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ARM sold to SoftBank for $31 Billion!!!

Japanese tech conglomerate SoftBank purchases UK ARM holdings for record $31 billion ^^ 

Its likely that your phone or tablet is powered by an ARM cpu! ARM the industrial fabless giant, an intellectual property powerhouse, SoftBanks acquisition will translate these innovations, the technology, and give SoftBank a dramatically improved ability to vertically integrate board, CPU, software and network hardware together in an ecosystem that makes everything work better, with greater reliability, greater speed, improved efficiency, reduced down time, fault tolerant, fault proof system improvements, from AI controlled helicopters, to internet switches that make the Google search happen, the ARM may be on the client thin end handheld space, but ARM cpu's are peppered into everything "Smart" these days!

Intel is not exactly rolling over, with the launch of Kaby Lake 7th gen on 14nm, Intel has the manufacturing capacity to mop the floor with the rest of the industry. Intel has invested more in CPU manufacturing technology than any other company, period. Intel has the greatest technology in CPU manufacturing, but they were focused on laptops, desktops and servers (where all the money is made), not on making complex reference designs for low cost mobile CPU's. Someone saw the spark for the smartphone at ARM holdings, long ago, before the iPhone was a thing, back when Palm Pilot was reigning king with geeks galore sporting the first hand held computers around the year 2000. Its been an interesting 16 years, I first saw a MID "precursor to the modern smartphone" made by Palm, in 1999, Ole Hedal, my computer science teacher in high school had one, plumbed wifi into the T1 internet connection at the school. He was super IT geeky, and I enjoyed studying under his influence! It was Ole, and my formed neighbor Marck who really helped to push me forward with computers, their applications, value as tools, fun as games, and interesting platforms for digital photography, networking, email, online bill pay, online shopping, holy Amazon ...................

ARM cpu's are the foundation on which the smartphone revolution was built, billions of devices making use of low power optimized multi-core ARM processors, from my WiFi modem, to my iPod Touch, and Kyocera Brigadier : mostly lithograph printed CPU's made by Samsung in Texas, in the preceding devices mentioned.

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