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Depreciating Appreciation

Bored with the state of things today? Understanding the psychology of information burn out through something I call the hedonistic treadmill. Lets examine where we came from with cultural psyche and then where we are going with technology that will change the ways that people think about everything. 

Thoughts becoming actions, choices, the future! Thinking is what affects everything about civilization, the ideologies of mankind giving rise to the inhumanity that mankind exhibits against itself! All problems and all solutions  found in the minds of people who are thinking about something.........

Cognitive Burnout

Have you ever listened to the same song over and over again because you really like it at first but then find that somewhere along the way you no long care for the song. That is the core of hedonistic treadmill burnout, the basis of boredom, and the reason that people keep pushing forward to do new things in new ways that have never been done before.


Everyone is worshiping something, this seems to be a core feature of human psychology. The information architecture of consciousness is remarkably powerful, yet human communication is slow, flawed and confusing. Writing was perhaps the greatest technological innovation ever because of the way that it allows people to assemble complex layered ideas into an organized framework that can be passed on and shared between other people. Search engines will help future generations to find access to antique writings from today so that they will better understand how they got to where they find themselves. We are literally writing history with every passing moment.

Counter Culture

Hedonism is the worshiping of pleasure seeking components of life. In 1960's America, drugs, sex and rock'n roll music were at the core of hippie hedonism. That counter cultural movement gave rise to the civil rights movement, granting people of color the right to vote! We have improved human rights by giving women equal rights in America. More recently we have raised the bar for humanitarian peace by giving homosexual people equal rights.

Conservative Ideology

The 1980's were a cloistered conservative movement aimed at returning America to its heterosexual white only prevlidged past, but the 1990's gave way to the worlds most perverse president, the smooth talking charismatic formed President William (Bill) Clinton.

. Boom

The dot com boom flourishing as distributed information technology emerged on top of fiber optic networking,  Goggle forming in 1999 as perhaps the most important milestone in IT industrialization. Microsoft and Apple emerging alongside Google with BlackBerry creating the first true smartphones. It was not until Apple launched the iPhone that the smartphone revolution took hold. Microsoft tried in vain to compete in the mobil space, but the Samsung Android combo along with Apple & IOS mopped the floor.

AI software

Today Windows 10 with AI cortana is at the forefront of desktop computing OS platforms that normal people use every day. Apple responding by adding Siri to their latest macOS Sierra. Tick Tock over at Intel, Moores law is in full effect with the ongoing miniaturization of integrated circuits paving the way for 10nm chipsets in fanless laptops that have 16 hours of run time by 2018. Instant on computers with instant off are on the way.

Innovations that Excite

The Internet of Things is developing, have a look at kickstarter. We have the Tesla Model S as the only "smartphone" equivalent of an automobile, software update 8.0 at the forefront of applied vehicle AI technology! Cars that drive themselves built on top of a history of automatic intersection lights, appliances people take for granted in the first world, we are going bold new places with super charging stations and fleets of Tesla Model S'

Competition Driver

Its a brave new world out their with millions of engineers competing to create the next big thing, have a look at kickstarter to see what people are trying to do. Its amazing what hedonism has created all around us, toilets that flush, automatic clothing machine washers, automatic dish washers, self balancing scooters, even little toys like the MiP robot containing bleeding edge AI technology.

Energy Efficient Homes

Gas filled multi-coated energy efficient vinyl frame windows in homes. The German passivehaus concept of super efficient homes become more popular as heat pumps replace forced air systems. We have solar panels on rooftops today that are 700 times less expensive that the first solar panels used in space satellites more than 50 years ago. Iterative progress is progress, any improvement is still an improvement. Adding insulation to your attic and crawlspace one of the best ways to get a good energy ROI. Upgrading your fridge, water heater, or furnace with efficient models as the old ones break down to be recycled. LED bulbs replacing CFL (no or bad dimming) with better light quality, more color options, fully disable and smart LED bulbs even controllable by an Amazon Echo or IFTTT device of similar wifi functionality. 90% less power, 20x long life, the LED almost sells itself as a technology. Look at the way that flashlights have improved because of LED technology!

One Step at a Time

Many small changes over time becoming a huge change as the years tick on. Your life is bleeding away from you in moments passing as the present, billions of heart beats comprising a human life, the heart still the most amazing pump in the world, proving that engineers can still learn things from the molecular machinery of life, our genome! Genetic engineering and cell science will emerge as the key to solving all disease, to extending human lives. People in the future will living hundreds of years, population will be managed carefully to account for increased longevity.

Media References

We can see hints of the future in science fiction concepts depicted in popular movies like Gattaca, The Matrix, Inception, District 9, Minority Report, Wall-E, Interstellar, Star Wars, Star Trek, The Martian, Cloud Atlas, The Fountain, Ex Machina, Looper, Children of Men, Edge of Tomorrow

Holding the Future

If you stop and consider what your smartphone is able to do today vs what phones were able to do just 10 years ago, you will be analyzing the exponential growth in technology that came as LTE replaced 3G, modern smartphones up to 20x more powerful than phones from 10 years ago!

Think about:

TV in 1990 vs 2015 : 480i vs 4K, Netflix & Hulu eroding the classical cable TV model, Pandora & Spotify changing music markets, online services like Amazon changing the ways that people shop for everything, how digital cameras have improved in the last 15 years, the explosion in Drone UAV technologies (DJI), the Tesla Model S vs a conventional vehicle, go test drive one! Think about how Wifi has affected the ways that people touch information at home with tablets, touch screen laptops and smartphones! Broadband internet so much faster than dial-up, and how much cheaper computer memory has become over time, how SSD's are better than HD's for performance Think about how hybrid cars achieve better fuel economy with lower emissions, about how medical technology has improved over time. There is evidence all around you, the lithium ion batteries that power mobile electronics today, the HD screens we use to interact with content on Facebook and Twitter

Predicting the Future

Now take all of the above facts into account and think about where we are going with technology! You can use these facts to inform your thinking about what is coming up next. The next big thing in society is what? You tell me! Now if you understand all of this, are you bored like me with the current state of technology? Are you looking for ways to bring happiness into your life? Try focusing on faith, family and friendships instead of tech and see if that helps! Everyone is different and everyday is different, no one size fits all solutions for everyone, thats why single compound drugs the same for everyone really missing the mark. There is a always a better way! Everyone is imperfect, flawed even at the genetic level. Everyone dies too! Go ahead and think about who you really are, what you really care about, how you are going to be part of the future. Were are all in it together, like it or not!

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