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Bus EV backup for Grid outages : TOYOTA Japan ^^

Fuel Cell Bus 235kWh storage / 9kw Grid Out Backup
The wake of the fukashima nuclear accident created incentives and market pressures for energy storage backup tech adoption as well as generator and UPS market expansion in Japan! 

Toyota is launching fuel cell transit buss that can provide backup power during outages at a rate of up to 9kw, with enough onboard fuel / energy to provide a maximum of 235kWh of output ^^ 

Following up on the Prius Prime posting! 

Toyota is selling hybrid vehicles faster than any other company and now they are releasing a fuel cell bus that offers up 235 kWh of stored power for emergency situations like natural disasters. 
The busses fuel cell generator functions to produce electric energy that can be used outside the bus during power outages. 

The pace of innovation at Toyota can not always evident in their commercial vehicle offerings. In the way that Honda is developing the Asimo tangentially to its vehicles, Toyota engages in research that will not translate into vehicle offering for several more model design refresh generations that click off in a 4-7 design cadence. 

Each new generation of Prius 10% more efficient than the model that came before it! Prius is Latin for "coming before", eluding to the fact that Toyota was first to market with a strong hybrid platform made by the millions :) Today more than 9 million hybrids have been shipped into the world by Toyota. Moving people forward! 

See the original article at Toyota's Newsroom

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