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Nest Eco Mode

The Nest Learning thermostat has a new new ECO mode that increases energy efficiency when you are home without activating away mode! Use the App on your phone or select Eco on your Nest Thermostat to enable the new feature. 

The Nest learns and now with Eco mode it also allows for intelligent energy efficiency that transcend the benefits of the AI learning algorithms with cultivated Eco knowledge!  

Eco-mode is part of Nests commitment to ongoing improvements to its line of learning thermostats. I was not paid to endorse Nest! I only share the truth in order to set it free because I think Eco mode is a powerful idea worth Sharing. Eco mode for Nest learning thermostats now live! 

Energy Efficient Buildings

Building energy efficiency is the other half of the clean technology revolution in transportation. Buildings use a lot of natural gas and electricity, so energy efficiency improvements reduce the environmental footprint and operating costs of buildings. You can upgrade an existing building with something as simple as a learning thermostat! Adding insulation, applying low-E window films and or installing energy efficient windows. High efficiency appliances replacing less efficient older models. Newer TV's and computers that use dramatically less energy to do more things faster, the innovations are exciting. You have many options to save energy at home or work and this can save your or your company a lot of money. 

Intelligent Lighting 

Light pollution at night is caused by outrageous energy wasting ideas revolving around insurance instead of intelligence. Today motion sensor enhance LED retrofits offer up to a 95% energy reduction vs classical HID or Fluorescent lighting solutions. Dark sky approved outdoor fixtures prevent sky glow that obscure the night sky's celestial magic. If you think about lighting with intelligence, you can get more light when you need it most while using 95% less energy. When lights burn to the splendor and enjoyment of no one they also waste power, increasing costs and emissions. Motions sensor enhanced LED fixtures offer an intelligent solution that is good for everyone! 

Electromotive Clean Technology

While the Tesla Model S surges ahead at the forefront of automotive clean energy technology, the electromotive revolution is actually being pushed forward by the affordable Nissan Leaf (under $35K). More than a million electric cars are being operating in the world today. Thats less than 1% of all vehicles, but the adoption rates of EV's are surging at more than 40% annually, growing faster as a powertrain technology segment than any other solution. Toyota has sold millions of gas-electric hybrids now, even luxury performance division Lexus having moved more than a million hybrid models. Clean technology vehicles allow transportation with lower carbon emissions, cleaner air, a reduction in tail pipes where most people are living. Electric vehicles will reduce cancer rates by reducing smog carcinogens that normal come from the tail pipes of fossil fuel burning vehicles. This is part of the pressure pushing the electromotive revolution forward! 

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