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Emotional Logic

Thinking about how logical thinking and emotional thinking coexist in our mental cloud computer framework.

Our minds are composed of layers of complex abstract logic, sensory information processing, memory management, process cycle focus control, motor control, endocrine control, biological control though neuro-peptides, small signaling chemicals that control the living systems of the body, trillions of cells working together in a mutualism system of self improvement, repair, and functioning, everyone is born then become old and then dies, ephemeral like the blooms of a flower. While we are here, what we think about and say, how we affect each other. Its not all the logic and reason of IBM watson, but something more than Apple Siri or Google Now, something more than Amazon Alexa through Echo, each person is more than those AI engines put together, our mind is far more complex than the cloud computers of today, but they are both computers. Your brain is a fuel cell information engine, with automatic pattern recognition, general intelligence, acute skill building potential, and amazing motion control, organ control, and body system control.

Think about Systems
What is a system?
What are related components, how do our cells know what to do. Biological Intelligence is totally automatic, healing outside the realm of medicine today, the body heals itself before dying. Complicated intellectual frameworks to think of our minds as layers of cloud computing, with natural language processing, and automatic idea creation, building, innovation, memory sorting, memory storage and deleting of unnecessary memory data. Our brain is like Intel X point memory compute, a product that does not exit where the memory and CPU are the same device. Your brain is the network, the internet of your body!


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