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Moon Missions

The First Full View of Earth 
Some people think the Apollo moon missions were a hoax: at $25.4 billion spent by 1973,  that would be the largest, most complex, longest lasting deception ever executed.

The Truth is more interesting! 

Many people gave their entire professional carriers to making the Apollo program happen; people who still work at NASA in some cases, their relatives & family friends were part of the Apollo program!

Lets have a look at some facts:

As of February 2016, seven of the twelve Apollo astronauts who landed on the Moon between 1969 and 1972 still survive, including Buzz Aldrin. Also, nine of the twelve Apollo astronauts who flew to the Moon without landing between 1968 and 1972 still survive, including Michael Collins.

In 2004, Martin Hendry and Ken Skeldon of the University of Glasgow were awarded a grant by the UK-based Particle Physics and Astronomy Research Council to investigate Moon landing conspiracy theories. In November 2004, they gave a lecture at the Glasgow Science Centre where the top ten claims by conspiracists were individually addressed and refuted.

An episode of MythBusters in August 2008 was dedicated to the Moon landings. The MythBusters crew tested many of the conspiracists’ claims. Some of the testings were done in a NASA training facility. All of the conspiracists' claims examined on the show were labeled as having been "Busted", meaning that the conspiracists' claims were not true.

The Apollo program collected 380 kilograms (838 lb) of Moon rocks during the six manned missions. Analyses by scientists worldwide all agree that these rocks came from the Moon

The presence of retroreflectors (mirrors used as targets for Earth-based tracking lasers) from the Laser Ranging Retroreflector Experiment (LRRR) is evidence that there were landings.

While still on the steps of the lunar module, Armstrong deployed the Modularized Equipment Stowage Assembly from the side of the Lunar Module. This housed, the TV camera. This meant that upward of 600 million people on Earth could watch the live feed.

Unless you can produce evidence to the contrary, your moon hoax theories hold ZERO weight, your a paranoid doubter, someone who denies the truth about subjects for which you know little, with opinions informed by less, to benefit of no one, and your lies are an insult to all the people who worked on the Apollo program!

You-tube videos

Professional photographer with 30 years experience discusses the video, film, photo evidence!

Scientist Noah Petro discusses the LRO recent imaging evidence, with examples 

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Lunar Reconisance Orbiter Imaging Evidence

Saturn 5 

The Saturn 5 rocket that put mankind on the moon, was the coolest rocket ever made; one of the machines that inspired me to keep reading the encyclopedia as I grew up, to dig for knowledge as a student outside of school, online, plugged into the world, unlocked to embrace democratized assess to the truth, to information about all kinds of things. 

Buzz Aldrin walked on the Moon with Neil Armstrong, Apollo 11, July 20–21, 1969
Evidence : click the Hyperlinked words in the Buzz Aldrin moon walk caption to access the related encyclopedia articles! 

Millions of people all over the world can verify empirically that the Apollo moon missions were not a hoax, the evidence is so profound that it is almost insulting to the hard working people who worked on it to say that I was a hoax. To deny the truth is to deny everything real. This is what satan wants, division, doubt, fear, lies, to trick and confuse people into rejecting truth, into denying history, into distrusting the world, into not trusting each other. Why would so many people the world over be motivate to collectively lie about the Apollo program when not everyone even agreed with it, the spending, the idea. Many people were critical and continue to be critical of government spending on expensive technologies. 

The Saturn 5, Apollo 11 1969 

Moon Colony ?

We do not have a moon colony because congress did not fund one, not because we are unable to do it. People could easily build a moon and mars colony, and we will when we unite resources and work together to make it happen! A new charge for a new generation to do more, to go further! -> Space X at the forefront of making space access less expensive, the key to putting more people on the moon, on mars, in space, beyond the limits of Earth. 

Civilization Beyond Earth  

If we move enough civilization off of earth, it acts like an insurance policy for the continuation of our species, even if we tank life on earth. We have to be very careful to develop the technology further to make human civilization beyond earth feasible as a backup to human life. We will need to move millions of people into space, billions of tons of supplies, energy, machines, fuels, food, water, life systems, living life, things that can terraform Mars to make it appropriate for agriculture, for life. Food and soil are the foundations of life on Earth. We might have to bring living soil with us, shielded from radiation in space that would kill the beneficial microbes, fungi and insects that make soil able to feed and recycle life! 

Engineering Stronger Astronauts

We will genetically engineer people and hybridize people with machines to build people stronger who can survive and reproduce  living in other parts of the universe; giving them the longer life span, greater strength, and stronger minds to travel light years deep into space, to boldly go where no man has gone before, innovations that will continue inspiring civilization in the future! 

True, the moon does not have a human colony, but we literally littered the lunar surface with science experiments, battery powered moon rovers, and other things that we can see again when people sent robots to the moon into the areas where the original Apollo moon mission left demonstrative evidence of mankind trips to the moon between 1969 and 1972. 

Image from Apollo 15, taken by Commander David Scott at the end of EVA-1. Lunar Module Pilot Jim Irwin is seen with the Lunar Roving Vehicle, with Mount Hadley in the background. Seen on the back of the Rover are two SCBs mounted on the gate, along with the rake, both pairs of tongs, the extension handle with scoop probably attached, and the penetrometer. Note that the TV camera is pointed down, in the stowed position.

Private people using huge expensive telescopes paid for by wealthy people and governments, watched the launches of the Apollo program. People not affiliated with the government, all over the world, including Russian people during the cold war, looked on through their telescopes to see the US landing people on the moon, in missions where people did space walks on the lunar surface, setting up, installing and performing a bunch of different science experiments on the lunar surface. No land or space telescopes have the kind of resolution to image the landing evidence with good precision yet. 

Hubble Image of Crater Copernicus on Earth's Moon

More than 600lbs of moon rock were returned to earth during the Apollo program, minerals that you can go see in an aerospace museum today, proof of the trips! 

 Apollo 17 "Goodwill Moonrock"
The body of evidence of the Apollo Program so profound that it would have required millions of people to lie in a perfect coordinated system that never broke, scientists from all around the world all part of some grand deception that would be nearly impossible to execute given the fragmented state of society then & now (i.e. not everyone alive agrees about everything). 

James Irwin salutes the United States flag on the Moon on August 1, 1971 ! :) 

Battlefield of our Minds 

When peoples ideologies do not align the misalignment forms the basis of man made problems throughout our collective human civilization, affecting everyone who has ever lived. 

Many problem in the world can be traced back to ideological differences, the philosophical, theological and abstract intellectual differences that make each of us unique. These tiny differences in perspective ultimately giving rise to all wars throughout history! Ideological differences will probably cause countries to continue raging war against each other well into the future. Weapons give nation states advantages over other nation states that lack the technology, and people have been fighting wars against other people throughout history! 

One World Government 

Will world war 3 or 4 unite the world into one super country, one government, one currency, a global standard for language, education, energy, food, unified, vertically integrated, flourishing as one, with high technologies evolving to continue solving any problems that arise. 

Innovations : Nothing Impossible !  

The elimination of crime, the genetic engineering of future generations. We will move from GMO to viral brain computer interfaces that will allow the cortex of your mind to connect directly to an AI engine helper, one that will help elderly people to stay sharp, an inbuilt brain assistant. The same genetic molecular control technology will allow the solving of all diseases, taking control of all cancers, extending human lifetimes, to ultimately solving death itself! 

Ubiquitous Access to Truth 

We are moving towards a strange sci-fi high technology future with bigger data, more truth, democratization of access to the truth online, collaboration on a scale never possible before network computers were real. Fact checking, reference, learning on You Tube, news, information about all things, movies, music, economies, markets, trends, events, anything that can be represented by information, including consciousness itself as we give birth to super human AI! 

Singularity Approaching 

We are speeding towards singularity one self driving car at a time! Hold on to your seat and stay calm, its not tomorrow, its incremental step wise improvements every year that make Siri better, that gives your smartphone the AI strength to do more than phone calls and take pictures, the natural language proccessing happening on your smartphone with Siri already leveraging cloud computer AI technology hosted online that your iPhone can listen and talk back. Even macOS Sierra has Siri now! 

AI to Fly & Drive

The age of super human intelligence thinking machines is just on the horizon, drones that learn from the environments as they fly, today the DJI in the skies of earth, in 20 minute battery bursts of remote drone filming action. Intel is building drones that learn! Deep learning spans many sectors and disciplines, and will no doubt be part of future human space exploration, including the Mars colony that Space X will build between 2024 and 2040 and hopefully beyond! Today OS 8.0 autopilot update for the Tesla Model's of the world at the forefront of AI driving technology! 


  1. It is my mission in life to protect, share and defend the truth! I was sent here for a complex reason that is beyond description, by God, to help, a beacon of light. My name, Aaron, is a Hebrew name that means "bringer of light"

    When I was 9 years old I wanted to hear the truth, about everything, to share the truth, to learn and teach, to care, to share, to understand and provoke other people into thinking about it more, whatever "it" was that made sense, like values * ethics, being a good friend, leading by example, showing other people love and forgiveness, rising above mediocrity, being a better version of me, becoming a hero to others, an example to inspire others, to live an honorable honest life!

  2. I am saddened to know that we did not move on from the Apollo program to build a moon colony. The international space station is a good ideological starting point for a moon colony discussion, getting other countries, lots of people all over the world involved, working together, for a common goal of moving mankind beyond the limits of Earth, to colonizing outer space with fusion energy, warp drives, whatever it takes, nothing is impossible!

  3. Between 1960 and 2016, the aerospace sector failed to produce anything more magnificent than the Apollo space program. While the ISS is a great global collaboration, its a space satellite, like so many others, only bigger. To go further in space we need to go to the moon, mars and beyond. Why settle with mediocre same as usual business when we can use technology to go where no man has gone before, in new ways, in bigger ways, in meaningful ways that make a difference in the lives of people, that insure the continuation of our species, to insure that mankind survives after earth is eaten by the sun!