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DVI Cable Guy :P

Thats me, with a Hotron 30v 80deg C DVI-D Cable
The DVI-D Connector : My Image :)
DVI Data Rate 4.95 Gbit/s @ 165 MHz 
In 2003 I thought this cable tech was fresh, released in 1999, the Digital Video Interface cable connected my (for the time) high end 18in 4:3 Dell Supersharp monitor to the my homemade linux research machine with a mid end 2006 graphics card! I still have the minor, that vintage GPU card was down cycled into another machine that I hobbled together from new and spare parts for Meg (a Windows 7 rig that has since been updated with Windows 10 ^^ (I find it remarkable that it runs on that old hardware, the OS on a 64GB SSD from 2013 lol ^^ The HDD and RAM recycled from a lightly used DVR computer my brother-in-law built, I contributed the CPU (AMD FX) asus mainboard, the fresh Antec Case and Earthwatts power supply were purchased new. I render this cable from a monitor (TV) into which an Apple TV was attached via HDMI, this setup to stream Netflix for Meg in her art studio so that her Late 13 iMac can sleep instead of being used as a TV. See the image bellow for the reference example of this newly configured media streaming setup. It connects via wifi to stream content via the Mid 12 Apple TV.

Meg's Apple TV<-HDMI Monitor Netflix N speed Streamer
Relief of iMac Video Streaming Load Achieved 
This little setup was hooked up with a disused Apple TV, a spare HDMI cable and a computer monitor that I got from Interconnection computer recycling for free :) I need to order a remote to gain control of the volume, right now it is very soft but audible! Below you can see the wifi device the stream content to this setup, namely an old but new in the box and free Apple Airport router serving up N speed data! I am going to try a phone IR hack using my old Note 3 to see if I can increase the volume before ordering a remote ^^

2 of 3 Wifi Routers in 2.4 & 5.0 Ghz  (left to right)
The Apple Airport unit serving up the N speed
The Antique Linksys serves up the G speed
A propane Campling Stove
A Dropcam HD 

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