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Intelligent Population Regulation

People are afraid to give up their rights to reproduce, but there are lot of bad parents in the world, people who are frankly unfit to be parents who had children anyway. The sick cycle repeats, and now we have 19 kids and counting, two dumb fools who barely graduated from high school producing an army of similarly confused people, to who's benefit? 

We have to reproduce in order to make human civilization continue, but how did we end up with so many people alive at the same time, and does that make good sense? 

7 billion is too much 
Earth has a cultural carrying capacity, meaning that the ecosystems that make up our food, air and water, can sustainably support a given number of people depending on how each person lives, their material and energy consumption, water use, etc. The world can not support 7, let alone 8 or 9 billion people living like Americans given our current finite carbon energy paradigm. We cannot burn enough coal to make that much stuff, and even if we could, the amount of toxic pollution released would make life foul for all people. 

1 billion makes good sense 
Estimates from the best peer reviewed science of today suggest that Earth has a carrying capacity of around 1 billion people living in an advanced eco friendly society that embraced technology and innovations, a far cry from the incompetent fragmented disorganization that is so common in so many parts of the world today. We do not even understand one another when we speak same language, and to make it worse, these are hundreds of non mutually intelligible languages, how confusing! I wonder if this confusion from language fragmentation is intentionally continued for some sick twisted reason beyond logical understand, like greed, or corruption. 

Scale Induced Problems 
Think of the scale induced problems we have in society now, as billions of people become more like Americans every year, how about a nice car that runs on a depleting resource while producing carcinogenic fumes that make people sick, belching out the tail pipes of everything with an engine, poisoning the air for everyone, climate change too, what a rose colored glasses image huh! 

Be Positive while Understanding 
Do not let me bum you out, be happy, your alive! Free to think what ever you want! Think about it! I am only talking about this issues to keep the conversation alive. I do not want the future to become like that movie Idiocracy!  

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