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Tesla Solar Roof + Power Wall 2

Tesla Total Energy Solution
Solar Roof + Energy Storage & Electric Vehicle : A clean technology synergy system that will combine beautiful solar tiles with energy storage. Add an EV to complete the trio! 

Beautiful new solar roofing tiles that are strong, efficient, modern, clean and intelligent. The tough glass solar tiles also last longer than traditional roofing materials. The look of the tiles can be customized with hydro-printing to match any home design! Paired with the Powerwall 2.0 for load matching, a complete home and vehicle energy solution can be created with an electric vehicle added to the system, preferably a Tesla Model S P100D!

Vertical Integration 

Tesla acquired Solar City, so now you can buy your Model S, custom Solar Roof and Power Wall 2.0 energy storage as a complete package directly from Tesla :) Faster, reliable, integrated, the triple fusion of solar, energy storage and electric vehicle technology is at the cutting edge of architectural design, sustainable energy and clean technology!

Understand Load Matching 

The Sun is always burning, but it only hits part of the earth part of the time because the earth is orbiting the sun on a tilted axis that gives rise to day, night and seasons. The suns interaction with the rotating atmosphere of earth produces beautiful golden hour lighting around sunrises and sunsets that photographed like me love to capture :)

Solar panels only produce power when light from the sun reaches the panels, namely for between 0 and 18 hours depending on where you live, most people are going to average about 2 to 6 hours of good solar panel output per day. The solar system will produce power when most working people are not home.

Most people turn on their electrical loads in the evening after the sun has gone down. This means the loads that people require do not match when solar panels produce power. This is why energy storage in the PowerWall 2.0 is so important. The energy storage system can save the solar energy that was produced during the day and then discharge it to your loads in the evening when the solar panels are idle. If you add a wind turbine, then it will produce power day or night whenever the wind is blowing, super cool during dark storm systems. If you combine wind and solar, your energy system will produce more energy more of the time and this can minimize load matching wear and tear on the energy storage system. Rechargeable batteries do not last forever! Tesla gives their PowerWall 2.0 a 10 year unlimited cycle warranty!

Grid Competition 

$0.14/kWh grid power gives tough competition to this system at a direct cost parity level, but lets consider the true costs of tail pipe pollution, flaky grid power the goes offline during storms, and the value of distributed energy generation at securing modern society. Imagine what would happen if all the energy grids in the world were offline for a year. We need electricity for artificial lighting, computers, appliances like refrigerators that often store hundreds of $ worth of perishable foods! Your microwave oven, washer and dryer, cell phone chargers, wifi routers so on and so forth. We need reliable electric for modern society to function.

Zero Emissions 

Electric cars that are charged by solar energy have zero tail pipe emissions! The only emissions are on the upstream manufacturing and materials side, but those impacts are true for all things, including conventional non electric vehicles. I hear people complain about the mining of materials used in electric vehicles as if materials were not being mined to manufacturing everything else, especially oil! Mineral mining has been going on at an industrial scale long before electric cars became popular!

Toxic Smog

Tail pipes emit fumes and toxins that cause cancer, brain damage and a myriad of other preventable diseases. Smog forming emissions have a well demonstrated negative effect on young people, old people and all people for that matter. If you think tail pipe emission are safe to breath, go huff off the tailpipe of a car with a running motor and sell how long you can stand up with that CO displacing O2 in your blood. I would advise you to never breath tail pipe emissions because they are toxic!

EV Advantage

Electric cars are cleaner overall than gas powered cars even when you charge them with electricity that is generated by coal power plants. Gasoline has a dirty secret, more than 8kWh of power is used to refine each gallon in electric oil refinery distillation columns. Oil refineries are some of the biggest users of electricity, just behind virgin aluminum refining in terms of net energy use! 8kWh is enough to drive a Nissan Leaf about 30 miles! That means each gallon of gas contains enough embedded grid energy to drive an electric car further then that gallon will propel the average 24mpg gas powered car!

Solar Tiles Innovated

Solar roofing is not a new idea, but the Tesla's solar roof represents a new level of thinking about the subject! Replacing the roof with solar tiles is different than mounting solar panels to an existing good condition roof with rack mounts. If you recently replaced your roof, you should use a traditional all black aesthetically pleasing solar panel array with your PowerWall 2.0 and Tesla Model S. If you already planned on replacing your roof, the Solar Tile roof from Tesla is the best one on the market!

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