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A Simple Health Concept

"Everything that is good for your heart is also good for your mind" 

Movement is life, take the Stairs not the elevator or escalator; unless you are trying to let a leg, hip, knee, ankle, or foot injury heal up. Cardio is good for your brain because it increases the blood flowing in the brain, which makes the arteries in the brain stronger, minimizing stroke risks. For a person in their 80's. a brisk walk is often sufficient to give the full cognitive benefits of staying active. 1 hours of cardio, 3x per week is the minimum. Start out slow if you are out of shape or new to moving more, you do not want to start out with an injury, that can be dissuading and discouraging. Go at your own pace, you are doing it for your health and mental benefits, not to compete! Be the best version of you at any age!

Depression, Obesity, and Inactivity all linked to the most common damaging 30 health disease that harm people as we age, and DOI is at the heart of Americas rising health care crisis! Heart Disease, Stroke, COPD, Cancer, Auto-immune diseases, kidney and liver failure, diabetes, and a whole range of other common diseases find their cause in DOI, depression, obesity and inactivity.

Diet is obviously a huge player in DOI, you can eat a handful of food to give you enough energy to hike more than 10 miles, most people in America eat huge servings of cheap, low quality, highly processed, sugar laced junk that is pseudo-edible in the sense that you cannot safely eat it 3x per day without getting a disease related to its consumption. Most fast food falls into this pseudo edible range of classification.

All the middle isles of a grocery store are generally full of unhealthy processed foods, the fresh healthy stuff is around the outer edge, labeled with GMO free and Organic labels. Bags and Boxes from the middle isles are designed to maximize shelf life & profit, not the health of the people who consume the stuff from these engineered semi-edible foods. Processed foods are often packed with sugar, with sugar having more than 60 different names in ingredients labels. Sugar is a dose dependent liver toxin, an empirical scientific fact. The upper threshold is 50g per day for an adult. Sugar was once an exotic spice worth more than gold by weight. It should be used like an exotic spice today, but it is so cheap you can buy a huge bag at Costco for under $20 with enough sugar to cook baked goods for small army!

Sit Culture = Stroke Explosion

Wake, eat, walk to car (short), sit (drive), walk (short) to shop or work, sit (drive home), sit watching TV, walk (short) to move around house, sit, sleep, rinse, repeat. Less than 3000 steps, you need at least 10,000 steps to keep your health from failing! Sitting for long periods of time is linked to a dramatic increase in the odds of having a stroke. German automakers are now programming their cars to tell the driver to get out and move around, to do some light exercise when road tripping, ever two hours.

Wake up with Movement

If you are feeling sleepy at work, skip the junk food from the vending machine and get up and move around, do a mental challenging fun Sudoku or crossword puzzle, or memory game, or close near far eye exercise, or stair climb, or just a light walk, it will wake you up and make you feel better, get your brain working better, so you can be more productive when you go back to your desk 10min later. Talk to your boss and coworkers about healthy movement breaks, standing or treadmill walking desks, or other forms of incentive's that encourage employees and bosses alike to get enough movement for optimal brain function! If you need a snack, eat something that has a balanced fiber to sugar ratio, the fiber will lower the glycemic index, giving your brain slow sustained glucose rather than addictive spike crash cycles that thrash your endocrine system, type 2 diabetes the outcome if you keep spiking your blood glucose with candy and junk foods from a vending machine!

What is Life without Health?

Without your health is life worth living? Again not a cost issue, we can not boil down life quality to a simplistic accounting exercise. The bottom line is pointless if you are too sick to work or enjoy life! I publish this content to help people, to set them free. Please share my posting so that I can get so ad revenue, so that I can keep sharing the truth, the light of truth!

Move, its good for your body and mind. Even people who are wheel chair bound can move something, and trying harder can cause nerves to regrow faster! There is a great book about this called "The Brain the Changes Itself"

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