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Information Light Power Energy CPU to Infinity & Beyond

Deep Ultraviolet in CPU Space : Aaron K Schwarz (C) 2017

A CPU die mask image from Intel along with a Galaxy image from Nasa :)

The power of light from our Sun to the deep UV used in photolithography of CPU manufacturing, light energy powers our solar system, the biosphere of earth, and fiber optic communication. Light can carry information & power, the electrodynamic spectrum is amazing! Physics, Chemistry, Energy, life is amazing when you look & it & Think About It! Light is used to print integrated circuits using photo lithographic high precision manufacturing techniques perfected by Intel. The same kinds of circuits are used to produce imaging chips that make space imaging at NASA possible. Information & power can be part of the same light! Open your mind to the endless possibilities of light! Power & Information, light is amazing!

My name Aaron means bringer of light, and I share this with the world to share the information of thought, of aesthetic reflection on technology, space images, imaging, lithography, integrated circuits, information processing, the information age, the very computer & networking technologies used to produce this image & share it on this blog with the world. Thanks for taking the time to check it out, I appreciate your visiting my page. Thanks for looking! Peace be with everyone & cheers!

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