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Connecting the Human Mind to Computers

Nothing will expand the power of the human mind more than hybridizing brains with digital & analog AI based computing platforms that use neurosynaptic processing modeled after the computational biological information processing in the human brain. Bio-Digital Irony via Innovations worth "Thinking About" 

Giving Birth to Thinking Artificial Consciousness

Consciousness giving rise to artificial consciousness, will machines ever be able to have faith, feelings, morality or ethics, no one knows absolutely where the future of technology will take us as a civilization, but the human mind through collaboration in science and technology, with innovations made by ongoing problem solving, the revisionary nature of science if what allows the cutting edge to dig deeper to make the impossible possible, solving death itself using genetic bioinformatic molecular manipulation technologies that go far beyond the Brain Computer Interface to the full hybridization of consciousness with nerosynaptic living bio-computers hosting a consciousness amplifying AI teacher, feedback program the optimizes brain development, improvement and cognitive performance maintenance even into advanced ages where the brain is normally significantly impaired by natural information processing declined.

Information technologies transfiguring impacts on human civilization!

Greater than Explosives or Gasoline, Electricity with Computer Science was the key to unlocking innovations in all areas of society, the enhanced organization of information of all kinds the mechanism that allows consciousness to be mirrored, ideas, knowledge and information of all kinds becoming big Cloud data as AI engines start to bot craw the index of knowledge, specially trained machines can watch videos looking for clues useful for justice, the cameras are already able to use cloud based AI with the Dropcam aware technology, the Israeli airport security system long ago making use of very sophisticated synthetic vision with AI technology to screen for terrorists, by not only shooting video of all the people in visible light, and FLIR, but also measuring their body temperatures, movement patterns, materials possessions, chemical footprint, pulse rate, breathing rate, and other metrics, the system has become increasingly efficient and effective at accurately and precisely identifying bad people before they have a chance to do something really bad at the airport, the Israeli government was under a lot of pressure to develop this technology because Isreal is surround by many countries full of Islamic people that want to remove Israel from the map of earth, resorting to terrorism in their deranged sick pursuit of power and control, ISIS will ultimately fail, and the computers will help to bring the truth about good people to all people, AI in the future giving way to new laws, new legal systems, new governments, new technology, new solutions, improvements in all areas of life, making life better for more people in more places more of the time than any previous innovation developed by mankind.

Computers Revolutionized Civilization

Think of the Impacts that computers have already had at changing the lives of all people, smartphones being the handheld computers that puts the internet into our fingertips anywhere we have a good LTE connection, 5G networks bringing mobile broadband together, cars in the future will talk to each other using V2V, and they will talk to traffic signals using V2G, together the enhanced communication between vehicles improving safety, while reducing emissions, making traffic cleaner and more sustainable as society bridges vehicles away from finite fossil fuel engines to battery electric AC propulsion system with tremendous output, like the battery inverter ac motor setup in the Tesla Model S! The first smartphone of cars, the Model S also hosts the first commercially successful vehicle AI based autopilot technology, leaning on Radar now for absolute path object recognition, synthetic vision systems insufficiently developed to the computer a safe view of traffic, risks, hazards, and path optimization opportunities. When MIT has the AI work with the traffic control lighting system, the self driving car was able to achieve 30-40% better fuel economy then the average human driver in the same vehicle. I do not think there is another technology that has changed the lives of so many people so much, ideology itself perhaps the only thing more powerful than information technology, the future is knowledge, information, innovation and applied technology.

Computers See More, Faster, in More ways that people!

Autopilot goes far beyond human vision with 3D radar, lidar and eventually synthetic 360 deg spherical image recognition at very high resolutions well beyond 8K, so that the computer can see like an eagle in all visible directions simultaneously, much better than a human. Now imaging plugging your brain into your vehicle over a wireless setup like Bluetooth LE , and merging consciousness with machine vision so that you can see even more while driving right along side the computer control AI that pilots your vehicle with 99.99% better safety, and 50% greater efficiency than a human pilot, in any vehicle the AI will always be better, safer, and more efficient because it can see in more direction as the same time then simple people with our 30FPS forward stereo vision from the left and right eye and out occipital lobe integrated information processing engine brain that makes sense of what we are seeing.

Making the difference for Elderly Drivers

Any kind of cognitive deficits making the safe piloting of a vehicle less likely, humans cognitive decline is compensated for by a wisdom engine of accumulated real world experience that gives even slower older thinkers an edge for brighter thinking over younger people,  if the older people engaged their consciousness throughout life, staying sharp till the end, using computers, scientists will have to stop neurological decline if we are going to extend human life spans using genetic pluripotent stem cell technology, if people live to be 600 years of age, a 60 year old person would be but a child in a society that lives this long.

Cell Science the Key
Knowledge to Extend Life

As scientists dig deeper into cell science, the end of cancer and the key to endless life will become medical technology realities. In solving cancer, we will learn how to regular the reproductive life of cell systems, enabling longer life in actively modified organism, taking someones own stem cells, cloning the stem cells, then regenerating organics with the person own cells, no rejection drugs required, the replacement organ will be genetically identical to the originals, so that the hosts immune system does not attack the replacement organ. As the knowledge about the human bioflora increases, the era of genetically custom tailored drugs will arise. We are already headed towards customer designed drugs with 3D printing, automated chemical processing, genetic PCR technology, and other reference tech that will be used to make drugs with no side effects, custom made genetically tailored drugs that work perferfectly with every patient, doctors and medicine will play a pivotal role in bringing life extension technology into a commercial reality! You will be able to buy more time in the world by modifying your cell system to repair all diseases that limit life, all diseases that cause suffering, we can invent solutions to all diseases, nothing is impossible if with Think about the problems and solutions long enough while also doing what we can to bring those innovations to the worlds markets, redefining the economy, ecology, energy balance, and configuration of future human civilization.

Artificial Neural Networks

The information technologies allowing society to develop super human intelligence, hybridizing all people with all information with brain computer hybridization, making a more intelligent civilization that can instantly communicate, all working together for the common good of our civilization, as the technology continues allowing more people to live in new and more interesting ways, allowing consciousness to emerge victorious above toiling physical drudgery that causes injuries, making pleasure movement at light speed more fun then sitting in traffic congestion on a highway system today, we will not only see, hear and think different because of computers in the future, we already do see, hear and think in different ways because of computers. We are in the middle of the Information Technology Energy Development phases of super human emergent technology evolution. Exciting times to be alive with IBM Truenorth paving the way for spiritual machines!

Connecting the Consciousness of Civilization
The world wide web of minds that are alive

We are moving towards connecting the minds of all people with english, the worlds most popular language, studied in more countries, in more places, by more people, than any other language ever. We are uniting the world with english communication via the internet, networks that connect people, with information about anything. Our minds are word engines, we can also make sense of sounds and images, w even video, we have a remarkable adaptive automatic memory system, sadly the human brain is also subjected to predictable cognitive decline as we age, the elderly at a cognitive disadvantage the makes their physical weakness even harder to deal with. We are supposed to care for the elderly, especially if old people are becoming the future with life extension technology!

Consider Emergent IOT

Think of the way that information technology has been changing, and now with IOT where we are going by putting internet into all appliances and gadgets. With brain computer interface technology based on passive noninvasive imaging of the brain with bio-safe frequencies, we will be able to wear a garment on our heads in the future that allows a 2 way information interface between the human brain and computers, specifically computers with adaptive AI that allows the interface to customize its UI to each mind, even as the minds change over time, the AI personal assistant will go beyond what Cortana and Siri can do for us today! Watch the fictional movie Robot & Frank, and look at how the robot is able to help Frank become a more functional version of Frank! Now think of where the Honda Asimo will be in its next design iterations. How about Hubo? Today there are welding robots galore in auto manufacturing, and automated manufacturing technology is also be used to sort packages in logistics. AI controlled drones and robots with wheels like a moon rover will start delivering the packages, the Human driver on board to troubleshoot anything that could go wrong, especially when the autopilot is still being trained, tested and developed.

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