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Biodiversity the key to Sustainable Agriculture

Shade grown coffee revolution reversing the negative trends in ignorant industrial chemical agriculture :)  

Long known, the detrimental effects of mono crop chemical agriculture via harm to soil health is widely known, runoff and water pollution mainstays of technological industrial farming that cannot be sustained. It fuel human population grown, but the green revolution also brought with it a lot of problems.

Engineering Extinction

While there is more human life today, there was a huge loss in biodiversity that resulted as industrial agriculture and its pollution caused the extinction rate to increase, more and more species gone forever, we are killing off life on earth with pollution.

The Farmers See the Light

Coffee farmers all around the world are getting hip to this information, that industrial tech farming is a net looser for them in the end! They can grow fruit trees and shade grow coffee underneath, using the bean pulp as compost to build stronger soils. Composting is the recycling of plant life into soil health! Composting at the farm using stuff from the farm is less costly then buying chemicals. Compost is healthier for the farm and farmer, safer than pesticides or fungicides or any of the death engineering chemicals. Biological pest managment is the elegant solution to pests, along with poly culture, mixed use farms with many different edible food crops, fruit trees with the coffee trees for example, grown side by side. Ecosystems are made of many entities, living in a interactive web of biochemistry!

Shade Grown FTW

Shade grown coffee now earns a price premium as the coffee sector see the error of the industrial methodology to coffee growing, soil health the key to the growers health, wealth, well being and the quality of the coffee, its taste related to the health of the soils it was grown in, coffee and soil linked like wine and soil, grapes of the vine, ashes to ashes, dust to dust, the chemistry of life is recycled.

Good Soil = Good Coffee = Happy Farmers = Better For Everyone

Good healthy soils are needed for healthy coffee and healthy coffee farmers. 25 million groups of people grow coffee for income all over the world. Slash and burn of forests was a problem, but that method is narrow minded and produces all kinds of problems. As more people learn that polyculture is more profitable, safer, more redundant, healthier, less expensive, more natural, safer, and more sustainable, the shift to sustainable agriculture was inevitable as the problems of industrial methods became more obvious to more people in more places more of the time.

Overextending Death Engineering

Science has brought a lot of good things to the world, but the over use of pesticides and fertilizers in narrow minded mono-crops has come under fire. Even with industrial agriculture, we have poor people by the billions. There is a better way. Permaculture, polyculture, mixed use farms, rotating crops, natural methods, better soils, better flavors, better health for the people that eat it and better lives for the people that grow it. Organic food moves beyond the finite limits of chemical engineering with the adaptation of chemical weapons. Biological pest management more effective than pest chemicals alone. We are learning more as a people as we forge our way into the future, life prevailing over death! We created Atomic weapons, then test ban treaties, what does that say? How long until we outlaw the spraying of toxic chemicals that make people sick on food crops?

Industrial Confusion

Many industrial farm chemicals cause cancer. This is a fact that cannot be disputed! Go drink a glass of Monsanto's blockbuster and see how you feel! Its not as safe as water like they claim. Sure BT corn grown with roundup has impressive yields, but what about the long term soil health? what about the sustainability of this approach? What about the health of the people or animals that eat BT grain coated with glyphosate ? How dumb are we if we keep feeding each other carcinogens? Read the warning labels on a can of pesticides that you can buy at Fred Meyer or a hardware store. A lot of these products are extremely toxic to humans, yet big agricultural companies are spraying that exact stuff on food crops that people eat. WTF : greed seems to be the mantra of wall street, the huge agrochemical companies unable to see the light, that they are destroying life on earth with their narrow minded death engineering logic.

Virtues of Organic Obvious to Farmers

Coffee farmers can see through the confusion! The ideas, the virtues of traditional agriculture are spreading in wine culture, at whole foods, at PCC, in the coffee sector, in almonds, in bread, in dairy and meat, the organic idea is spreading. People want to be free of preventable diseases, many of which exist because people are eating toxic chemicals sprayed on food crops produced by industrial agriculture. How long do we continue sticking our heads in the sand on this one?

Feed Your Children What?

Do you want to feed your children apples sprayed with 53 different synthetic pesticides? Caffeine and nicotine are pesticides, natural ones, on which many synthetic ones were developed.... but caffeine and nicotine are naturally occurring substances that our bodies can understand. Many synthetic industrial chemicals like Benzene are not safe, actually many industrial chemicals are toxic! How long are we going to continue spraying toxic chemicals on food crops? This is why I shop for organic food FYI.

What about Soil Health?

I know that organic agriculture is better for soils, it tastes better, and it is better for your health! Sadly, organic is more expensive because stupid industrial chemical agriculture became normal as the general public had the wool pulled over their eyes during the 1970s and 1980s as the green revolution produced more and more food per acre, the mantra of more dominated thinking, soil health was ignored, in some areas more than 30 feed of soil were washed away, as water pollution. Why? Narrow minded ignorant profit center thinking that is devoid of intelligent system level thought, focusing on profits and ROI like an accounting exercise, sadly people cannot be reduced to numbers no matter how hard any accounting jerk tries.

Reality vs Accounting

Reality is analog, numbers are discrete approximations. We can not quantify friendship or love, and soil is life, life is love, life prevails even with pollution, life is greater than narrow minded profit only thinking. Life is much bigger than wall street or main street, we can go much further if we understand life, cell technology the  key to solving all disease, for better safer drugs, for better treatments, for effective safe medicine, cells are the key to life, our DNA shared between all life forms, they keys to everlasting life found in the DNA, in cells that make up life. Lets go beyond narrow minded profit only thinking!

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