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Charging 12v 44ah C/FR AGM PBA batteries with a 1.1a digital charger to fully charge

Special Thanks to Batteries + Bulbs 897 (<-Click to Link)

Lead acid PbA batteries always need to be top charged with an automatic float charger if you are planning on storing energy in them for a long time, in a UPS system for example. I learned about this as a teenager when I was rebuilding the engine to my 1985 Nissan 200SX with Kyle Music, thanks buddy!

The batteries in the posting image are Duracell 12vdc AGM C/FR cells of 44ah capacity being charged with a NOCO 1100ma charger from Batteries + Bulbs Store 897 in Bellevue Wa! I am giving them active referencing because they hooked me up with the Batteries :)

12vdc 44ah x 4 = 2112wh or 2.1kWh of energy storage :) Brianna Jellison the store manager of that Batteries + Bulbs is an old friend of mine who hooked up the batteries, which I will now use as a power backup so that Meg will be more safe if the power goes offline for an extended period. I made a youtube video about this

44CFR Gift B Plus 897 Bri on Youtube

That QR code in the post image is a link back to this blog. I was researching software tool that put watermarks on images, ended up trying out watermarkPro, a free ad supported fast easy tool!

Meg started an online ETSY store for her custom made fine art pieces. <- Click Link

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  1. Hi nice to see a post written from your own experience? also no mention of the DREADED Lithium-Ion batteries that could put millions out of business. thanks eric