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Space X Falcon 9 Exploded This Morning :(

The rocket was set to launch Facebook's Amos 6 internet for Africa satellite, totally destroyed in the oxygen tank malfunction. The Falcon 9 in this case is not going to be reused, the fire the ensued after the explosion totally destroyed it beyond repair!

Watch it on Youtube 

Mark Zuckerberg was disappointed that more Facebook users from Africa will not be online sooner due to the destruction of the Satellite. Perhaps that will keep African pirate hackers from stealing more online for a while longer. There is a hazard hooking everyone up to the internet, especially people in corrupt countries with dishonest leaders who state spencer hacker theft and pirating programs that fuel electronic crime, something that harms working people through financial loss, identity theft,  and other horrid modern IT crime impacts!

I do not respect countries that support theft hacking! I believe they should have their power turned off with grid power attacks, electromagnetic pulses, and anything else the US DOD can use to protect tax paying working American Citizens. I am a patriot supporter of honesty, justice and freedom.

Frankly speaking, I think the countries in Africa have done a terrible job with not educating the people there, failing to create the conditions that foster innovations to that create progress based wealth and shared prosperity. I do not like how the natives in Africa allow rape, and jungle ape sexual behaviors that spread HIV! Generally I only like other intelligent people, societies, countries, like France and the French people, or Iran and the Iranian people, or German and the German people, or Japan and the Japanese people. I don't like evil corrupt governments like the Government in Mexico, the PRC in China, or other corruption in my own government in America.

The mind is a battlefield on which ethics play out, informing your views, choices, activities, that make up the ways that you live life! I wish the good people in the world would do whatever it takes to get rid of badness, evil, preventable sickness, suffering, disease, greed, corruption, lies, and all forms of depravity that make people sick, like the ideological framework of a rapist!

I am deeply disappoint with our presidential candidates, namely Donald Trump (jerk) and Hillary Clinton (liar) and wish we could elect a decent honest person that I would be proud to introduce to my wife and friends! Someone who I could feel comfortable sending to an elementary school, trusting that they would be honest, fair, kind and reasonable with all the children. I don't think Hillary or Donald would be good at teaching ethics at my church, and I do not trust or like either of them! I feel betrayed as a citizen that we are choosing between these two people! I am not complaining, and I am super glad to be an American in America, but I can not honestly endorse jerks or liars!

The rocket explosion underscore the error of the way of mankind, perfectly imperfect, each one of us flawed in some way, overlooking something, failing, being negative, mean, unforgiving, harsh, rude, so forth. I realize that everyone is different, and all people have some days that are better than others. I think that most people I encounter in America are mostly reasonable most of the time, because we have a society here that foster the creation of good people, a very generous public, the majority of Americans who are able to help others do, and that is different then the European Socialist systems that has inefficient government providing all of the safety webs to the population, a trade off.

Income inequity some times makes amazing things possible, but we could go much further with science and technology if everyone was working together for the mutual benefit of everyone. Sadly some people are blinded by selfish ideologies, like the people in the oil industry that support the flaring of toxic waste byproducts, without even attempting to recover the heat from the flaring! Wasteful! I don't like wasteful inefficiency, and am not a fan of the government process (slow, boring, change at a glacial pass, inefficiency, and waste everywhere, like when the Air Force dumps fuel into the atmosphere to make a plane lighter for landing, where do they think the fuel goes, its a carcinogen.

Fortunately this rocket explosion will not end Space X, and is just a minor setback. Facebook has enough cash to rebuilt the Amos 6 rocket, and life goes on!

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