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7th Gen Intel Tablet / Laptop action

Intel Kaby Lake 7th Gen
Image via The Verge 
Skylake 6th gen tock cycle cpu family from Intel updated with highly power efficient 4.5 gen Kabey Lake 7th gen CPU family, a tock revision of the Tick that started back with 5th gen Broadwell in late 2014. 8th Gen CPU family Cannonlake delayed till 2017

We are talking about 3D transistors on the 14nm node, with Deep UV multi patterning lithography at the cutting edge of the CPU manufacturing. Intel leads the world, as the leader of CPU manufacturing technology! Hugh high yield 15+ inch platters made from a single gigantic furnace grown crystal slice, the end of silicone is already here. Newer high-K dielectrics with better insulating properties needed a different material to prevent electron tunneling in the ever smaller transistors.

4th Gen Haswell action was the first really power efficient powerful high K CPU family that intel released. Broadwell chips now span the whole family from hyper threading dual core units in mainstream laptops, to Broadwell E the gaming enthusiast HPC cpu family with 10 cores that suck down power like a small space heater, hopefully a cooling solution able to handle this thermal loading in use, less you cook your CPU overclocking it without refrigerated liquid cooling!

Chill Cooling CPU

Holding the CPU at about 50 deg F (10 deg C), with a dew point compensation circuit measuring humidity, and ambient temperature to prevent condensation shorting on the mainboard, or corrosion to the case or mounting hardware, cables, and internal devices, like the pins on the hard drive, the power button IO, and other parts of the board. I always dream of lacquering a board with high temp silicon, then force cooling the whole thing down to about 60deg F (15.5deg  c), essentially building the computer inside of a modified wine fridge, routing the cables through insulated grommet supported ports! The wattage of the fridge has to be sufficient to pump the heat, which require the use of a specialized compressor circuit controller made by Jonson Controls, or others, possibly even an Arduino if you soldering and circuit design software chops are up to speed, God speed be with you if you try! Sometimes its cool to do something else that no one or hardly anyone else is doing. Chill cooling requires a lot of extra engineering and thought, so go forward with caution! Its along the lines of precautions and thoughtfulness needed to use liquid nitrogen to cool your HPC without suffocating the people in the room with oxygen displacement.

Helium Harddrive Fill Gas Better

Speaking of displacing gases, high end hard drives from WD and Segate, and WGST, and Toshiba, make use of Helium fill gas to allow the heads to travel closer to the disk, better data density, and to allow the platters to spin faster, helium produces less aerodynamic hydrodynamic drag then air, the molecules of AI, principally O2 and N2, oxygen and nitrogen far larger than the noble gas Heliums molecules. The smaller helium molecules interacting with the platters and heads less :)


SSD's of up to 4TB are now available from Samsung, and the prices become more reasonable by the day. I remember paying $350 for my first 128GB SSD a few years ago, it is still way faster than most hard drives, but the rest of that aging machine is becoming less useful, the internet of today, my video editing and occasional pc gaming pushing those old systems to their limits!

7th Gen Intel

The 7th Gen Intel will bring better gaming performance to laptops and tablets that make use of the integrated GPU solution, while using about 14% less power, or producing more data throughput per watt. The most efficient ULV or EULV chips are binned for high performance and super low power consumption, via picker running. When CPU's are made on a large production disk the disk ends up being cut into individual CPU's. Yield is the number of good chips that form, and the goal in production engineering is get the per disk yield up to a feasible level with good ROI for the whole program cost, including production, marketing, legal, management and many other overhead costs associated with a huge company like Intel. Intel has some very creative people doing marketing for example! They get to partner with engineers sometimes to do something really cool that creative a positive public impression of  technology.

Example of Intel's Marketing Genius!

Intel Industrial Control Robot Plating Music with Ejected balls and digitally controlled instruments that acoustically interact with the flying balls. The system recycles the balls used in a continuous process, one that mirrors industrial production :) Check out the video on youtube via the following link:

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