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Soil is Food

We eat dirt that turned into a plant. We eat plants that converted dirt into plant tissue. Animals eat plants and other animals that eat plants, Plants are solar powered, our homes and buildings will be solar powered some day as well. 

Stewardship of Nature

The soil and sunlight are God's solution to food. We have been given a complex system of life to care for, be stewards over, take responsible and ethical dominion over, we are to care for and to cultivate life on earth, not to poison the earth with pollution, with evil greedy chemicals that form from unethical business decisions, we can move beyond to embrace a cleaner better technology, a brighter more intelligent and more interesting future, we can lift each other up and go further with less fuel.


We have a choice to be kind to one another with ethical vehicles choice. Every choice we make has a impact, and the vehicle we choose affect our local air quality. We want people to think about air quality when shopping for a car, just as we are called to cultivate life, we are also called to cultivate each other, to lift each other up and to do the right thing, to choose the right, to be the better person, to go above and beyond, to become better, to make the future better.


Soil is the living skin of the earth, and there is a movie called "Dirt" that covers this ideas in great detail. Soil is created by bacteria and fungi, when they break down forest debris and animals and poop and pee and rain and minerals from the rocks, its the living star dust recycled into each us through food that was grown in soil, powered by the sun. It life on earth, the algea of the sea, the moss and grasses of the land, its grain and berries and fruit, its the veggies and meats we love. Its the food that feeds the human experience.

Better is Better

Why do we have to focus on cheaper instead of better, what would be wrong with a different focus that $7 trillion dollars on a war against drugs, how about a war against carcinogens, how about a war against greed and evil, how about ubiquitous survailence, the truth about what is happening, to hold everyone accountable, to make responsible to themselves and others, to force people to do the right thing or else. If people are too stupid and selfish to do the right think on their own, then we are going to use technology to help parent all of the adult children in the world. We are going to hone our civilization, get rid of the idiots by educating people, and unlocking the truth with the internet.

Focusing on Food

What is wrong with make congress better? What would be wrong with a better government. Imagine if the people in government were thinking about Food and Soil, what would that do to the department of agriculture?

The Cultural Mind of Mankind

How could we change the future by changing what other people are thinking about it. That is the point of this blog, that is the goal, to win over the hearts and minds of others with powerful ideas that can reshape our collective unfolding future together, you and I and everyone alive all on Little Planet Earth, each one of us like a grain of sand in the ocean, we are tiny people, fragile and temporary, our lives blink past us, and the change unfold, we can steer the direction if we think about it, if we keep the ideas alive by talking about them, by lifting each other up with words, by educating and entertaining each other with intelligent ideas, taking about ethics and the truth, being a good person, what is right or wrong, how to honor God, how to be a loving Christian, to show all other people love, the challenge is to show the love to people who are hard to love.

Anything is Possible

We can do anything if we summon the strength to look in the mirror, see the flaw in our own eyes (Mathew 7;3), to focus on becoming better versions of our selves, more ethical and thoughtful, sharper and kinder, brighter and happier, a cleaner safer future with technology, less crime, lower pollution, brighter light sources, more efficient homes and vehicles, better buildings, betters jobs, personal assistant robots, cleaning robots, washing machines, water heaters, hvac controllers with intelligence, high efficiency heating and cooling of everything we inhabit, better air filtering technology, cleaner products, safer products, low toxicity or non-toxic replacements for higher performance industrial chemicals, clean safe solvents based on plant oils like the orange peel, etc.

Bio-Engineering : Drawing Inspiration from Nature

We have bio-plastics now like PLA and biological fibers replacing rayon and nylon in vehicle fabric, the synthetic chemical dyes used in leather making are being replaced by all natural plant dies with softer colors and a better eco footprint. Clean technology is unfolding all around us in every sector :) Better is always better, solving problems is a good thing, lets work together, lets teach each, lets start thinking about it!

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