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Cell Voice Quality Terrible, Why?

Can you hear me now? No, you sound different! Why? 

Do you ever notice that mobile phone voice quality is terrible? Did you know that there is technology from the 1980's for high definition mobil voice, but no carriers are using it! Call your cell company and demand answers! Where is the HD voice quality? Keep reading if you want to know more about this issue.

What? What did you say? Are you there? WTF

Do you ever find that talking on a mobil phone is a frustrating mix of terrible sound quality and poor coverage at home and inside of buildings? 

The big cell companies could have our phones automatically switch to VOIP over WIFI at home and in buildings with wifi, but they refuse. Instead, they want our low powered mobile handsets to throttle up to the legal radio power limit to try and connect to one of their towers: even when this is impossible or a poor solution.

The bit rate of voice calls meanwhile hovers between 4 and 12 kilo bits per second: or so slow that a 3G connection could support dozens of simultaneous high definition voice calls.

Hmm, why don't they have your voice calls routed as VOIP over their data networks rather than using backward technology that sounds terrible from the late 1970's? I don't know but suspect it has something to do with typical unethical stalwart quadopoloy technology stagnating price fixing status quo terrible sound quality standard as normal practices in the American Mobile Phone market. 

Your so called "Smart-Phone" might have great data with 4G LTE now, but the voice quality still sounds muted and clipped and trashy. Is that smart? 

Call your mobil operator and complain. If millions of people complain, they will be peer pressured into upgrading from 70s tech to 1987' High Definition 

I have done a lot of complaining about the "required data plan" ripoff scheme, but I have not really bashed the fact that my mobile phone calls have always had terrible sound quality, and they continue to suck in terms of voice sound quality. Reception issues are a problem too, save for the femtocell I installed on my broadband LAN.

The Solutions : 

Enter iPod Touch/ Google Voice:Talk/ iMessage and Facetime! Ha Ha Ha, Big Mobile take your minutes and stuff them. I dont want that much radiation blasting me on me during my long conversations anyway! 
My ISP delivers a solid 9 megs down and 4 megs up: so even the most amazing voip solution still only takes up a tiny fraction of the network bandwidth. Boooo yaaa ~ wiki 


Confront the Status Quo and Say No More Ripoff Galore: Give Us More!

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  1. When asked why high-def phones are available in countries from Uganda to Canada but not in the U.S., AT&T and Verizon declined comment.

    A Sprint spokesperson said in an email that "Sprint is closely looking at this capability and assessing if we will add it."

    A spokesman for the U.S. industry's main trade group also declined to offer an explanation.

    Go Figure_ These Dingle Berry Moron's from the Big Cell companies just laugh their way to the bank every month.... snickering at how they get you to pay a premium for shitty service... go figure!