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Things to Think About

Guns, homosexuality, and abortion: three minor but significant issues that people get hung up on. What about the other things that matter? 

Love, Kindness, Honesty, Justice, Fairness, Transparency, Education, Health Care, Clean Energy, Sustainable Agriculture, Safer Pharmacology, Fair Businesses, Equity/ Sharing, Reasonable Profit Margins, Compassion, Cooperation, Research & Development, Ethical Science, Infrastructure, Sustainable Transportation, Pollution Reduction, Fair Trade, Local Manufacturing, Home Energy Use, Personal Health Choices, Fitness / Movement, Nutrition/ Diet, Socialization/ Communication, Real News (not Faux)

See the thing is.... I do care.

I care about all of these issues.

I care about keeping my gun rights and my right to protect myself from mentally defective criminals who seek to harm me.

I care about stopping abortion at the source, by encouraging safe sex (slows the spread of STD's and the related cancers as well) and discouraging promiscuity and reckless foolish sexual interactions.

I care that Homosexual people are treated with kindness and love the way that Christ asked us to show all other people. So yes, I care about guns, homosexuality and abortion; I also care about a whole bunch of other significant issues. 

Lets broaden our scope and stop focusing on the three issues that polarize public debate.

Lets look at issues that affect everyone directly, on a day to day basis.

Lets become thoughtful free thinking intellectuals who are concerned about life, all of God's beautiful and magnificent creation.

Lets focus on becoming more thoughtful, more intelligent, wiser people: who care about more than 3 issues that so often polarize public discourse. 

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