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Aaron Schwarz on Youtube

I continue developing my YouTube channel inspired by the idea of documenting stories of the wonderful life I share with Meg :) Hopefully to the enjoyment of others! 

Thanks for watching (<--Click for link to my youtube channel) 
The Logic of Youtubing 

Cable TV is changing; Meg & I use broadband with Netflix, Pandora & Youtube to stream media online. We have been considering Hulu, and even Megs 80 year old grandparents are bored of all their cable TV channels displaying constant commercial ads that they cannot relate too on channels with content they do not want to watch. Meg and I have never subscribed to TV, only internet and streaming services. 

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The Real World on Youtube 

Youtube is alive with real world shows, created by real people documenting the truth about life on earth! I am joining the effort with a public Vlog; to share short stories about my life & the times we live in.  Inspired by sharing existence on this earth, with the lovely, unique, creative, beautiful & intelligent Megan Schwarz. 

We are in the middle of an artistic explosion in our lives, more specifically Meg's (<-- Click Link), but my passion for photography and home videos are now going to Google just like my blog! Social networks like Twitter, Google + and Facebook all part of the effort, the intentional digital extension of our lives in multimedia available online! This blog and my Youtube Vlog are public, accessible to anyone with internet access :) 

The Aaron Schwarz Channel ^^

Selected Stories about my life shared in the spirit of Information Technology changing the ways that people are able to live and t thereby transforming civilization! Computers having already transformed society as a whole more than any other technology. The fact that I am able to create a youtube channel evidence of the global effects of information technology right up to now! 

More than a billion people still offline! 

Lets bridge the digital divide and give everyone the gifts of modern information technologies. Lets hook everyone up so we can start to understand the world more completely. The lives of all the people in the world more clearly visible through their digital footprints than ever previously possible, using meta data lessons from project Prism. Big data is the future of the global economy, globalization and the democratization of information that can transform civilization; those powerful ideas from TED that are worth sharing! 

HD History Started

Historians in the future will have a high resolution reference point through which to understand human civilization when they look back at the videos that normal people share online, the ideas, thoughts, brands, concepts, solutions, the realities of lives of people who upload HD videos about life today. 

With 720P we started storing imaging data (pictures, videos) in HD, then 1080P made the pictures sharper, now 4K and 8K emerging on top of digital imaging technology that will pass up IMAX film formats for lines of resolution at 12K in just a few years. Digital imaging preserving facts and documenting the realities of life today more than any other method. Cell phone cameras are transforming the cultures of Earth over LTE into social networks, onto Youtube and uploaded otherwise to the internet where anyone can access the content ^^ 

Storing Big Data Across Time 

Today when we look back into history we can not see as much because a lot of the writings of people were lost because of fragile unique physical storage mediums, namely biodegradable papers from as far back as the bible.

Cave drawings are the oldest writings preserved in geological information storage (rock carvings). Today laser machining data storage into quarts crystal is at the forefront of big data stored in an archival quality formatt that is stable for millions of years. The laser 3D crystal drives are too expensive and impractical for mainstream use in 2016, an era where big data storage is dominated by HDD magnetic disc technology with SSD's adoption driven by performance increases! Sadly FLASH storage is fragile compared to magnetic tape, magnetic discs, and older slower technologies. 

Youtube & Amazon 

DIY projects, hacks & mods in the age of access to nearly anything online, YouTube is entertainment, education, news, DIY, Video Log's (Volg's) and more ^^

Amazon is changing the way that people shop for everything. Prime offering an alternative to Netflix for streaming movies, adding free 2nd day shipping to your amazon account, online shopping is just getting started! 

I was particularly moved by the concept of online shopping when my wife's best friend told me that Amazon was a blessing to her family. She lives in a remote area in a small community with limited local access to goods and services. Amazon fresh is even moving refrigerated and frozen food items along side fresh produce, groceries and even take out orders from restaurants now (in selected areas). 

Online Everything 

If you think about online banking, online media streaming and online shopping, the pervasive world wide impacts of the internet can be experienced as changes in the ways that people are able to do everything today. 

Nasa granting everyone images from the Hubble Space telescope online, at home I use a optical telescope (images below) to view celestial phenomenon in the night sky. The moon is my favorite subject to look upon with the telescope, magnifying vision more than any of my digital zoom cameras. There exists a CMOS imaging device that I could plug into the eye piece of the telescope to make it digital ^^ something I am already considering! Even with this posting my Telescope is now online, the evidence of it and what I do with it! 

Aaron's 1st Optical Telescope (10 years of Eye Resolution)
A cheap $130 Meade 70x700mm w/ coated optics 
Fly Smarter 

Check out Google Flights if you plan on traveling via airplanes for a great example of how the internet is democratizing access to information that can unlock your ability to make better decisions, choices that save money allowing you to go further with smart access to the truth online! Spend less to go further with Google Flights ^^

Learn Before you Spend 

Read product reviews from real world users before buying something to make sure you are investing in a good "one" before you spend your hard earned money on something blindly without internet information to inform your decisions. 

Our ability to review products online giving more people a cleaner view into products & services before shopping. We can learn about, research and share information about almost anything online. Products & services along with user reviews of both all accessible online. There internet long proven as a pivotal stepping stone towards the ongoing democratization of access to information about almost anything. 

Learn Online 

Look up a "How To" video on youtube to teach yourself how to do a bewildering array of different tasks, spanning the gamut of all things that people are able to do with our complex hands. 

The human hand is an extension of the magic happening in your cortex! Life is amazing, all of us starting from a single cell with all the DNA to describe a full human. All the life on earth sharing similar DNA, the stories go even deeper if you wind in ontological questions about the origins of life, ethics, theology, values, culture, and the past, the present, the future! You are able to think across time and space with internet access to powerful ideas and powerful information. Your consciousness is able to love or hate, able to see through self aware eyes the spark in your mind is what makes all things human possible! What are you thinking about? 

Lifecycle Impacts 

Look at the way that humans are transforming the biosphere of earth with emissions for an example of the global scale of mankind, dangerously heading forward with carbon energy even though the most intelligent people warned us of this folly, even Elon Musk telling people today that carbon fuels are too finite to allow mankind to go intergalactic on a scale that will change society for everyone in positive ways. Today there are plans at Space X to send about 200 people to Mars. Most people learn about Space X online! The zero emission Tesla Model S almost sells itself online! But electric cars and internet have a footprint, mostly electrical, the power needed to run all the networking equipment, desktops, smartphones, cell towers, and to charge the millions of EV's in the world. Billions of kWh's are now allocated to information decimation and EV charging! The truth is way more interesting than fiction ^^ 

Thinking About It 

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