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Random Act of Kindness

Imaging what the world would be like if everyone regularly engaged in random acts of kindness!

The road to a utopian future can be paved with acts of kindness inspired by a love for life and all that lives, even an appreciation for the non living chemical minerals that make up all the matter in the universe able to steer perspectives towards optimism and hope.

Hopelessness gives rise to suicide. Hatred gives rise to genocide. Fear gives rise to disillusionment.

Together we are stronger, divided we are conquered. The future nothing more than the consequence of choices we are making in the present. We forge history with every passing moment, each of us part of a much greater whole. We start out as a single cell and self assemble into self aware consciousness engines with hands of greatness capable of so much!

When we work together we go further! United we are stronger as one, one people on one planet, one species all sharing the earths lands, air and water. Ideological differences create wars. Schools of knowledge and thought form the halls of the mind. Open the doors inside your mind to good things of honorable honesty, compassion, understanding, patients, concern, care : if we lift each other up with edifying words of kindness then we can purge the world of evil and stupidity. Foolishness and avoidable suffering can be overcome with prudence and wisdom. Life itself exists in the face of entropy breaking everything down. Consciousness itself capable of inspiring awe if you really stop and think about it!

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