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Pulsed Magnetic Fusion not Hot Fusion : The Key to Commercialization of Fusion Energy

General Atomics and Lockheed Martin have a strategic partnership to pipeline secretive defense fusion energy technology into commercial power applications aimed at ending coal power in 2026.  

The details are few and far between, although GA and LM released a pseudo-true youtube video showing young scientists working on an early prototype device, made in 2014, based on 1980's defense technology. They cannot fool me because I have a deep intricate knowledge of nuclear energy history. I will not post a link to that video because it is a form of partial truth known as disinformation by friends of Edward Snowden.

The Fusion Power industry is making a well thought out attempt at warming the public up slowly, especially in light of the Fukushima nuclear disaster. The public, being non-scientists in most cases, are afraid of the N word, Nuclear. When the average America hears the word nuclear they think of WWII bombs dropped on Japan, and 3 mile island and Chernobyl, all nuclear events that released substantial amounts of ionizing DNA damaging radiation into the world. Nuclear Testing also released a lot of radiation into the oceans, air and lands over the years, yet life goes on, cancer rates on the clim as a result, we can blame plastic chemicals, smog, tail pipe emissions, coal power, dioxins and barbecue charred protein foods as the other leading sources of exposure to carcinogens, substances that cause cancer. Some STD's or sexually transmitted diseases like the 600 different strains of Herpes are also know to cause oral and vaginal cancers. I have been researching cancers ever since my God Cousin Brandon died of brain tumors as a young man. I should not that Bovine Growth Hormone is bad for people, and has carcinogenic activity when consumed. Its a hormone designed to beef up cattle, to make more meat and dairy products faster, but was never designed to be ingested by people. If you cook the red meat products, the fragile hormones are thermally denatured or destroyed FYI :) Just do not burn or charr the proteins, that forms CAH or cyclic-aromatic hydrocarbon, prions, and other carcinogens.

Fusion is Clean Safe Nuclear Energy

The output of fusion energy is not radioactive, nothing at all like fission. The Sun for example turns 620 million metric tons of hydrogen into helium every second, at only 15 million degrees, it is the massive gravity of our sun that helps the fusion reaction along. The hot approach will not work in metal machines on earth, not for more than a few hours at a time, even with exotic thermal engineering based on CAE with AI. The problem is the metal cannot reach the correct temperature ranges, not even creep resistant high temp metals developed for fighter jet turbines. For hot fusion, only ceramics cooled by exotic technics can stand up. I believe ceramics are just starting to be used on some of the newest hot Toroidal fusion reactors.

The trick to making fusion without exotic materials or elaborate huge scale cooling, is pulsed magnetic box compression, where 6 magnetic mirrors are used to compress a load. The fuels are injected, the magnetic coils pulse, the fusion produces massive heat and light, heat exchanges capture this energy, the helium from the reaction byproduct is captured, cooled, compressed and saved, helium is a valuable commodity. The heat captured in the heat exchangers is used to produce power, some of which is diverted back to the pumping system for the magnet mirror system, reaction byproduct recovery system, and fuel injection and cooling systems. If one of the side of the magnetic box is weakened intentionally, with a port, the energy from the fusion reaction can produce thrust like a rocket engine. This is the key to fusion rockets in the future! If you are reading this, you just looked into a crystal ball, to the future of mankind energy, the new fusion that will enable our children generation to take us millennial along for a StarTrek inspired ride into the universe. I look forward to this, especially with life extension technology that allows people like me to live for hundreds of more years :) The neurological brain computer interface the key to exoskeletons that will allow geriatric old people in the future to move like they did when they were 20 again :) The same technology that extends life will solve cancer, visa versa :)

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