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The 18650 Revolution

I lightly disassembled a USB charger
containing a single Lithium Ion 18650 3.6v
The 18650 battery is the building brick of an emerging super powerful electromotive industry and these same batteries are unlocking rooftop wind & solar systems with 24/7 output. Thank you Tesla Motors! 
The Tesla Gigafactory (almost built)
Tesla 18650

The Lithium Nickel Aluminum NCA Panasonic battery being built by Tesla in the Giga_factory; the ubiquitous 18650 at the core of many pre-ultra book multi-cell laptop batteries, 18650's are also present in each Tesla Model S by the thousands!

In September Tesla announced that it (corporate personhood) will be doubling the size of its Giga_factory to almost 4 million square feet! Mass producing of the 18650 by the billion is the key to bringing down the cost of EV battery energy storage systems to $350/kWh DC. At Tesla the lower 18650 costs mean that the Model 3 can be sold at an affordable price while also yielding a good ROI.

Tesla Solar Home EV Energy Storage Trio
Tesla Solar Battery EV Trio 

The risk adjusted reward for the Giga_factory is further improved by the expanding markets for rooftop solar & wind energy systems. The Tesla Power Wall able to store energy from these system each containing ~900 cell's of 18650 Panasonic design for a total of 10kWh of storage.

Now Tesla can sell you the solar roof, energy storage Power_wall 2.0 battery and a Model S or X to soak up all that clean energy produced by the rooftop solar system. You can sign up for the clean technology revolution for a price that upper middle class working people in industrialized countries can afford, the exact demographic of people who are interested in the Model S & X ; upper middle income families that believe in the best technology!

The Tesla model S is already selling remarkably well from America's newest successful car company, the only successful car manufacturing startup in many decades. To put things in global economic perspective, people in China are developing passenger lithium electric quadcopter aircraft aimed at commercialization as a clean electric traffic hopping solution unmatched by any other technology!

Model S P100DL
Tesla Model S Inspiring Everyone 

The energy storage system technology of the Tesla Model S the key to storing solar energy so that you can have access to solar power after the sun has gone down, to run your home electrical loads and charge your electric cars. At night when wind blows while you sleep, the load matching energy storage capacity soaks up wind energy from your roof mounted vertical wind energy turbines. When you combine wind and solar your system collects more energy more of time. The10kWh Power-wall 2.0 batteries can be paired up with thousands of watts of solar roof + wind generating capacity to produce a robust system with multi day whole home UPS functionality, generating all of your home energy and selling the excess back to the grid.

Distributed energy generation makes more people energy secure more of the time. To work really well, your local utility company has to adapt the grid distribution to soaking up well regulated power you produce from your system. Old solar systems were hard on utility companies because they produced voltage spikes that caused power quality in the grid to suffer while increasing costs to utility companies who also loose their customers revenue stream as people with robust solar only buy small amounts of grid power during the winter and end up selling more to the grid during peak solar production times of the year. Adding an electric car to your home can add additional solar energy storage capacity which ends up being a benefit for your and your local power utility :) 

IEA Future Energy Demand Forecast
Future Global Energy 

The world is going to require 3x more energy to bring an electrified life to all of earths people. Today the poorest people in the world live very low net energy consumption lifestyles. Without electric cars, appliances, artificial lighting systems, computers, wifi routers, tv screens, monitors, laptops, water heating, electric stoves, refrigeration, their lack of access to electrified goods exacerbating their suffering but helping them to avoid a heavy utility bill. In parts of Africa solar power has become the only power because the local governments failed to partner with industry to install a central electrical generation capacity and power distribution grid. In America grand amounts of power are made at hydro dams like Grand Coulee damn at a per kWh price that is cheaper than coal, a clean renewable energy source of 9 gigawatts, billions of watts, to store this power in batteries would required billions of 18650, a vast array that would be worthy of calling a modern marvel! The cost of lithium energy storage too high for a grid that produces hydropower for $0.02 per kWh. BMW taking advantage of the cheap power to cook carbon fibers for the i3 and i8 :)

The Real Value of Energy Storage 

We need billions of 18650 to make clean renewable energy flow 24/7 on a grand scale with billions of distributed solar energy systems containing a 18650 battery energy storage systems with thousands of 18650's each!  We need trillions of rechargeable batteries to give the energy systems of the world integrity on a global industrial with multi day UPS functionality.

Data centers the primary beneficiary of improving UPS battery technology, the cloud lives in UPS backup generator security computer data centers. The internet has become so important that we need to make sure the power stays online so that everything electrical can work.

Modern Marvels Require Electricity to Function 

Modern society needs electricity to enjoy the fruits of technology, especially those of information technology in silicon valley, the name of the area given to the role that IC manufacturing had on improving the local economy while also propelling technology forward at an exponential rate. The transistors ever smaller with advances made in lithographic techniques, deep UV and X ray the key to getting the smallest semiconductor die features 3D 14nm Skylake transistors. Silicon is at the end of its long reign as the supreme material for CPU manufacturing, new higher K value materials are needed to prevent electron leakage between transistors, its not the transistors that are important, its the architecture of how the transistors are connected that makes the big difference. Robert Noyce the founder of intel was a visionary who saw the light of integrated circuit technology. Think of how the transistor has transformed the world right up until right now, and think about how artificial intelligence is emerging on top of this long legacy of IT innovations from Intel!

Power Outages

No one wants the power to go out, when it does billions in lost productivity occur and life become miserable quickly if grocery store refrigeration is not back online! People need reliable power to function online in modern life! Imagine trying to hand crank a modern vehicle without a starting battery.

EV's Need Reliable Electricity to Charge

The best vehicles use the batteries to drive electric motors, the Tesla Model S at the head of the pack inspiring automotive industry sector wide EV developments. All the major automakers having announced EV models that will compete for the expanding clean vehicle technology markets. People want rooftop solar because it is awesome!

People want electric cars because they are awesome. No one wants to breath tail pipe emissions! Air pollution is bad for everyone! For electric cars to work we need a reliable grid, roof top solar systems and high speed Level 3 charging stations for the public like the 120,000 watt Tesla Super Chargers! The grid has to be online for these systems to work, for the clean technology revolution to take hold. We can improve the grids, transportation energy and home energy systems. Solar has never been more affordable!

Lazy Stupid Grid Operators 

We need to cut down the tree's near power lines right now just to stop winter power outages from happing during powerful storm systems, and not even this is being done. This underscores the added value of having rooftop solar energy production on your home so that you can make power if the grid is online or not. Adding energy storage capacity to your solar system allows you to have your own independent power grid that is always online, giving your home energy security that grid operators are not providing in their failure to cut down tree limbs over power lines!

Do not ask me why the grid operators are too lazy and stupid to cut down tree limbs over their well known power line routes, not like it is a mystery where the lines are being jeopardized by storm tree hazards! If the grid companies actually cared about people they would have already addressed this problem. The reality is that they care more about making money than securing the grids! When the power goes out elderly people die because of it. Some homes in very cold regions are 100% electric. Sure the home owner can get a 40kWh diesel whole home generator, but why should every household be taxed with compensating for the inaction of lazy greedy grid operators!

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