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Manual Focus on Canon T5i with 50mm F1.8 prime : Mirrors and Light

A Toyota Emblem with Sky & Sun reflected off the Chrome : Focus Blur ^^
I was bringing my lovely wife to a job training center where she was learning more about formal care taking, her nurturing character drawing her towards a career of showing love towards other people. Have some free time and my nicest camera with me, I decided to shoot some selective focus images to combine into a GIF animation specifically to share on my blog :) Enjoy friends

The gif is hidden after the page break, click "Read More" to see the GIF and article :)

Made of 7 images : PicGif in OS X made the GIF image with my Help! 

The power of light is amazing, the suns energy can power solar energy via thermal solar power and solar panel systems, it can dry fruits like grapes to make raisins, it powers all plant life on earth, and in term the plants feed all life on earth. The sun gives our eyes natural light so that we can render high resolution color images in our eyes, up to 150mp per eye at 24 frames per second, and dynamic contrast of 100,000,000 : 1 - far greater than most cameras, screens, or other artificial imaging technologies available to commercial and retail customer. The Data from our eyes is something like 1TB eq, every few minutes that we are awake, but our brain is really good at rejecting useless data that is not worth remembering in a process known as forgetting or letting go!

The power of letting go, forgetting and forgiving combine to set people free! Fear nothing, for death is the worst that can happen and that is inevitable for all human bodies anyways. The soul on the other hand may live on for eternity in heaven if my faith is true, something I can not validate using science yet, and I stress yet because AI technology (artificial machine intelligence) will help us to unlock more answers about reality with science (to know) and we may eventually develop spiritual machines.

Natural intelligence in the human form reigns supreme at the moment, so while you are reading this blog your brain is doing amazing things to take the pixels from the screen and turn the light into ideas that you can make sense of! Consciousness is amazing when you think about it.

Back to the posting GIF, the image illustrates something you can do with your eyes by selecting what you think to focus on, but in this example I set the Lens to MF or Manual Focus and change the focus for each frame of the GIF image :) Hope you like it!

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