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Obesity, Depression, Inactivity the 3 big killers in America

Eat smaller servings if you are having obesity issues, a serving size should fit easily into the palm of your hand. If you are really active like a carpenter, you can eat two handfuls per meal. 

Fitness, optimism, and activity are the solutions :)

Fitness is a combination of healthy food with intelligent serving sizes.

Optimism is a combination of positivity with forgiveness, grace, compassion, wisdom, care, love and kindness!

Activity is anything that gets your blood pumping, for anything that is good for your heart is also good for your mind, good for your brain health, good at reducing stroke risk ect. Also, never sit for more than 2 hours, the blood will pool up in your legs and increase your risks of cardiovascular diseases, especially stroke.

Sleep or Stand, sit only to take breaks but never for longer than 2 hours! German cars have a dashboard warning system that warns drivers to stop and get out and move around if they are driven for more than 2 hours continuously! Think about it! They automakers put that warning in for a good reason, to help the customers not have a stroke while driving! Good Thinking!

I got the ideas of hand sized portions from a fit middle aged Russian woman who was horrified at the obesity she sees in America. She told me of the Russian concept of a food serving, handful, and explained how there is enough food calories in a handful of most foods to power a human body for 10 miles or more of walking!

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