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Year 2030 Nuclear Reactors Burn Nuclear Waste as Fuel

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Burning plutonium + whole actinide series, 4th generation reactors can burn toxic nuclear waste that was going to be dangerous for 10,000+ years, but because of the 6000% fuel economy improvement in the 4th get reactor, the waste will only be radioactive at a high level for 30 years, making the long term storage of nuclear waste problem easier and less costly to solve for all reactor complexes that install a 4th generation reactor! Innovations that excite people about future energy technologies!

Solving Proliferation Hazard

4th generation reactors will reduce the nuclear proliferation hazard of storing actinide series metal oxides, nuclear warheads, and nuclear waste, any radioactive fuel hazard of most kinds can be consumed as fuel in the 4th gen reactors. Fast neutron technology helps to unlock more of the atomic energy, leading to a 60x improvement in fuel energy recovery. By using more of the radioactivity, a 6000% improvement in fuel economy is realized!

60x More Energy Efficient!

4th gen reactors consume almost all of the radioactive energy from their fuel. Amazingly they can also use thorium, which is 5x more abundant than uranium in mineable accessible resources in the earths crust, the rocky techtonically active layer than the biosphere exits on top of. We dig, drug and do amazing things for oil and uranium, thorium can produce an energy revolution in 4th breeder reactors.

Breeding Fuel = Close Fuel Loop

The fast neutron breeder reactors are the key to solving energy problems with fission technology refined over almost 100 years of intense science and energinering, existing as the intellectual outcome of giants that came before us, who gave their entire lives to developing commercial nuclear technologies that go beyond atomic weapons, to an era of low carbon, cleaner technologies.

Till 2043 ^^ more clean power 24/7

1 third generation reactor (built 1975)(online 1983)where I live in Washington produces 10% of the base loading capacity for 92 different utility companies, over 3.4 gigawatts thermal, with 1.4 gigawatts electrical, the Columbia Generating Station owned and operated by Energy Northwest has an impressive remarkable impeccable history of clean power technology excellence, making 24/7 power available for hundreds of thousands to millions of people, these gigawatt scale dams, reactors power plants are powering modern society, electricity central to so many aspects of modern life.

One of my Goals

I will do what I can to bring a 4th generation nuclear reactor to my state. I believe in the nuclear clean technology revolution that will emerge with the introduction of Fast Neutron Breeder Reactors 4th Generation designs that burn nuclear waste as fuel. Cleaning up the Hanford Nuclear Complex with an innovative 4th generation reactor design!

Nuclear Sub Power to Neighborhood Electrical Sub Station Backup Generation Capacity

Better, use 7th generation reactors designed for ship propulsion as grid stabilization reactors near substations. They are small, powerful, strong, but expensive, but they can improve the resilience of the electrical grids! Build a small safe modular tamper resistant, ship on a truck, load into place with crane, the unit is not going to move for 50 years, then it will be recycled in a breeder reactor complex, new units made, shipped out and installed as replacements.

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