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Focusing on wearable technology, analog displays of classic into the age of digital ~
Analog dial fitness tracking progress + time, a new elegant watch from withings, and a new model that tracks heart rate HR on the way...

I am a tech thinker, someone who constantly follows digital technological progress, having long thought about wearable solar powered technology, I follow the mobile electronics news with joy, abstaining from TV, normal news, and focusing in on what really interests me

My Focus 

Targeted marketing with search engines and emergent technologies, new solutions, and things within reach of my life, understanding what is and trying to leverage the technology I have to useful ends on my blog and social networks to share ideas with sharing, always in defense of the truth, I document my life with Meg and try to share it with the world in a limited by highly unique and specific way that is reflective of her and I, the era we live in, the life and times in our lives as people in America living in 2016 as a young couple joined in the union of Christian marriage trio, between Meg, God and I, I try to share my value and ethics to be a good person with others, telling people that our lives are fatal, that we all die, and that life is more about the journey than the destination. 

Ideological Beginnings

Understanding that no one has all the answers I forge forward on a mission to constantly understand more about reality, excited by space telescopes, digital technology, the truth, passion, and love in my heart and mind, inspired by faith in God, something that Blaise Pascal helped me to rediscover when I was deep in the confines of atheist heavy science college learning while earning my degree with a BS of Environmental science built onto of a BA of Science Technology and the Environment, where I got explore the cultural and ideological cores of modern environmental concerns, laws, and clean technology through the lens of a history.

Solving Death Itself

We are moving forward with bold new knowledge about biology, ecology, genetics and totipotent stem cell technology that will rewrite history with an emergent paradigm of people free from all diseases, lived extended hundreds of years with age reversal technology as the genetic level, going from 23 and me to custom tailored therapeutics, the future of science is medicine, life extending technology from intelligent bioscience companies that are entering the pharmaceutical sector with revolutionary stem cell technologies that can solve all diseases! 

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