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LED Salt Lamp USB Power

Meg gave me an LED salt lamp with a broken power supply. I cut the wires, spliced an old cell phone charging cable in and powered the lamp using a 5V 1.5amp USB power supply. The whole thing draws about 1 watt of power!

I made a youtube video about it too :)
Salt Lamp LED USB brick fix (Youtube Link) 

A superlatively energy efficient decorative lamp! Hacking the wires together was hard because they were thin 22+ gauge wires with fragile insulator jacketing, my essential tremor exacerbated by coffee consumption, the fine delicate wires were eventually twist bonded and wrapped with electrical tape to minimize the possibility of a short.
The salt lamp with the LED module + holder & PWR cable

Electrical Tool + Tape, old USB cable & USB power brick

Saved about 1ft on the micro USB side for future projects

The functioning setup undergoing initial testing

A macro of the LED illuminated salt crystal :)

My data tools, 08 MacBook, Drok USB meter, Multimeter
The Drok USB meter indicated 5.25vdc at 0.17a or 0.89w out of the power brick Multimeter voltage testing showed: 2.748vdc at diode posts after the module resistor : good 4.745vdc at the module input posts A 0.505 vdc voltage drop across the thin 5ft long cable indicates resistive voltage loss 
Measuring 1w on the Kill-A-Watt meter 

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