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Ethics of a Honest Motorcycle Dealer named Tom

These guys are great, its where our Honda PCX150 came from. I gave them my business because they were honest and ethical. Lake City Powersports in Seattle. 

Tom, the Motorcycle expert and owner of Lake City Powersports in Seattle said "People aged 26 and younger (2016) are interested in motorcycles for the lower carbon footprint, lower space footprint (smaller vs a car, easier to park, easier to store, eat) and because they have lower emissions (modern Honda stuff that he retails), and even went on to explain how he values the new dirt bikes, because when he is camping he does not like be disturbed by the noise pollution of a older modified dirt bike. His contemporary, and sale associate Timothy, is a self described gear head, who went out of his way to thoughtful help us, especially my lovely wife Meg. Tim appreciated the way that I appreciate her exception visual skills when she noticed that the Honda 300F and a relatively distant in the lot assemble 300R look almost exactly the same, save for the front fairing height and handlebar placement. Both of these guys are honest, decent, fair, kind, outgoing and friendly, upbeat and personable types, perfect people to be in sales, and nice people to interact with. If you happen to near Seattle and need a motorcycle, parts or service, stop over a Lake City Powersports. Ask to speak with Timothy Beal

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