at glowing screens, breathing noxious indoor air pollutants that are up to 5x more toxic then outside air, unless of course you live in Mexico City or some other highly polluted area where the outdoor air is filled with industrial inequities, the externalization of costs, into air pollution that everyone has to endure in those areas. Here in the Northwest of Washington State we are known to have Champaign quality air by people who move here from China, Mexico and other countries overrun by pollution! 

Eating pesticides, thats not a good ideas, they cause cancer! 

What about GMO's? Is Monsanto an ethical company? 

I do not have all the answers, I vote with my feed, with my money, I buy organic because I do not want to eat GMO or pesticides, and I can not imagine that anyone who knowingly want to consume carcinogens, especially given the prevalence of cancers, even in children now, diseases that once only affected elderly people are now affecting children. Go ahead and sprinkle more added sugar on your food, thats intelligent! High glycemic index starches and carbs turn into sugar in the body within 2 hours of consumption. Potato seems to be the only safe food carb, when scientists analyzed the diet of people living in Okinawa Japan. 

What about other toxins in our homes? Why are people blind to the plastic pollutant problems. All sorts of people microwave foods in plastic, and that is a horrible idea, well unless you are trying to fume your food with toxic plasticizers like BPS and BPA. We have come so far with science that we now understand that the new car smell is actually toxic to breath, that invisible stinky tail pipe emissions are toxic to breath, that brake dust, tire dust, road funk, and other junk fumes from traffic congestion are toxic. We know better now, but people keep doing the same things over and over again, causing each other to suffer because of foolish decisions. Can we be bold enough to challenge each other to wake up and start Thinking About It! 

Your Thoughts becomes your ideas, your ideas become your actions, your actions become your behaviors, and your behavior makes up your character, your future emergent upon choices you make all the time! That agency you have in the discretion to choose is your greats power! Choose wisely! 

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