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Desensitized to Everything : The Information Age of Enjoyment Burnout

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Our modern lives are filled with instant digital gratification. Unfortunately this instant gratification is causing many of us to feel depressed, always trying to fill a void with a new thing or an upgrade of something, be that a home, a car, a phone, or you name it.

People are always looking for new movies, new music, new TV shows or something new to read. The difference between "needs" and "wants" have been blurred by material wealth, even poor Americans enjoying large flat screen TV's, a warm home, running hot water, etc.

Advertisements and commercials condition people to engage in unwise credit debt spending, needless consumption, and waste creating lifestyles that are good for "Sales" but perhaps not necessarily good for anything else. Happiness is not for sale, no matter what someone tries to tell or sell you. 

The Age of Instant

Liquid credit faucets open to college students who get spammed with hundreds of credit card applications, many sign up and plug in by dropping debt spending like our Government example on "cool stuff", plugged into the hedonistic treadmill of consumerism, always upgrading, often without cause, like a form of mental illness expressing itself through spending choices. Instant access to content via broadband internet is now even reaching average people through their smartphones. With netflix, pandora, iTunes, Amazon and powerful search engines like Google, instant access to content, news, and information about almost anything is at the fingertips of a generation that tweets and face books their lives. Now you can shop, bank, pay your bills, research, email, etc. all online instantly. Targeted marketing that takes into account your income level, your physical location, the type of home you life in and type of vehicle you use: as the information age progresses the marketing of "materialism" will become even more precise to surgically implant "Consumer" ideas into the minds of everyone from young to old, rich to poor, faith filled or atheist, everyone that has access to the "Screens" of information that the information age exists within.

The Bar Rises

It takes more and more to get that sense of joy that simple things used to give you. As you grow up and embrace "grown up" things, the simple pleasures of childhood are often replaced by elaborate investments and endeavors as adults. With enough liquid discretionary income, lots of normal people are able to embrace of life of increasingly expensive "enjoyments", but it is now well accepted that you cannot buy happiness. Many modern people, normal middle class people, actually live like royalty lived a few hundred years ago. Even have access to hot water 24/7 would have been considered an expensive luxury less than 150 years ago.

True Fulfillment

Once you are able to meet all your basic needs, you are technically able to be as happy as you can be. Perspective is clearly everything. Once you start moving up the socio-economic latter to higher levels of wealth, getting a "feeling" often becomes more expensive and more complicated, fueled by lies from media that tell you that you do not have enough or the right one or that the new one is better. If you "buy into" these lies you will find yourself constantly spending money, racking up debt on mortgages for oversized homes, oversized cars, and oversized everything: America the land where "Bigger" is sold as "Better".


Instant internet pornography gives a good example of cognitive burnout. Many men report that after years of looking at adult content online they become completely desensitized to pornography, moving to harder and harder core content to get a feel, but after a while nothing seems to do it.

The initial magic effects of MDMA on its end user is replaced by the speedier aspects of its effect as the magic disappears. Once you "know what it is like" the subsequent experiences tend to be less and less "intense" : getting those magic feelings becomes elusive and impossible to find.

Burnout is the consequence of ongoing exposure and desensitization to content and experiences. Many experience adaptive burnout when listening to music. They buy an album and listen to it repeatedly until the songs sound "over played" where the end user becomes "tired" of listening to certain sound combinations and patterns. Humans are complex beings and we need diversity to keep things interesting, so that things continue to make us "Feel" something.

Emotional burnout is called disassociated depression and detachment, where a person withdraws from life unable to experience normal states of happiness or for that matter any emotions, withdrawing into a cold calculating state of emotional detachment. We see depression and apathy at record rates in "wealthy" countries where the average person enjoys relatively high standards of living, where luxuries that would have been unimaginable even 100 years age are now considered completely average and normal.

Random Acts of Kindness

The motif of your heart is what defines the intentions in your actions. Everything you do as a person starts as ideas in your mind. These ideas are the software applications running on your consciousness brain computer network. Your ideas and feeling combine to control your actions and choices. Your actions and choices define your behaviors, your character as a person developing as behaviors occur together in a sequences in your life that define your history in the future. One day your life will become a memory to other living humans. We will all die one day and leave behind a legacy of impacts. What we choose today will affect tomorrow, and the collective choices of everyone affects the collective trajectory of our future as a people. What kind of legacy are you leaving behind with your choices?

What Happened Polite ? 

Are you inspired to show other people kindness, by holding the door, saying hello in passing, being polite and considerate, and patient with other people? Do you find that simple random acts of kindness like holding the door  no longer seem to be appreciated by strangers ? Are the people around you failing to feel something when someone shows them simple kindness ? Do people around you seem arrogant and antisocial ? Do you know people that are narcissistic and selfish ? Does it make sense that evil people are a common problem that holds back all human systems, businesses, governments, and theological organizations alike. The burnout and desensitization common to our age, causes many of these symptoms and problems. Think about government corruption for a moment.

Ethics for Sale

Do people around you seem to be easily swayed by money, are they easily purchased politicians ? Corruption is the result of sick individuals living in dishonest and immoral way. The lives of evil people are such they they bring harm and imbalances to the lives of other people, people whom they suck dry, of resources to amass wealth in the billions for seemingly insane reasons. Why would Bill Gates the billionaire beneficiary of WinTel/ Microsoft support evil GMO technology, indirectly funding the no campaigns of i522, when an honest person would support the consumers right to know what they are eating.

GMO Secrets 

If it is GMO we have a right to know what we are eating. Pesticides or GMO's, consumers have the right to know if they are eating engineered and biochemically toxic technologies like pesticides. $25.1 million USD dollars from the GMA and other evil companies to defeat i522 the GMO Labeling act. Does this mean the the people at the certain companies are corrupt and evil, for sale to other evil companies ?  This is clearly an example where chemical and bioengineering companies are attempting to purchase our freedoms to information. We deserve to have access to the truth, and only sleazy evil liars seek to keep us from the truth.

What is with all the corruption ?

What kind of people are so desensitized to life that harming other people for personal profit seems acceptable to their understanding of what is ok to do to other people?  Essentially many of these crooks and criminals are sociopaths suffering from clinical mental illness that causes evil or is rather the physical and psychological manifestation of evil. Sick evil people are mentally dysfunctional, and other sane people need to stop these people from harming others. Not all of the 1%ters in Washington State or anywhere for that matter are evil. A small group of humans, perhaps several thousand people at most, are truly evil, sick, wealthy and powerful. It is these disturbed sick powerful people that are causing all of the large scale problems that affect everyone negatively.

Individuals Made the Difference

A county is only as a great as its individuals. A state is only as great as the people from that state. A business is only as successful as the ideas of the people running the business. If we want to live in a world of other decent people then we need to hold all people accountable. This is where faith becomes important. Become the change you want to see in the world. Each person needs to be honest, kind and productive if the people want to live in a country that is honest, compassionate and productive.

Faith Helps

Positive social norms encouraged by Faith give rise to social cohesion and peer group developments, partnerships, creations, innovation, technology, and positive changes. When you have a business filled with driven, honest, innovative and kind individuals you get a strong, fair and adaptive business that thrives on quality ethics and customer kindness and complete satisfaction.

Focusing Only on Money

See the GMO farmer does not care about complete customer satisfaction, they are thinking in business terms with GMO how to make a technology profit from agriculture technologies with questionable or toxic safety. Think of the Pesticide manufacturers employees. Are all of the people working for a toxic pesticide company also psychic toxic individuals ? No, the sick ethics of a powerful business come from cleaver dishonest and sleazy people within the company. I am reminded of many business leaders who put the interests of profit above the interests of people.

Life is Not Free

Neither is faith, things that are exceptional tend to also be expensive. You have to choose what it is that you "buy into" as a person, figuratively and literally. Free is when people are being generous with one another. Generosity is an interesting social application that seems to help rich people share the joy ^^ When God blesses someone with lots of wealth that person is supposed to use the money and resources to help other people. Imagine if everyone one that "could", did, imagine if you had a country full of honest successful people. Philanthropy is the richest persons example of generosity. 1%ters are the ones able to throw lots of money at different issues. Some use their wealth to just live in a paradise, others use their wealth to change the world.

The Legacy You Leave Behind

What do you want your legacy on earth to look like if someone is reading a book about you 300 or 30,000 years in the future? Do you want your examples in the book to inspire other people? Do you want to be remembered for creating positive change, for standing up for what it good and right? Do you want to be remembered in a positive light? Do you care about the future?  Our lives on earth are actually very small time-frames in the grand scheme of history. The clock is ticking, every remaining day of your life is clicking off the calendar, every day you live your are one day closer to dying. What are you waiting for, what is holding you back from becoming the best version of yourself ? A kind, balanced, honest, hard working, decent and fair person, you can become a world changing, positive creative, inspiring, kind, honest person if you take on the responsibility and gain the wisdom to understand that every choice you make leaves a legacy behind, on your mind, your body, your soul, and on every future generation. If you care about your family, if you care about you friends, if you care about things of real value that cannot be purchased with money, then you are already thinking about it in the right light.

Choose the Right (CTR) 

Stand up for what is right. Start to care about life, your own and the lives of other people. Life is not trivial or insignificant and our lives affect the lives of other people, even when we are not fully able to understand it. We need to become a brighter, smarter and more creative people to create positive changes and improvements in our future. If we want to make America amazing, we have to make each person amazing. We need to create whole new generations of super kind and super intelligent fun loving people that work together to share and build at better future, a legacy worth writing about.

Let love be the guiding light to your heart and mind, and let kindness and forgiveness set you free from toxic deadly negative emotions or ideas. God loves you and so do I : I love all people, even stupid fools and mean people, evil people : showing other people love is the key to setting the world free from evil. We can rise above and overcome the toxic effects of evil pollution, evil ideas, evil actions, and evil people. The kind honest and creative people can unite to overcome anything, we can, and we will. Together we can make a better future, a better planet, a better civilization. Together we can produce outstanding people, that will produce outstanding companies and countries, and solutions to problems that are impossible to solve without a world of good people.

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