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Meg + Vintage LED 4w Greenlight Bulbs Entry

A Canon SX40 captured video of my life with Meg :)
Thanks for watching : Meg + LED tech
Beautiful Ideas ^^ 

I shoot Canon Cameras 

A S95 compact with F2.0 zoom lens to 3.8x with 720p Video : This was my first good camera ^^ Recommending by Jeff the photographer who filmed & shot my sisters wedding celebration; Jeff shoots Canon too :)

SX40 68x Super Zoom 1080p Video + Super Slow Motion Low Resolution Video Modes. Its often a camera I go to because of the HD video and super zoom. The small sensor limits the optical performance in low light, but the reduced spectral sensitivity can be advantageous when photographing light sources at close proximity. I enjoy shooting pictures of LED lighting! I like shooting images of energy efficient infrastructure, bulb technology that brings me joy.

T5i EOS Rebel 1080p 18-55mm + 50mm Prime F1.8 + 18MP images : The lens platform expands perspective to more angles, with different scene perspectives, eyes that can zoom, magnifying vision, changing the focal length for wider shots, now 360 sphere digital cameras collect spherical panoramic imaging that will yield amazing new VR experiences through Google Cardboard, Oculus Rift and the HTC-Vibe, even Sony is getting in on VR with project Morpheus.

Speaking of VR, The Playstation 4 Pro is now announced with 2.3x greater computational performance, higher frame-rates and 4K options that renders existing games better but not on a new platform, something that developers are more familiar with. The old platforms allowing game developers to have a cadence in game development that matches the emergence of new computing console platforms, sadly the Playstation 4 Pro has no 4K blueray player function because Sony believes that streaming will prevail over disc content distribution formats in the future, especially with 8K & HDR on the way! 

An antique AE-1 + a range of classic EF lenses ^^ needing an adapter for the T5i! Film is too carbon intensive, expensive and wasteful. I am digital with my imaging today, rarely printing anything, except a set of car insurance cards recently due to a mail debacle that has never happened before.

Extension on Artificial Lighting & Intelligence

LED's are the evidence of technological progress accelerating with the emergences of information technology that ultimates will give rise to super human artificial intelligence that will redefine a clean technology future, unlocking an abundant utopia of organic long life with high cell technology that cures all diseases, genetic engineering the key, using computers to unlock the codes of life, the language of bio chemistry. AI engines like the ones used in Project Prism can gain insight into problems in ways that are impossible for biological brain computers, namely slow human minds that cannot in most cases outperform a powerful calculator any more. Super human AI already exists with search engines in their 40th generation, Siri at Apple, Google leading the browser AI technology, even Microsoft is getting in on it with Cortana, AI is going to completely redefine the future of humanity!  

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