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4K Gaming : Project Scorpio : My next Xbox

The next Xbox in 2017 will bring 4K gaming via a 6 teraflop GPU setup that is remarkable for a console! 

Lets hope it follows the design language of The Xbox One S but in Matte Black instead of Storm Trooper White! I like the 1980's large VCR appearance of the black Xbox One :) I got one without the connect sensor, with an Assassins Creed 2pack download freebee included for $349 in 2015

First world entertainment gaming, for a few hundred + games (a few more if you get a few) the per hour cost is one of the lowest in terms of net costs. right alongside watching netflix for $9 per month if you stream at least a few hours of content.

I think the Xbox One S looks sleek and modern, with an appealing stylish industrial design. The white color brings back memories of my oldest working xbox. My first gen Xbox from way way back was sold at a garage sale for about $5 or something! Halo was the main franchise on that one too :)

My Xbox 360 was white, I took it apart and carefully mounted the shell parts on hooks, hanging from strings, suspended above the ground, I cleaned each piece carefully with soap and water, then wiped em down with isopropyl alcohol, let them hang direct sun, then under diffuse rain free cloudy weather 70 deg F, I gave them 3 nice coats of matte black paint. I let the pieces dry in a modified large cardboard box into which the output of a small space heater was directed, heating the inside of the box to 120 deg F, to speed the boil out of the VOC's introduced in the spray painting of the plastic case process. After carefully reassembling the Xbox 360 with latex gloves on to reduce the probability of a finger oil smudge, I put the Xbox 360 into its former parking space, hooked it up, and rocked hundred of hours of Halo action! Then Forza action. A mix of a few other games, and its in pseudo retired mode, a Kinect sensor I got for it barely ever used. I have been waiting for official windows 10 support so I can hook it up for fun! The Kinect camera is interesting! Your Shape Fitness Evolved was the only Kinect came that I ever use to any extend, perhaps a few dozen hours total.

The only 4K display I own is not 4K at all, its 5K P3 iMac from late 2015 that I just picked up in late 2016, at a very reasonable price I might add. My 1080p Sony TV was $649, from 2014, I am not replacing it with an HDR or 4K set anytime soon.

Eye candy games the exploit the next Xbox Scorpios hardware won't be baked and ready for consumption until 2020~ it takes game developers a few years to learn all the tricks of a console to eek out every bit of graphics performance, frame rate acceleration and lag reduction, load time reduction and system optimization under a specific game engines central control. I think Forza Horizon 4 in 4K will be beautiful. Its the gaming from 2030 and 2040 that will approach realistic looking, like you are watching reality TV in the game. For a car game that is going to really cool, cars are visual thing, and auditory thing, the feeling of being in one reserve for reality or a really cool computer brain interface that they are not selling at Bestbuy yet! Video games give that interactive sights and sounds experience!

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