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Moms vs Toxic Products & Their Children

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Many women are unknowingly exposing their children to toxic chemicals from plastics, cleaning products, engineered synthetic scent compounds, toxic preservatives and carcinogens present in a whole range of how products, toys, toiletries, kitchen accessories & cleaners, paint & solvent VOC's, and the New Car smell that is made of petrochemical toxins, like benzene, toluene, and other ring hydrocarbon poisons.

Click read more to learn why that plastic toy your children chew on is making them sick with preventable diseases, and why many common consumer products around you home pose hazards that have been minimized by media because of confluence and corruption.

Microwaving milk in Plastic is Bad!

After more than 8 years of environmental science research I started to discover that everyone in America is being constantly exposed to carcinogens (chemicals that cause cancer) at home, notably from microwaved warm milk in plastic bottles for example, often fed to young babies, the BPS & Phthalates * BFR from the plastic bottles leaching into the milk, milk that is often laced with bovine growth hormone +anti-biotics designed to make cattle bigger faster, known to cause endocrine & reproductive system cancers in young boys and girls!

Skin Absorbs Toxins From Fabrics

Plastic dryer sheets with synthetic fragrance chemicals for example are another source of poisons, the hot air in the dryer causing the chemicals in the dryer sheet to coat the clothing. When children wear the dryer sheet chemical contaminated clothes, their skin absorbs the plastic chemicals, causing immune system damage. The BFR laced fabrics, carpet, clothing, bedding and other touchable items similarly contaminate the skin of children. I can not lay bare skinned on modern carpeting because the chemicals irritate my skin. This caused me to research what carpeting is made of, only to horrify me as a scientist. Skin oils can extract the BFR, so can sweat or perspiration, spit and tears also absorb and extract the BFR. Read about what BFR does to the body of a child, or anyone for that matter, its all bad news, toxic! Originally designed to keep smokers who fall asleep while smoking, from dropping their burning cigarettes and setting the home on fire, especially important in multifamily apartments where many low income families have one or more members who smoke.

Conventional Food GMO + Pesticides

A conventional apple is often either GMO or is sprayed with more than 50 different Pesticides, many of which are directly linked to human diseases that are burdening our health care systems with ballooning costs, disease that would be avoided if everyone ate organic food free of toxins. Check out the dirty dozen and clean fifteen for a list of foods you should only buy organics, and ones that are ok to buy conventional versions.

Harsh Home Chemicals

A leading cause of chemical exposure at home are harsh chemical cleaning products. Synthetic carcinogens in personal hygiene soaps, bathroom cleaning products, shampoo, makeup, etc. Pollution from traffic congestion is linked to asthma, COPD, lung cancer, brain damage and heart disease.

Other Common Toxic Exposures

Photo-aging from sunlight over-exposure, from tanning salons, and other UV sources like welding, cause skin cancers. Smoking and bar-bq foods with charred burned proteins are a leading source of carcinogen consumption. Garage solvents, engineered fluids for vehicles, spray paint, garden chemicals, there are many kinds of toxics that Americans buy all the time, unknowingly voting for sickness, diseases and suffering that comes as the result of ongoing exposure to these toxins in our lives.

Vote with you Money for a better Tomorrow!

Every $1 you spent is a vote for something, we are all in it together here are earth, innovations bring society upward with technological progress, making the lives of more people better, in more places, more often, raising the standard of living for everyone, as our new technologies allow us to produce more light with less energy, to go further on every gallon of fuel, to insulate and heat recovery ventilate our way toward energy efficient HVAC in buildings and home.  We can make everything better and it is already happening. More people in more places are seeing the value of eco-friendly and organic better tasting food choices, less toxic product choices, and cleaner pure products with fewer simple ingredients that come from nature, the natural systems that produce our water, air and food! No, food does not come from a grocery store, it comes from farms, out of the soil, and if that soil is healthy, the food is health. Many industrial farms have poor quality chemically contaminate soils in which only GMO crops can grow, degraded soil drenched in herbicide, pesticide and chemical fertilizer, dead soil, where our friendly bacteria cannot live either. Compost is a great example of what soil should be made of!

Natural Ecosystem Service Sector Priceless

Nature provides human civilization with $ billions of dollars worth of natural ecosystem services, like pollinating all of the food crops that feed society every day, edible plants forming the chemical foundation on which all life thrives. The water on earth, less than 1% of it fresh, is endlessly recycled by clouds, evaporation, and water cycle, but humans can and on a very large scale pollute fresh water. Kimberly Klark, the industrial toilet paper maker for example, uses chlorine processing to whiten tree fiber, release hundreds of dioxins (carcinogens) diluted into millions of gallons of fresh water that is then dumped contaminated with dioxins, directly into Puget Sound, off the coast of Washington State. Dilution is not the solution to pollution, the saying goes, from scientists who study pollution. Fortunately nature can deal with pollutants in a volcano or forest fire, natural incinerators. Without eco-system services, all life on earth would end! This is why nature is priceless!

Amazing Wood : Seed to Tree

Think of how a tree starts out as a seed, turning soil, water and sunlight into a giant living wood sculpture with leaves, or needles, or some kind of active photosynthetic mechanism to make sugars from sunlight, cellulose the building fiber of nature, wood a natural composite material with great strength to weight performance when engineered, or cut into lumber with intelligent rendering techniques that maximize strength, while minimizing waste of the processed logs. Even the cuttings of this wood can make OSB, plywood, glue lam, particle board, pellets for wood stoves that burn cleanly, and other compost products. A tree is rendered into many products today!

Life from Soil

Compost turns dead plants back into living soil so that new plants can live, enabling life on Earth to continue. The entire biosphere ( living layer near earths surface) recycling the chemistry of life over and over. I even saw a recent video of using liquid nitrogen to freeze the human body after death, in which it is vibrated to produce a clean bio powder that is then desiccated in a freeze dryer to remove the residual moisture, a metal separate removes heavy metals from the dust, the clean safe dust finally being pressed into a biodegradable burial plate that turns into soil after 2 years in the ground. The process requires a lot of electricity, but does not involve burning anything or the production of air pollutants. This is an example of how innovative integration of different machines and technologies can give rise to an alternative clean eco friendly solution to a problem traditionally solved by cremation, a dirtier process that use oven fire to burn up the dead body, producing air pollution and dirty ash in the process.

God asks his people to be Ethical!

God asks his people to be thoughtful and intelligent. He ask those who follow in the ways of the teachings of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ to not engage in foolishness, hate, greed, lies, and other evil! God tells us to be humble and kind, to forgive other people of their inequities and trespasses. We are called to become the best versions of our selves through the inspiration of our faith, to be virtuous and ethical. Technology can be produced and commercialized that is ethical, like the Tesla Model S.

Hypocrites Worry Me

The big business people who claim to be Christian worry me. I wonder how they can claim to care about life while profiting from a toxic business model that harms life, causing sickness and disease from the toxic emissions in the oil sector, or from the over prescription of dangerous drugs like amphetamine to children with ADD for examples. We have taken on chemical warfare as an approach to fighting cancer with Chemotherapy, and used pesticides and herbicides and antibiotic so extensively that we helped our pests and viruses and parasites to become super evolved and more dangerous. Super bugs now plague our hospitals, immune to antibiotics, The pharmaceutical sector giving up on the search for new antibiotics because the pests are evolving so quickly that it is no longer feasible to produce useful always changing anti-biotics,

The Monocrop Pest Evolution Problem

When you have 20,000 acres of the same crop and a pest A shows up. You can spray the crop with a pesticide designed to kill off pest A, but about 1% of pest A's children will have a lucky random genetic mutation that makes them immune to the pesticide. These immune children then reproduce, rendering the Pesticide designed for A pest useless, and the search for another pesticide begins. Some crops like conventional high technology Apples are sprayed with more than  50 different pesticide, many directly linked too human diseases and eco-system failure.

The Colony Collapse of Bee's Explained!

The Bee Colony Collapse disorder is very clearly caused by the spraying of fungicide and pesticides during the day time when the bees are out foraging for nectar, moving the pollen in a pollination process. The sick bee's then bring the pesticides back to the hive, and the colony collapses as the concentration of toxics accumulate. We know this very clearly, empirically with science, yet agriculture is still stuck in the past because of greed and corruption from Bayer Life Science, Monsanto and the US government. Here these large agrochemical companies are profit focused on chemical solutions to pests in agriculture, it is there area of historically well developed technical expertise, and they found these past pesticide solutions relatively effective for a time, encouraging the ongoing development of ever new drugs, chemicals and pesticides.

History of Death Chemistry Adapted to Agriculture

The dark side of Chemical Weapons nerve agents, blistering agents, and other toxins used to cause harm during warfare. Monsanto got its start with Agent Orange, the block buster defoliant sprayed in the failed Vietnam war * I say failed because Vietnam is still a third world country with a communist corruption government, similar but worse than the PRC in China. I really like the ROC in Taiwan, the Japanese, French, German and American governments a lot more. Here where democracy and freedom exist as core shared values, society flourishes more, has been flourishing more, and probably will continue to lead the world with innovation, technological advancement, and other shared prosperity developments that improve the living standards of more people in more places more often. Norway is perhaps the best example of Government Ethics, taking the profits from their national oil company and putting into the social security accounts of every Norwegian citizen, an example that the US could follow if we had bold leaders who represent the people, rather than those who bribed our government officials into office!

Share this Information

I published the disorganized OP-ED above to help people understand more about reality then they learned about at school. Many people were never taught about toxicity. I did not even realize that dryer sheets were made of plastic until 2 years after I graduated with an Environmental Science Degree. I think of life as an ongoing journey of learning, and think of my wife and I as children who can always learn something new, who can share ideas with our human peers on earth. Meg and I believe that all people are children of God, equal in all ways, perfectly imperfect, sinners like us who generally want to be good people, who try to be reasonable people, who can do more to make the future better if they are armed with more truth! Ideas worth sharing, thinking about it more!

Think, it makes all the difference!

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